Jag Jag the Beagle goes to school!

Jag Jag, the Beagle had been left behind by one family and taken in by another family who ended up dumping him because they no longer had time to care for him. The poor lil guy whose family admitted they didn't even have enough time to even buy him toys :(

Jag Jag was taken in by a kind person in Seoul, who had the best of intentions and a good plan to take care of Jag Jag. She walked him several times per day, took him to the vet (Jag was neutered, de-wormed, tested for heartworms). Sadly, this lovable dog has no manners and turned out to be a cute Beagle-shaped wrecking ball.

So sent Jag Jag to a special training school to educate him in how to be an awesome dog and not a dog who eats furniture and other not-so-fun habits. During the training Jag Jag will be kept in a home-environment, so that he will get used to home-life. It's obvious that Jag Jag did not get the training he needed when he was young, but we are going to try and teach this not-so-old dog some news tricks so that he can bring joy instead of frustration to his humans. He's a lovable and good natured dog at heart and we are confident he can be awesome.

We often come to the rescue of animals who are physically injured or sick, because we can see their injuries and know that they need attention. But in cases like Jag Jag's, where dogs have psychological issues because of lack of training, and neglect, help is also needed.

Let's continue to help Jag Jag get to his happy forever home.
Please consider donating toward Jag Jag's education :) No donation is too small, and we will be certain to give updates on Jag Jag's progress.

Thank you all!

◦Fundraising goal: 900.000 won (bank info: 1002-240-455293 (Woori bank, Park Hyun Joo).

◦Animal's current location: Anseong training center
◦Contact information: [email protected]
◦Link to the Jag's adoption listing: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/dog/760

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‎100.000 won from Emily Tba,
40.000 won from Sara Tilley,
150.000 won from Sofia
= 290.000 won!

610.000 won to go.

Thank you!

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Great news!
+ 450.000 won to help Jag Jag!
Thanks to everyone who attended "Drinking for Paws!" on May, 26, in Itaewon and donated to help animals in need!
Thank you guys!

Just 160.000 won to go!

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+ 100.000 won from Mark Johnson!

Thank you again Mark!


Just 60.000 won to go!

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An update on Jag! He has learnt:
1. sit
2. lay-down
3. Crate (works well with food in it).
He is now sleeping in the crate everyday and is crate-broken.

Bad news - Jag still has nowhere to go! He will have to leave the training center on Monday...

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Jagger The Beagle had a visitor last Saturday. His' former foster mom visited him in Anseong training center.
Here's what she said: "I saw Jag Jag today! He has lost weight, looks really happy and healthy. He sits, lays down (with verbal commands and just hand gestures), follows on and off leash when walking, can play fetch. The trainer said he is really really sweet and smart. He gets along with all the other dogs of all sizes. He was as kind as ever. He seems really happy. So, he's doing really well. Gave him flea, tick, heartworm medicine."

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Since we don't have a home for Jagger yet, he will be staying 4 more weeks in Anseong training center.

Please consider helping us to pay for Jagger's training! We really appreciate your help.
No help is too small, really.

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Jagger's former foster mom paid hersellf for these 4 weeks!
What a friend!
Thank you very much!

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Thank you everyone! Thank you for your awesome support!

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Walking without a leash right next to the trainer.
Sit, lay down. Follows both verbal and nonverbal commands.

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"When I first began fostering Jag he was so desperate for human contact that he was overwhelmed with joy at being with me, and quite frankly a pain in the neck. He was jealous and demanded attention at every moment. But as time has gone by, Jag has settled and become such a calm, sweet boy. All he needed was a people fix, and someone to trust.
I'd wanted Jagger to be adopted and find his way out of Korea to a home with a backyard. In early September he was diagnosed with heart failure and I came to realize that I owed the little dog who snuggles up with me every day much more than a "meantime" home. I absolutely love this pup and I'm so excited to take him home with me in March. Jagger is going to live on a farm in Canada, and in time be trained to be a therapy dog! His once lonely little heart will soon bring joy to people who need it most. A win/win situation for this special boy!" - Jag's mom

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Congrats! Jag was adopted by his second foster mom!

THANK YOU EVERYONE! Thank you for your help, trust and understanding!

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Thank you everyone for your support!
Look at Jagger now!

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Jagger made it to Canada!

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Haha, looks like he's on squirrel patrol!