Second chance for Chester The Beagle

The goal of this event is to give Chester The Beagle a second chance to live and to love.

Chester is a male Beagle in South Korea. He was rescued from death row in one of the city pounds in Korea. We don't know how he ended up there. At some point of his life after being rescued Chester got sick with distemper. He spent almost two months locked in the cage at the vet clinic fighting distemper, skin infections, allergy. Finally on one happy day we were told that Chester is healthy!
Healthy, but still homeless.
We kept looking for a foster or adoptive home for Chester for months. It is not easy to find a home for an energetic, talkative Beagle in South Korea where most of the people live in apartments.
What we always wanted for Chester is a yard where he could exercise daily, dog parks with other barking dogs, and, of course, an understanding mentor who could continue working with our special boy.
So a small group of us gathered together to try to improve Chester's life and to find a good home for him.

First, we asked our friends and supporters to help us to send Chester to the dog school. He desperately needed to learn good manners and to exercise his fast legs. THANK YOU. Because you cared Chester spends happy days at 4mendogs training facility in Daejeon city.

Finally, the Universe got tired of us begging for help, and we received a great news. Chester was invited to come to Vancouver, Canada, to live a happy new life with one of our great friends, a dog lover, and her barky dogs! Thank you Universe!

We had to find someone going from Seoul, South Korea, to Vancouver, Canada, who could bring Chester to his new home. Thanks to our friend from Animal Rescue Korea community we found one person willing to help. Thank you, Dairin and Tiffany!
Chester is booked to Air Canada flight to Vancouver, March, 31st!

One last thing we still need help with is raising $500 to pay for shipping Chester to Vancouver.

OUR GOAL: $500

A) health certificate - $20,
B) luggage fee - $270,
C) bringing the dog from Daejeon city to Incheon airport and helping the courier at the quarantine office and etc. - $200,
D) international health certificate - $10.

Do you think you could help us a little?
No help is too small.

Local and international donations are welcomed with gratitude!
Donations can be made to:

1) within South Korea: Woori bank, 1002-240-455293, Park Hyun Joo,

2) paypal: [email protected] (Chester).

WHEN YOU DONATE VIA BANK TRANSFER or PAYPAL, please let me know via PM or comment on this event, so I can keep track ♥ Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has helped so far, you are amazing people. And thank you in advance to those who is considering helping Chester The Special Dog this time ♥

Chester's adoption profile:

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Thank you, Mark Johnson for your kind donation!
150,000 won for Chester!

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How is Chester's fundraiser coming along? Is his new home in Vancouver fundraising, too? I hope he's getting excited to fly :)

Karen's picture

Since Chester is now in Canada (congrats!), I'm going to move this fundraiser to the "Thank You" section now.

If fundraising is still going on, please let us know and feel free to move this back to "Donation Requests".

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A) $100 + 30,000 won + $377 = $500 (transportation to Vancouver costs)
B) $20 + $20 + 20,000 won = $40 + 20,000 won (will go towards Chester's vet bill that is 1,000,000 won).
Plus 150,000 won from Mark J. Thank you, Mark!

Thank you, Michael T. H. and Sungmi Allie H.!
Thank you, Sharon, Heather, Karen and Mark!

THANK YOU to all Chester's friends!
Special THANK YOU to Carrie for opening her house for Chester, Tiffany for bringing Chester to Vancouver and donating towards his travels.

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Chester was adopted!