Osoohni doing great at her foster home!

I have been privileged to have little Osoohni share my home for the past month. She is doing wonderfully and has adapted really well to having her own home! She sleeps on my easy chair during the day and plays with her chewy bones and treats. We go out 3 times a day, and she picked up this routine within the first two days so that she hardly ever messes in the house. When she does, it is inevitably my fault for messing with her routine, like last night when I felt sick from a cold and went to bed at 18h.

She loves our walks and really likes people, especially chidlren. She wants to go up to everybody that we pass on the street to say hello and get some love.
Within the first two weeks I chatted to a couple I am friends with about her and showed them pictures, and they have expressed a keen interest in adopting her. I asked them if it would be OK she stayed with me a little longer first, as I really enjoy her company!

I have many pictures of her on my phone and will upload them soon.
This afternoon we will take our first long trip together on the train to Hongseong - please cross your fingers that her new carrier arrives in time!

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Thank you so much for taking her in! Ohsooni is such a beautiful and friendly looking dog and it will be so wonderful for her to have a forever home. She totally deserves it!

Whenever you get the chance, I would love to see pics :D

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Any updates on Ohsooni? Has she been adopted, or is she still in foster care?
I've always liked her from afar, so I hope she is doing well :)