Important Update

Seven years ago this week I flew from Incheon to Toronto with my husband, our dog, and our last Korean foster dog, Scruffy. After seven years of teaching English, we'd just spent a good part of our last week in Daejeon volunteering at Mrs. Jung's first private shelter. We donated our blankets and a laundry machine as we vacated our apartment in Gwanjeo-dong.

This website-- not yet named ARK-- was just over one year old and I worried about how it would continue.

But the number of people interested in helping animals in Korea only kept growing, and the website grew along with it. Still, every time an awesome foster parent or shelter trip coordinator left Korea, I would have the same worry: Who would fill their place?

And each time I learned that even though no one can really replace that person, at the same time, whenever there is a void, someone new arrives and fills it with their own special qualities.

After more than 8 years of managing this website, it's time for me, too, to let go and focus on projects closer to home.... read more