AKCA Associaton of Korea Companion Animals

Shelter Director(s): Ms. Jung Eun Hwa
Location: Incheon - 인천

AKCA is a small no-kill shelter in Incheon area.

How to make an appointment: send in advance a text message to Ms. Jung's phone (010-7487-7006) or give her a call.

In the shelter you can meet other volunteers - most volunteers are high school students.

To foster or adopt from AKCA shelter: ask Ms. Jung for foster/adoption application.

Animals Sheltered

  • Dogs (large)
  • Dogs (small)

Getting Involved

Volunteering: Yes
Fostering: Yes

Getting There

Need Appointment to Visit: Yes
Hours of Operation:
Will update soon.

Shelter address: 인천 남동구 구월동 644-1 미추홀도서관앞 Inchon, Nam Dong Gu, Gu Wall Dong, 644-1 (It is behind the MiChu Hall Library).
How to get to the shelter: take the number one line and get off at Dongam station which is two stops by subway from Bupyeong station. Then, take a taxi (it takes about 15 min. depending on traffic). The fare is about 5,000 won or slightly more depending on traffic, but not more than 6,000 won. Tell the taxi driver to get you to Michuhol Library (미추홀도서관) . Some pretend they don't know so write it down in Korean and show him the address ^^



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I volunteered at AKCA for the first time today. I contacted Ms. Jung (the contact given on this page at this time) on KakaoTalk, and she gave me the number of someone who spoke English. I was told to come on Saturday, because I guess there is someone there on Saturdays who can speak English--she said staff have had trouble communicating with non-Korean volunteers in the past. I wanted to come Fridays, and I speak Korean, so she said that would be fine, then. She said I could come from 9:30-5:30.

Besides the director, there looked to be 2 full-time staff members. I was told there are 80 dogs there, and I THINK she said another 80 currently out in foster homes. There are a few neighborhood cats whom they also feed and let sleep in little cat beds outside, but they really only are a shelter for dogs. Its a collection of small outbuildings. The walls are thin but the buildings are heated.

In the morning, I helped feed the dogs and clean the floors (they mostly just do their thing on the floor, if you know what I mean). Then it was time for lunch. The staff ordered out for lunch, or you can go to the nearby library to eat--or BYO. After lunch I had more time to just spend hanging out with the dogs. Then it was time to feed them again, wash the floors again, and finally, time to go home.

In the beginning, it was really confusing, because I didn't know what was where, or how stuff was done, but by the end I was kind of getting the hang of it, and I had become familiar with some of the dogs' personalities. (Some of the sweetest dogs can be very aggressive when it's food time, so watch out!)

There were two young Korean ladies who came to volunteer in the afternoon only, so it seems like, if you can't make an all-day time commitment, you could come at 1:00 p.m.

The director and staff on Friday indeed did not seem to speak any English (at least they didn't try any on me). I learned some new vocabulary, like the words for "blanket" and "gloves." At first I felt a little like I was intruding on them and getting in their way, but I think it was just because they were busy--they work extremely hard. And by the end of the day, they were very cordial to me.

And of course, bring a set of work clothes AND SOCKS to change into when you get there.

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Thank you for your input! This is so great and helpful!
Are you going there again anytime soon?
Maybe you could take photos of the dogs and post them here?

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You can also take the green 마을 bus #536 from Dongam Station exit #1 to Byeoksa APT stop (벽사APT) (about 25 minutes). Follow the small road (Inju-dae-ro 776 beon-gil) that runs south between the primary school and Michuheol library and you will get to the shelter.

An alternative of going to Dongam station would be to transfer to the Incheon #1 line and get off at Incheon Terminal station or Incheon Art Centre Station (예술회관역 Yesul-hoi-gwan station) and take bus #754 to Byeoksa APT stop as described above.