Whisky arrives in Canada!

After a year apart, Martin and I greeted Whisky the jindo from Daejeon City Animal Shelter at the Toronto Pearson Airport. We adopted Whisky two years ago, and had a big scare last autumn when she ran away just hours before she was supposed to fly to us in Canada. She was found three weeks later, and fostered in Korea by wonderful friends until this past week, when they flew her to her new forever home.

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Wait a minute, she was lost the day she was suppose to fly last fall? and just now was found, this spring?

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She was only gone 3 weeks, but it was awful! You know how dogs seem to know when you pack up to leave? Well she was being picked up at 6:30 am and when our friends took her out for a last pee, she slipped her collar and was off. We thought we'd never see her again, but some school children found her at the end of October and responded to the LOST posters up around the neighbourhood. By the time we could arrange a new flight, the seasonal regulations of the airlines were effective and she couldn't come until spring. It's been a year since we saw her, but she's settling in SO well, and we couldn't be happier!

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Pretty incredible! That's amazing she was found and a foster her was able to keep her until she could fly.

So, are there embargoes in the winter time? I know there are heat embargoes but I didnt know cold embargoes existed.

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Yes, they have what they call "winter restrictions" as well as "heat restrictions", depending on the size of the animal and the type of flight. We were pretty lucky, and so was she!

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This story made me tear up a bit! I love happy endings!