Donations for Sandy & her 9 pups

Update: 8 April 2014
It has been quite a crazy few weeks but things are finally getting sorted with Sandy and her pups. Thank you so much to everyone for your support!

All 9 of Sandy's pups are in foster care & are doing SO well! Some even have their own ARK profiles already, please check them out! (Dallas, Bandit, Baloo, Thandi)

Sandy has been sent to the doggy school where she is slowly learning to trust. We will post photos as soon as we are able.

(Spent on puppy supplies, formula, food, Sandy's month at school.)
FUNDS REMAINING: W344,000 (this is enough for Sandy's health check + a little extra, but we would like to have enough to support the fosters with the puppies, have Sandy spayed and give Sandy at least one more month at school. Please keep sharing this event!)

Update: 27 March 2014
Bad news. :( Kristina's landlord is evicting Sandy and her pups. There is no getting around it. He knows she is nursing but he said she still has to go. We have some great foster homes for 5 of the 9 puppies who will bottle feed the hungry darlings until they are weaned (thank you!).

We are still looking for fosters for the last 4 pups (2 puppies to one foster) and of course, Sandy.

Sandy will likely be extremely confused and upset and this is horrible for all of us but mostly her. The last thing I want to do is take her puppies away and then send her back to the shelter. If no one can foster her, I would very much like to try send her to the dog school where she can at least be mentally-stimulated, socialised, exercised and have a health check. However, she would need to stay around 2 months and this alone is 350,000 per month. I know it's asking a lot. :( Plus, we cannot keep her there indefinitely, so we would need a foster or adoptive home for her to go into after her time at school is up. We could arrange an international adoption too if the right person comes along. Ideas are welcome. Kristina and I are at a loss. Please help!

Update: 20 March 2014
Sandy and her puppies were moved into foster care on the 17th of March and are settling in well. Mr Park felt the kittens were not receiving enough milk from her because of the competition from their 9 doggy siblings, so he decided to keep them and bottle feed them himself. (Thanks Mr Park!)

We also have a Facebook event for Sandy.

I will be updating the list of items received in the comments section below.

Huge thanks to the following people who have donated money &/or items:
Patricia Tolman Mitchell + Bada + Sparky
Karen Ouellette
Gina Kim
Laura Nederhoff
Markeeta Whitfield
Steven Blake
Cecilia Ballou
Sarah Macneli
Michael Heaney x 2
Monique Kauffmann
Mrs Kim
Susan Holland x 2
Michael Collins
Susan Mitchell Matson
Terence Winfield
15 March 2014
Sandy is a beautiful lab/mix who has been at Asan shelter for about a year. Unfortunately, she was one of the few who still had to be spayed and she fell pregnant. It was a big surprise when Mr Park found her nursing NINE puppies one morning! He moved her and her pups to a comfortable corner on his verandah and they have been doing well since. The pups started to open their eyes just yesterday. They are a golden bundle of adorable sausages!

Next, someone found two tiny 3-day old kittens on the street and asked Mr Park to help. Mr Park put the kittens onto Sandy's teats and not only did they they started suckling, but Sandy allowed them to! Now they are a part of her family: 2 little black and white kittens among a pile of golden puppies. It is absolutely adorable!

We put out a plea for a foster home and honestly, didn't expect for anyone to really come forward. It's quite a big task! Amazingly, an experienced foster mom and dad have offered their home, love and TLC to Sandy and her 9 + 2 babies. They will be moving there this Tuesday. Thank you Kristina and Preston!

We would like to make this as low-stress as possible for Sandy, her babies AND, of course, their foster parents. We are therefore arranging a sponsorship and donation event to help Sandy's fosters out. Please, please help us by donating items (or money, if easier) on the following list:
- peepads (lots!)
- high quality mommy dog food (Royal Canin "Starter" food - high in nutrients for Sandy to produce yummy, healthy milk!) (lots!)
- blankets and towels
- cleaning supplies (gloves, wipes, disinfectant, laundry detergent etc.)
- monetary donations for puppy vaccinations when they are old enough (approximately W200,000 per puppy to be fully up-to-date over a period of 15 weeks)
- monetary donations for puppy dewormers when they are old enough (W3,000 per puppy per dose, needed every 2 weeks until they can start on Heartguard & Frontline)
- one large crate for Sandy ("Varikennel 450" would be ideal)
- a wire or plastic pen/fence
- a baby gate
- monetary assistance for health check for Sandy (at a later stage)
- puppy toys (easy-to-clean ones as the pups will undoubtedly pooh on them!)
- spay for Sandy so that this can never happen again! (price of this TBA)

If you would like to make a monetary donation, please use the following options:

PayPal: [email protected] (Please mark it for "Sandy" and put your name on so we can thank you!)

Korean Bank Account:
Clare Mills

(Please send us a message when you have made a deposit so we can keep track and so we can thank you!)

We will be updating Sandy's profile ( on a regular basis so that her supporters and well-wishers (not to mention potential forever homes) can keep watching and following her progress.

Please spread the word that one beautiful lady dog, 5 boy puppies, 4 girl puppies and 2 kittens (gender unknown) will be looking for forever homes in about 8 weeks!

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Thank you for all of your kind donations! Here is a list of items received thus far:

- 50 peepads
- 2 x 10kg laundry detergent
- towels, puppy bones, painter sheets, tape, tennis balls, pooh bags, gloves, sponge
- water bowl
- puppy pen
- puppy food
- vitamin supplement for Sandy

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Some of Sandy's pups now have their own adoption listings!

Check out the sweetness:

  1. Dallas [ADOPTED]
  2. Bandit [ADOPTED]
  3. Thor [ADOPTED]
  4. Thandi [ADOPTED]
  5. Baloo [ADOPTED]
  6. Loki
  7. Bruce
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Is the fundraiser for Sandy and her pups still ongoing? I think a few of her pups have been adopted now, right? How many are still looking?

Hope all is going well!

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Hi Karen, thanks for asking. I am working on Sandy's costs and will be updating this soon. She is currently in school and awaiting a health check. Some pups have been adopted, some are still looking. Will update ASAP.

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I hope Sandy's still doing well! From the last update it seems that you've collected a surplus of funds, so I've moved this post into the Thank You section.

If I'm mistaken and there is a new total of what is needed for spay surgery, etc., please feel free to change it back with an updated date and "total needed". Thanks!