Help Out my Daffy Taffy Sweetie Pie!!

HUGE thank you to Mr. Mark Johnson who mooooore than generously donated a whooping W150,000. Taffy and I thank you enormously!!!


Taffy has just finished her heart-worm treatment and is heading back to full health at great speed!
Now that the hard part is mostly over, it's time to look at the bills and ek!

For those of you you haven't checked out this beauty's profile, here's Taffy's story.

Taffy is a 2 year old female, possibly of husky and jindo mix. She has amazing one blue and one brown eyes and is a sandy colour with a bit of a black ombre thing happening down her spine. I picked the name Taffy cause she's sweeter than sweet and also just a tad bit daffy! This dog is always smiling, loves to cuddle, and wants to make friends with absolutely everyone she comes across!
Taffy was found wondering the streets of Daegu in mid March by the KAPS team. She came in underweight, with intended collar marks around her neck and a bung leg. I'm told that Taffy wasn't too comfortable living the shelter life, and despite being friendly to all that she met, she'd lost her appetite and just seemed a little unsettled. I'd never have guessed that though as she took to apartment life like a duck to water!
I took her to a vet they day she arrived to live with me in Gumi for a general checkup. The next week I tried a different vet (unhappy with the first one) and that day we found out she had stage 2 heartworms :(
Since then we've been making an almost weekly trip to the vet to sort those nasty buggers out!

All those vet bills have pilled up however, and we would love, love, love any help we could get!!
Thankfully, the lovely people at KAPS saw what a keeper Taffy is, and they kindly donated W300,000 towards her bills.

Here's the breakdown:
60,500 initial checkup
144,400 leg x-ray, blood test, 1 week meds
401,500 2x heartworm injections to kill adult worms, overnight stay, 1 week meds
20,100 1 week meds
46,200 2 weeks of meds
110,000 injection against baby worms, 1x heartgard med

Total= 782,700
-300,000 (KAPS <3) = 482,700
-150,000 (Mark Johnson) \(^.^)/ =332,700

If you are able to help, please deposit the money into my account:
Account #:

**** Please notify me of donation so I can give proper thanks where due! [email protected] ****

She will be tested again on August 9th but the vet and I are both quite confident she will be given a clean bill of health :)

While her leg was seen to too late and she will probably never be able to walk on all four legs again, please don't let that put you off. Taffy still manages just fine on three legs, she can run and climb stairs with ease! So if anyone is interested in shacking up with this girl please just let me know!

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Karen's picture

I hope Taffy's doing well :)

Could you provide contact information (phone or email) for people who'd like to get in touch about donating?

I received a message yesterday from someone who'd sent you a significant amount, but there was no info in this post for them to get in touch with you directly. (I don't think they have an ARK account, so can't leave a comment or use the contact form on your profile page).

Can you check that the donation was received? Thanks!

johla's picture

Here is the link to her adoption page if anyone is wanting some more information:

Karen's picture

How's Taffy's fundraiser going? Have you completed your goal? Hope so!

Karen's picture

I hope Taffy's feeling well these days!

I can't see an update on the fundraiser, so I'm going to move this out of the Donation Requests section into the Thank Yous. If I'm mistaken and money is still being collected, please update with a "total amount still needed" and a date :) Thanks!

johla's picture

Oh actually I just got the one donation so there wasn't anything to update it with... Perhaps I didn't promote it enough? Anyway, the bills still had to be paid and luckily I managed to do it myself. Thanks again to Mark Johnson for his help in this.

Karen's picture

Yeah a lot of smaller updates throughout treatment seems to help with promotion. But I'm glad you were able to pay off the bill! Fingers crossed she test clear of heartworm soon and that clears the way to a great forever home.