Please help rescue a yorkie in Jeon Ju

Hi everyone - happy valentine's day.

I am a newcomer to ARK, having found it after a desperate web search. I live in San Francisco. My mother is temporarily in Korea to take care of an ill relative.

After a phone conversation with my mom last night, I learned that there is a dog that needs rescuing where she is currently staying in Jeon Ju. The dog is not cared for, left outside in the cold yard, and not always fed. This is the last dog left out of 3 dogs. According to my mom, they were abandoned by a family and this particular little dog, being only 2 years old and tiny, was not sold off to a "dog buyer." (I don't even want to think about what this means). My mom tried bringing it inside but she was not permitted.

I wish I could fly over there right now to retrieve the dog if I could. But I cannot...which led to the furious midnight web search that led me to ARK. I don't know the dog's name. From my mom's description, the dog is quite small and seems like a yorkie.


1. adopt
2. foster
3. Transport the dog from Jeon Ju to Seoul (where I know someone who may be able to foster)
4. or act as a carrier if you happen to be flying into California? (I can drive over to you to pick up the dog)

I don't have any friends in Korea to help me with this situation. My mom says this type of neglect is common in Korea but it feels completely wrong to do nothing.

I have the address to where my mom is staying. If no one can foster/adopt the dog, but is flying into California, I would be so grateful if you could bring the dog over. (I can then find a home for the pup.) It sounds like some airlines allow very small dogs in the cabin with you for about $200, which I will definitely pay you (in addition to other costs).

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or if you can help in any way!

Gratefully yours,


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Regina, I will help you. My name is Nancy and I live in Seoul. Please give your mom my telephone number and have her call me. (010-8210-9876). I also have a home phone with a US number. (563-578-8715) If you want the dog sent to you in CA, then let's talk. If you just want the dog to be rescued and adopted out, then I'll coordinate with your mom. I'm not familiar with Joen Ju, but am willing to coordinate with your mom. Nancy

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I live in Jeonju and can help coordinate with the rescue effort if need be. I'm pretty quick on checking my email.

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Hello! Thank you so much for your offer! Nancy from Seoul has graciously offered to help as well and I hope that between the three of us, we can find Jjang a new home. Do you have an email address I could email you or would you like to communicate thru ARK? Mine is [email protected]. Thank you!

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Email sent!

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Nancy is awesome! I have worked with her countless times <3 Good luck in yalls rescue efforts!

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Any updates on the Jeon Ju pup's situation? I hope to hear some good news. Fingers crossed...

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I will pick him up on Saturday. I'll vet him and foster until he's healthy and immunized. I'll post photos and keep everybody up to date.

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What awesome teamwork!! It's amazing to see what can happen when a few determined dog-lovers put their heads together!! Great job, all of you!

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Thats what rescuing is all about, it takes a community and when that community all gels together, it is pretty awesome ^^

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Hi All:
Thank you for your support!

Nancy IS amazing and she is already doing so much along with the help from BGuy! However, it would be a tremendous help if you (or you know anyone) who can transport the pup to Seoul from Jeon Ju. Nancy can meet the person at the Seoul train station. If someone would like to volunteer their time, I will reimburse for gas or train ticket.

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Last Tuesday I left work. I had the flu. I'm back at work finally, but was unable to make the trip to Jeon Ju to pick up the dog. Because of work, I'm unable to make the trip until this coming Saturday. If anybody is able to pick up the dog and bring him to Seoul before this Saturday, then I'd be most grateful. Although the dog is in a make-shift dog house, he is still living outside and it has been raining. If nobody can help, then I will visit Jeon Ju this upcoming weekend.

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barun, I'm in jeon ju. i've lost my phone and can't call you. will you please come to the train station? i will wait a few more hours. i'm wearing black and i'm carrying a dog carrier. thank you.

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Was someone able to meet corpsgirl at the station and help get this dog to Seoul?
I hope things were able to be worked out...

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Hi! Yes, the pup Johnny has been rescued by Corpsgirl and now donations are requested for his heartworm medication. For updates on his status, please see:

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Oh, yay! I must have missed that thread. Thanks for updating this one!
I hope the fundraising is going well and his health issues will someday soon be a thing of the past!
And thanks to everyone who helped rescue this little one.

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gahh Jejudogs where have you been! *^^* Yup, we are half way to our financial goal for the lil guy! Remember to crosspost his link ;)