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A raffle for needy animals - GREAT PRIZES!!


This fantastic online raffle will now be even more fantastic because we are going to do the draw on SATURDAY, JULY 26TH IN PERSON! Venue still TBD, but you now have more time to enter and have a fun, for-a-good-cause event to look forward to ;)

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Spoil yourself...& help needy dogs! An awesome sale!

19 July 2014
TWO NEW SUMMERY SCRUBS! These are a must-try (speaking from experience!)
**Coconut Lime Body Scrub**
**Summer Citrus Body Scrub**
Full list of products below.

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Puppy Vaccination Schedule

I ALWAYS forget the schedule and how it works, so I took a snap of the poster my vet always shows me.

First injection:
DHPPL (1 of 5) + Corona (1 of 2)

3 weeks later...
Second injection:
DHPPL (2 of 5) + Corona (2 of 2)

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Donations for Sandy & her 9 pups

Update: 8 April 2014
It has been quite a crazy few weeks but things are finally getting sorted with Sandy and her pups. Thank you so much to everyone for your support!

All 9 of Sandy's pups are in foster care & are doing SO well! Some even have their own ARK profiles already, please check them out! (Dallas, Bandit, Baloo, Thandi)

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Please help heartworm positive, paralysed Kili.

24 March 2014:
Thank you to all of Kili's supporters! She has finished her heartworm treatment and is in foster care with me and my two dogs. She is SO happy & I hope we can find the perfect forever home for her sooner rather than later. :) She loves going on walks and even runs around because she is a strong little girl who was given a CHANCE. Thank you everyone!

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Fish is lost in Seoul! :(

Poor Little Fish drew the short straw with his adoptive parents. ( They allowed him to escape from their yard un-neutered, with no collar, no name tag and no microchip. They did not alert his foster parents and did not ask anyone for help searching.

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Help Foxy on her road to recovery!

18 April 2013

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"Project Paul"

Update 31 Dec 2012:
Wow, I checked my bank account this morning and was simply blown away. Huge thanks to the donors who have contributed to Project Paul (listed below). We have reached and exceeded our goal - thank you!

I am going to check on Paul and take him for a walk in an hour so I will try and get some photos and videos of our sweet boy.

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New poster for Boots in the comments section below!! (Wearing the clothes he was wearing the day he was lost). Please, wherever you are, please print some out and stick them up. You never know who might see it and then see Boots.

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Nobu - 2 surgeries down, 3 to go!

27 Sept 2012:
THANK YOU!! Today I received a large donation which EXACTLY reached our goal for Nobu's surgeries and took my breath away at the same time. I am so touched by everyone's generosity and simply cannot thank you enough. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!


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