International Travel - Korea to Brazil


I will be moving back to Brazil soon and I would like to know if anyone has any tips or could maybe walk me through the process of bringing my pets home.
I will be taking two adult cats. I think one of them is skinny enough to go on board but the male is really big and will probably need to go as cargo.

The flight schedule is Incheon - Brazil with a short stop at LA just to refill the plane (we don't even change planes. We just get our passports stamped in immigration but instead of going through we get sent back to the gate)

I will be travelling with Korean Air.

Has anyone ever done this trip or something similar that could share your experience with me? Thank you


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Hi Bella,

I've travelled with my dog Belgi to Brazil, but from Toronto. I assume the rules are similar no matter where you're coming from.

What we needed for the flight to Brazil was a complete health check/vaccinations certificate from the vet and we needed to take that to the Canadian Animal Quarantine and Inspection office where they checked the certificates and stamped them. Without this we wouldn't have been able to leave the airport in Toronto or get through quarantine in Brazil.

I assume the same applies in Korea, but if I were you I would contact the Brazilian Embassy in Seoul and ask them directly. Here's their website:
If you're in Seoul, I would recommend going there, rather than calling. Bring all the documents with you to verify that they're correct. I was able to print a form from the Canadian Quarantine website which was specifically made for Brazilian quarantine. I'm not sure if Korea will have the same forms on its government website.

Korean Air is a fantastic airline when it comes to flying pets, so you could also call them (but do not rely just on their info.) to inquire.

It's been several years since I have flown to Brazil (I don't even remember if we flew to Rio or BH directly), but from what I remember, it was pretty straight forward once we landed. Just make sure you ask several times before you board, once you board and after you land in Brazil, about your cat(s), no matter how annoyed the flight attendants get.

Sorry I can't help with the actual documents/forms you need, but as always, you need to be sure yourself, rather than relying on others, when it comes to flying your pets. So, I'd call Incheon Quarantine, Brazilian Embassy in Seoul and possibly Brazilian Quarantine at the airport you'll be landing in, just to be 100% sure.

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One more thing, I did have to go to the Brazilian Consulate in Toronto, but I don't remember whether it was just for my own visa or for my dog's documents, too.