KAPS Daegu Dog Walks

The first dog walk of the year is now behind us, but the second is coming up quickly! If you're missing your canine (or feline!) friends from home, join us at KAPS in Daegu TOMORROW, Saturday April 14th.

The shelter is closed for lunch until 2:00pm, so we aim to have all dog-walking volunteers meet at the shelter for 2:30. To find us, take the red subway line to Daemyeong Subway Station and leave from EXIT 4. There is an elevator at the top of the stairs; once past that, take an immediate left to walk through the car valet area. You will see a brown, yellow, and green fence - that's us! For a pictorial guide, as well as a map of the immediate area, please visit this link: https://www.facebook.com/notes/kaps-korean-animal-protection-society/whe....

Once at the shelter, you'll have the chance to meet several of our lovely coordinators, as well as some of our regular volunteers. Before the walk, there will be a brief safety talk - what dogs can go out, where will be going, and a few other key details. After choosing and signing out "your" dog, we will head out as a group to Dyuru Park. Keep in mind that, this being the first walk of the year, we are expecting lots of people - if you come with a friend and don't mind sharing a dog, that's great! Our dogs love the attention, and your lucky puppy will be thrilled to get twice the attention. After the walk, you are welcome to hang out with the animals and give them some love and grooming; for the cat lovers in the crowd, we'll be taking a group out to the cat house as well.

As might be expected, dog walks are not the best thing to do if you have a strong interest in keeping clean! Please wear old clothes and shoes, or at least those that you don't mind becoming covered in fur. Also, feel free to bring your friends along; just remember, please do not bring students to the first walk. We're happy for you to bring students to later walks - just make sure to contact us beforehand.

Finally, donations are always appreciated! Should you be feeling generous, we will have donation jar available. Money collected goes directly to KAPS and helps to pay for vet bills for sick animals, food, utility bills and gas for the rescue vans. We will also have beautiful 2012 KAPS Calendars available for purchase, featuring some of KAPS's very own creatures. Other donations we always appreciate are leashes and harnesses (x-small, small, and medium), warm dog clothes for the little guys in the winter, wet and dry food for both dogs and cats, dog treats, worming and flea prevention for both dogs and cats, and clippers.

Dog walks are a great way to socialise, make new, like-minded friends, and get that animal fix you've been craving. If you're not able to make this walk, you won't have to wait long - our second walk is scheduled for the 14th of April, and we'd love to see you there. If, following the walk, you want to do more, speak to one of the coordinators - there's always lots to do, and we can find a way for you to help that plays to your strengths.

See you tomorrow!

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Karen's picture

Good luck on your dog walk today. I hope the weather is nice and you have a great turnout!!

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Thanks Karen! It's looking like great weather now, so we're hoping for a big turn out!

For anyone that can't be there in person, why not follow us on Twitter? I'll be posting photos and updates as the walk progresses! Here's a link to our profile: https://twitter.com/#!/KoreanAnimals

Hope to see everyone out today!

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Huge thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers who came out today. All of the healthy dogs got out, and we had wonderful weather for our outing in the park. Double thanks to everyone who made a donation as well - we made a whopping 230,000 in donations today! Thank you all SO much!

Also, photos to be posted soon!

AMCD's picture

Dog walk photos for your viewing pleasure!