Spoil yourself...& help needy dogs! An awesome sale!

19 July 2014
TWO NEW SUMMERY SCRUBS! These are a must-try (speaking from experience!)
**Coconut Lime Body Scrub**
**Summer Citrus Body Scrub**
Full list of products below.

4 July 2014
This event is still going! Talia was spayed recently, so her complete bill has come to W920,000 including a large discount. She is still looking for a forever home. Holly's treatment is ongoing and she visits the vet multiple times a week for hydration therapy. Please support this great cause. Both these sweet girls, and their wonderful rescuer, deserve a helping hand. Items are affordable, smell and feel amazing, and are animal friendly. You can't get better than that!

11 June 2014
Due to the warmer weather and changes in certain ingredients, all products are now 100% VEGAN! Even better than before, right?

28 May 2014
We have extended this event by a few more weeks. Please support Cathy and the two dogs she is working so hard for, by reading, sharing and/or placing an order. Thank you!

The Korean winter is finally leaving us and spring is in the air. Layers of clothing are being shed, revealing the scaly, dry, ondol-induced skin conditions of winter. (Am I right or am I right? Ugh!) Salt scrubs at the jjimjilbang are too up-close-and-personal for many…so why not indulge in a scrub-down in the comfort of your own home?

Cathy Hynes has adopted 4 dogs from a high-kill shelter in Seoul over the past few years. She also has an adopted rescue cat and has fostered both cats and dogs from the Asan shelter. More recently, she rescued (& ended up adopting) a little Yorkie called Holly who was soon diagnosed with pyometria, needed emergency surgery and then started going into renal failure. Holly pulled through the surgery and now will live the rest of her days in comfort with Cathy, at the vet’s recommendation. Sadly, Holly was given a “textbook” prognosis of 9 months so the vet suggested she stay with Cathy. Soon after, Cathy rescued another Yorkie which was posted on the ARK FB page and found her a foster home. Cathy paid out of pocket for her health check, medication and will do for the upcoming spay surgery too. Here is Talia's initial posting and here is her current ARK profile

What does all this mean? It means that Cathy’s doggy fund is looking on the (very) low side & needs to be replenished.

Thankfully, Cathy has a talent and a love for creating indulgent, animal-friendly, pampering goodies which she usually limits to herself and to a few special friends on special occasions. Luckily for us, she has decided to put her talents to use and will create a selection of animal-friendly products to sell in order to generate much-needed funds to help with Holly & Talia’s vet bills.

All of her products are homemade, natural and are NOT tested on defenseless animals in labs (only us, her not-so-defenseless human friends) and most are vegan too. Special thought has gone into the creation of these products and what she feels would work best for you after the bitter Korean winter.

All jars and containers are reusable and if you send back an empty jar, you will get a W1,000 discount on your next order, per jar returned.

Not only do all the products smell good enough to eat, but you can enjoy your shower-hour in the knowledge that no animal was harmed in the making of this product. Not one! All products are, in fact, benefiting needy little dogs who have previously suffered at the hands of humans. Nice huh?

Have a look at the list of amazing, animal-friendly products on sale:

Homemade Peanut butter (unsalted) 250g - W5,000
Homemade Peanut butter (lightly salted) 250g - W5,000

Non-edibles (although they smell so good you will want to taste them!)
*Facial Goodies
Chamomile facial scrub 100 ml – W5,000
Make up remover pad 25 pads – W,5000

*Blissful Body Scrubs 200ml – W7,000
Green tea
Mint chocolate
Cinnamon sugar coffee (AKA The Pancake!)
SUMMER SPECIALS! These two new scrubs are amazing and reminiscent of a tropical beach somewhere...sigh...
**Coconut Lime Body Scrub**
**Summer Citrus Body Scrub**

* Hand & Foot Scrubs 200ml – W7,000
Lemon for hands & feet
Almond for hands & feet
Peppermint for hands & feet

* Moisturizing Bars
Small: 2 for W5,000
Large: 1 for W5,000

* Lips 5ml – W5,000
Lip Scrub

How can you order this fabulous stuff and help dogs at the same time?

It’s easy!

1. First, please deposit the total amount due + a standard W5,000 for shipping on your order to:

PayPal: [email protected] & be sure to put your NAME & “Yorkies” as a reference.
Korean Bank Account:
Catherine Hynes

2. Then, please send your order via e-mail to [email protected], and include the following details:

Shipping Address:
Phone Number: (*This is imperative for postage - we have had a number of orders returned by the post office because no phone number was provided.*)
Your order:
Total paid: KRW
Method of payment: Bank transfer/PayPal
The reference you used when you paid:

Thank you for your support! Please spread the word about this great event & consider buying some goodies as gifts for others too.

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Here is Holly, the Yorkie that Cathy took in when Holly's owner passed away. She is very difficult to get a good photo of as she is always squirming!

Holly has renal failure and was given a "textbook prognosis" of 9 months. While Cathy's initial plan was to foster and then adopt her out, due to this turn of events the vet strongly recommended that Holly stay with Cathy for the rest of her days. Please help support Cathy by purchasing some of her delightful products. This will all go towards Holly and Talia's vet expenses. They make great gifts!

Please also share with your friends and colleagues in Korea. Thank you!

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Some feedback from Patt, a lady who has supported this cause:

The Body Scrubs are incredible. No need for moisturizer after the shower either. Foot Scrub is really good and does wonders! Next up, Facial Scrub tonight! And Cathy refills if you recycle the jars for a fill up...way to go Cathy. And, the best part of all, you wonder? The funds go to help the health of two little sweeties Can't resist that can you??

Thank you Patt!

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Is this fundraiser still going on? Can you tell me if the unsalted peanut butter is 100 percent peanuts or if it has anything added? Can you tell me which of the other products (if any) aren't vegan? Thanks.

clare_bell's picture

Hi! To answer your questions:

1. Yes, it is still going on.
2. There is literally NOTHING but peanuts in the peanut butter.
3. There are very few products which are not vegan, as their standard recipe stands. However, ALL of the products/recipes can be made vegan if specified - Cathy will simply alter the recipe.

Thank you for asking and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions.

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Hi Folks,

I want to Thank everyone who has ordered products and supported Holly and Talia!
The fundraiser is still going on, I have been completely caught up with Holly's medical needs and haven't been promoting it as much as I planned. If you have any questions, or requests for other products please let me know!


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I make many other items, so if there is something you are looking send a message and maybe I can make it for you!

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Some more great feedback from a happy supporter. Thank you Alison!

So if you haven't ordered, you are truly missing out! I just got my lemon foot scrub~my feet are super soft and left moisturized. Love it! I also ordered the chamomile face scrub..love everything about it! My face is completely exfoliated and shining, feels moisturized at a perfect level..and smells nice! I personally think you need to keep this going and sell at all fundraisers! Love the stuff and will order more in the future if possible!