Gwangju Shelter

광주광역시 동물보호소
Location: Gwangju - 광주

This shelter is located in Gwangju, Jeollanam-do. As for today, I had visited the shelter two times and did the three kinds of volunteering tasks: cleaning, grooming, and walking. I plan to go there at least once per month. We need to register before we volunteer here on the shelter website: The website is in Korean but I can help you with the registration if you want. The shelter does not accommodate a lot of volunteers and not foreigners-friendly, but you'll be greatly welcomed by the dogs!

Animals Sheltered

  • Cats
  • Dogs (large)
  • Dogs (small)

Getting Involved

Volunteering: Yes
Fostering: Unknown

Getting There

Need Appointment to Visit: Yes
Hours of Operation:
Workdays 9.00-17.00, Saturday 9.00-11.00, lunch time 12.00-13.00

(500-210)광주광역시 북구 본촌마을길 25 (북구 본촌동 379-4 번지)



shellysalim's picture

The animal shelter in Gwangju, Jeollanam-do has a lot of adorable dogs and cats! :)

shellysalim's picture

I'll get some pictures and make adoption profiles on my next visit,

Ailie's picture

Hi Shelley, if you get some concrete info about a fostering programme I may be able to help - I live in Mokpo. I would also like to come and do some volunteering if it's possible? ^^

shellysalim's picture

Hi Ailie, I'm going there on Wed 13th, I'll ask about the fostering program then,, we have to register on the website to volunteer, and the shelter doesn't allow many volunteers, it's like about 4 persons per day (except Sunday), and the slots are filled up pretty quickly. I go there on Wednesdays, because the Saturdays' slots are always full everytime I try. If you have time on some Wednesdays, we can go together, ^^ But the shelter location is rather remote, it's around 1 hour from Gwangju downtown. Cheers :)

Ailie's picture

Hi Shelly, I would love to come with you on Wednesday but I work every Mon-Fri so it's impossible :-( It would be great to know about the foster program, I know there must be so many Jeollanam-do foreigners who would like to be involved with that...fingers crossed!! ^^

shellysalim's picture

Sorry for verrry late reply >,< I don't think the shelter allows fostering, too bad..

CatLady89's picture

Has anyone gone to this shelter recently? I would really like to visit...