Canine Flu at KAPS

To give everyone a heads up -

Over the past few weeks, KAPS has been experiencing an outbreak of canine flu. It is a highly contagious infection and, given the cramped quarters, limited quarantine capacity, and low incidence of vaccination, it has been spreading rapidly through the shelter. We have a pre-planned cleaning day scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday the 14th, and we would appreciate any additional volunteers - hopefully our scrub down will help contain the spread and reduce exposure for those animals in the shelter.

In addition to the flu at the dog shelter, our cat shelter is currently experiencing an outbreak of ringworm. While this is particularly difficult to treat in a shelter environment, it is entirely treatable at home. It is also, however, communicable to humans, so we want to give any potential cat house volunteers a heads up. We know dedicated adopters and fosters are understanding and willing to put in the time to aid a cat or dog back to health.

If you are interested in coming out to help us clean, this is the link to the Facebook event:
The cleaning will coincide with our regularly scheduled dog walk - it's much easier to clean cages when the dogs are NOT in them! - and for more information on that, please see this earlier blog:

Thanks for your understanding, and advance thanks to our cleaning and walking volunteers - it really can save lives!

KAPS Publications Coordinator

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