URGENT Foster Care needed by tomorrow (Sunday)

I'm writing this through Angela's account but I found two abandoned kittens that are approximately three weeks old outside my house. I leave for the U.S. on Monday. Please contact me, Annaleis Couch, if you can foster them. Thank you!

Contact information: [email protected]

I have formula and eye droppers to feed them with. I also have a small bed that you can take with you to keep them warm.

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Kittens are currently in my care while they search for a more permanent foster home. I cannot keep these guys long term because I'm allergic to cats. Both of them seem very healthy and clean. I agree they're about 3 weeks old. The orange one is bigger and stronger and more active but the little calico seems alert just quieter and less pushy. I'm not an expert at sexing bitty kittens, but I think they're both female. Calico has a typical Korean kink tail!

Edit: If you're interested in fostering, please send me an email @ [email protected]

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Erinn, I'm interested in short-term fostering, if you need some help. I've got a lot of time nowadays.