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Adopt a pet from Yeonnam animal hospital in Seoul.

Thinking of adding a pet to your family?

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Best for Blitz: Vancouver, here I come!

That's right, Blitz has a foster home in Canada waiting for him... Now we just need to get him there!

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Second chance for Chester The Beagle

The goal of this event is to give Chester The Beagle a second chance to live and to love.

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Help William and his heart

Dear friends,
we send out a plea to help raise money to support William The Great Maltese to fight worms in his heart and to start a new healthy life.

But first let me tell you William’s story. His story is amazing.

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Help Lena battle the parasites that live in her heart!

For pet owners, detecting heartworm in their pets is a challenge because the disease is progressive, and treatment is expensive. For pet foster parents, detecting heartworm in their foster pets is even a bigger challenge.

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Healthy heart for Bim

Let me tell you Bim's story, it is an amazing story of one very lucky homeless little dog in Korea.

On Friday, Feb, 15th, Natalya and her husband were driving home somewhere on a busy road near Suwon. Suddenly a tiny badly matted dog appeared on the side of the road and started crossing the road, not paying any attention to the cars around him.

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A small rooftop apt in Seoul burned down. It was an art academy, apparently. Anyhow, they kept a stray cat, which would sleep inside at night. The place is a complete ruin now. The cat was left on the street. He was roaming around in the rubble. :( Nobody from the academy has been to the building.

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Kami: from meat farm via shelter to Vancouver

Hello everyone!

I'm here to ask for your help. Another shelter dog needs our support. Her name is Kami.

Kami is a wonderful dog that lives in Yangju animal shelter, South Korea. 3 years ago Kami was rescued from a dog meat farm somewhere in Korea. Since then she lives in Yangju animal shelter.

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New Pet Dog Registration System rules

Pet Dog Registration System to be fully implemented in 2013:

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Weeny: Broken, but still alive. Urgent plea for help.

Here's Weeny, 2 months old Mini Pin. So sweet and tiny. So broken and in danger.

At only two months old, Weeny has come face to face with death. She has already been in a car accident and put on death row. After she was rescued, she sat in a cage for two days with a few broken bones. She couldn't receive surgery to correct her broken bones due to the cost of the surgery.

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