Anseong Animal Shelter

Location: Anseong - 안성

Anseong animal shelter is a no-kill shelter. More about Anseong shelter:

There are 300 dogs and cats managed by one woman.
Adoption fee: for a male dog is generally 70,000 won which includes neutering, heartworm test and etc. For femaies, the cost is 100,000 won which includes spaying. Adoption fee will be donated to Anseong animal shelter

Don't buy adopt only! Adopt from Anseong animal shelter!

If you would like to visit the shelter, please contact Kristie at

Animals Sheltered

  • Cats
  • Dogs (large)
  • Dogs (small)

Getting Involved

Volunteering: Yes
Fostering: No
Donations Needed:
  • Funds
  • Wet dog food
  • Dry dog food
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Grooming supplies

Getting There

Need Appointment to Visit: Yes
Hours of Operation:
10.00 - 17.00

Anseong shelter's address and phone #: 경기도 안성시 미양면 양변리 240-7 (Gyong gi do, Ansung shi, Mi Yang Myun, Yang Byun ri, 240-7), 010 2750 3292 .

How to get there: from Anseong City Bus Terminal 안성 시외버스터미널, it takes about 15 min. & costs about 6000won. Drop off at 일품손짜장 또는 안성기사식당 (name of restaurant) near KeumHwa Apartment. Walk to the opposite way from the restaurants. You'll see the shelter soon.
OR just show this to a taxi driver: "미양면 양변리에 있는 일품손짜장이난 안성기사식당 맞은편에 세워주세요 금화아파트에서 조금만 더 가면 있습니다".

The manager wants to be informed before the visitors're coming. Pls ask your Korean friends to contact the manager before you come (her English isn't really good) or contact us here.