Why has Asan shelter disassociated itself from ARK?

I adopted my dog from Asan, going on 5 months ago. I will never forget the day, it was amazing to see how much love and dedication people put into the caring of the animals.
I have always enjoyed looking at the ARK site - Asan shelter section, it was really assuring to see how the other dogs and cats were getting on at the shelter. My dog is amazing and I always was happy to see so many other Asan shelter happy stories ^^. I believe it was much better for me to go to the shelter using the ARK directions and adopt a dog, than to just visit Itaewon station on a Saturday morning and merely take a dog from some good willed volunteers (different animal rescue organisation).
I'm sure all the volunteers and adopters from this shelter can agree?

I was very surprised to see the message about Asan shelter today; that nobody from ARK can volunteer there.
That message is so full of hidden meanings. Why does the shelter want to disassociate itself from the ARK volunteers? Does it have to do with other animal rescue groups? Is it because of the many foreign volunteers? Is it because of money? I really respect the owner of Asan shelter but I cannot help but think that his decision was made because of some misunderstanding or misinformation about ARK. If it were not for this webpage, I would not have found my wonderful dog. That thought is so upsetting......

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An other volunteering group got the same problem. They can no longer volunteer in the Cheonan/Asan animal shelter (not sure if it is the same shelter). The reason they give is because City Hall got a civil complaint (but the complaint is not shared with the public). Here is the link (in Korean) http://cafe.naver.com/catdogcare/

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It seems to be a different shelter. Mr. Park's shelter is called Jane World and he has his own blog.

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Hi Sarah, people are still free to visit Mr. Park's shelter if they want to adopt or foster an animal, and a lot of the adoptable animals there still have adoption profiles up on the ARK website for people to see. Mr. Park simply changed his mind about organized shelter trips, that's all.

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The latest development to this situation was posted to ARK's Facebook group recently by Mr. Park.

You can read the original message on Facebook, but here's a copy for non-Facebookers like myself, with many thanks to the friend who passed on this info to me:

Dear ARK Friends

I'm extremely grateful to all the ARK friends for having helped Jane World Kids 
to be adopted and fostered for the last 4 years. I'd like to explain why I had to tell ARK friends not to visit my shelter before.

First, I'd like to thank all of you for helping the abandoned animals all over Korea. I've been trying to figure out for the couple of years how to lighten the burden when rescuing abandoned animals but it wasn't that easy for me. 
And it was a shame that I couldn't be any help but just had to see ARK friends raise funds for the sick ones from Jane world or other shelters.

I’m very happy to tell you that me and some of my friends finally founded ANIMAL PROTECTION VOLUNTEER INSPCTOR UNION and an animal hospital under direct management by the organization.

So far, Jane World has been getting special discounts from the vet in Nonsan but from now on the hospital bills will be a lot cheaper for spaying & neutering, HW treatment and vaccines at the new hospital.

At the moment, it will charge just actual expense but when it gets enough donations, it will be totally free. To get the benefit from the hospital, the animal rescued by individuals should be first registered on ANIMAL PROTECTION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (http://www.animal.go.kr/portal_rnl/index.jsp)

There has been a lot of rumor about the funds raised by ARK and I have been misunderstood by some of Korean animal communities. Some people even blamed me for making ARK raise funds excessively so that I could make money out of it. 

So I hope that with the help of the animal hospital, people with good intentions such as ARK people can rescue abandoned animals in Korea without worrying about getting misunderstandings. 

Please come back visit Jane world and help the animals in need. 
No fund raise is needed for the individual ones any more. If you would like to help, please directly donate to


NH(nonghyup)BANK (농협은행) 



All the rescued animals through City pounds registered on (http://www.animal.go.kr/portal_rnl/index.jsp) can be treated at the hospital mentioned above. But you need to join http://cafe.naver.com/apviou 
http://cafe.daum.net/apviou to send an application form either in Korean or English.

I would like to sincerely apology ARK friends for the sudden ban on my shelter visit.

Please come and visit to help my shelter again.

Thank you again.

"Jane World Kids", I'm assuming, is the same as "Jane's Grandpa's Shelter", which is the official name of the place usually referred to as "Asan Shelter".

I hope to update the information on the Asan Shelter page here on ARK in the next few days.

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I think Jane World is the official name of the shelter now, and the kids are the animals at the shelter. This is good news. I hope everyone who has time to join the shelter trips will spend some time with the animals there.

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WE ARE BACK in Asan! If you have time, please join us!
Hugs to Betty!