Daejeon Paws Sponsorship Program

In recent months, there have been a few factors that have put a financial strain on the running of Daejeon Paws shelter. The recent roof repair appeal was very successful, and we were able to deal with that problem and cover several other necessary expenses which I detailed in another thread. For several reasons, we have decided to try to set up a regular sponsorship program to try to cover regular expenses. I've set up a new Facebook group called "Friends of Daejeon Paws" at this link: http://www.facebook.com/groups/158004581010139/, and I will also post regular updates here.

Let me explain a few recent changes that have left the shelter in a precarious position. Mrs. Jung has recently lost her regular income of a few hundred thousand won which she used to use to pay for her own living expenses and some of the vet bills. The rent has been raised by 100,000 won per month, and the landlord is charging more for utilities than seems fair, but there is no reasonable alternative other than to pay it. There is also a problem with the water supply, so Mrs. Jung needs to buy drinking water for the time being. Please understand that Mrs. Jung has no support from her family and currently has no regular income at all.

Mrs. Jung has written a list of expected monthly expenses, and I'm hoping that together we can help her continue providing a safe and healthy environment to the homeless animal she cares for. It anyone can make regular donations, that would be great, but any help at all, no matter how small will help keep this wonderful little shelter going. All donations can be sent to Wooribank account #1002-240-455293 in care of Park Hyunjoo (박현주) or PayPal account [email protected]. Please let us know if you make a one-time donation or if you would like to make regular donations to help with monthly expenses. (You can notify us by private or public message.) I will list the expected expenses below and post regular updates to let you know what has been covered. Thank you so much!


250,000 Rent (150,000,covered; 100,000 needed)
150,000 Utilities
100,000 Drinking water
200,000 Charcoal for heating
250,000 Dry dog food (100,000 covered; 150,000 needed)
50,000 Wet dog food for dogs with poor teeth (covered)
50,000 Cat food
40,000 Cat litter
100,000 Tissue, bleach, cleaning products
70,000 Weatherstripping (this month only)
200,000 Groceries and personal expenses for Mrs. Jung

This list does not include vet care which varies from month to month, but averages to about 200,000 including basics such as vaccinations, immunity tests, heartworm preventatives, and other minor care. Neutering of new male dogs or any major treatment or surgery is not included in this average.

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Thanks so much for doing this, Deborah! Ms. Jung really mobilized foreign animal people in Korea a few years ago. She also kept my little angels Bangsiri and Snoopy safe for years (three years in Bangsiri's case, seven in Snoopy's) when they had no place to live. I'd hate for her and her remaining dogs to be forgotten.

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So far, it's going well. We have collected enough to cover the cost of the rent, drinking water, and cat litter for this month as well as weatherstripping. We still have a long way to go, but this will help a lot. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far!

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How is the fundraising coming along?

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Things have gone so well this month! We've raised enough to cover all of the regular expenses such as rent, heating, utilities, food and other supplies. There are some vet bills to cover still, but all in all, we've come very close to reaching our goal! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed!

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Thanks deborah. Is this fundraiser still ongoing? If not and the Daejeon Paws goals have been achieved now, you can you move this post to the "Thank You" section? I'm just trying to make room for the newer requests. Thanks!

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I'm going to assume by the previous posting that this fundraiser is finished and move this out of the Donation Requests section. Please email me to correct me if I'm wrong.