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Jag Jag the Beagle goes to school!

Jag Jag, the Beagle had been left behind by one family and taken in by another family who ended up dumping him because they no longer had time to care for him. The poor lil guy whose family admitted they didn't even have enough time to even buy him toys :(

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Dunkan the Cocker Spaniel: in urgent need of help!!!


DUNKAN's RESCUE STORY: In early summer 2011 the group of dogs was rescued from a hoarding situation. Some females were pregnant. All dogs were sick, dirty and hungry. Dunkan was one of them - almost bold, horrible skin infection, horrible eye infection, very skinny (ribs, ribs, ribs)...

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Help spare shelter animals from the winter chill

~Fall/Winter 2011 campaign~

Yes, winter is here. Shelter animals are freezing again.

Do you have clothes and other unwanted stuff laying around your house that you don't need anymore? Maybe you don’t know what to do with them. Don’t worry; there is a solution.

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