Help Grey go home!

*Update: I am HW free, all i need now is a foster home so i can get everything dont to fly home. Please help me!!!


My name is Grey, i have been living at Boeun Animal Sanctuary for over a year now. I cant really remember where i came from but ill keep trying and as soon as i do ill let you know.

Recently my human friend who works at the shelter has contacted rescue groups in North America and guess what??? They are going to rescue me! YAY, i am so excited. I dont like Korea, winter is so cold and i dont get to run like i should. The big dogs pick on me and i am not happy there.

I need a foster home where i learn to be a good boy and learn to be ok in my crate. I also need help to get all the tests, innoculations and paperwork so i can get my butt on that airplane. IMy forends are going to help raise money so you wont have to pay for anything.

My human friend, Michelle, will make all the arangemant and all you will need to do is post the bills as they come. For now ANYWAY that can give ANYTHING can deposit it into her account until i find a home to spend my last days in Korea in.

Bank details are:

Michelle van Veyeren

Please pm me when you have sent so i can check and let you know it was recieved. Any amount big or small will help! At the moment we have NO money to start this so are desperate for any small amount.

Grey will need to go to Vancouver, BC so if anyone is flying out there in the not to distant future please consider letting me catch a flight with you it will make it cheaper for everyone ;o) I dont mind. My friend will make all the arrangement all you have to do is book me on your flight!

Thank-you and i look forward to being somewhere that i can be the Greyhound i am meant to be.

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Grey needs to fly to Vancouver where he awaits freedom and love. Please PM me if you are flying there in the near future.

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Sorry, Vancouver, Canada?

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Yes, Vacouver, BC.

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Any luck with this fundraiser for Grey?

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No, nothing yet. I am going to rewrite his profile this weekend and add some more pics. Hope it will help. He will be tested for HW this week to so after that ill update it. Thanks xxx

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money was put into my account by someone i dont know. If it was you please let me know so i can Thank you!

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What's the status of this campaign for Grey? I hope you've had some luck.

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Hi Karen. We had his HW checked and he is free. Now just waiting for his foster home. Hope it comes soon. Thanks xxx

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Hi shellyvv, are you still collecting money for Grey? If not, then I think you should move this to the "Thank You" section now.

If Grey still needs a courier, please post a new blog post letting us know specifically about that.

Fingers crossed all is well!

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Hello. No havent recieved anymore money. The one donation i did recieve when to cheking his HW status. Ill move it. I will try something else. Thanks!

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Did Grey get flown out? I didn't see any update on her status here.