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Saved from being Beaten

AJ has been adopted by a lovely family with 3 kids. He is being spoiled rotten. He is going to have a very happy life. See pics attached. Thanks again everyone!

Thank you to everyone who donated. Aj is now up for adoption :-)

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Help us stay healthy

Yay! These bundles of joy are all up for adoption. Thank s to everyone who has helped get them here,especially their foster parents!

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Help Grey go home!

*Update: I am HW free, all i need now is a foster home so i can get everything dont to fly home. Please help me!!!


My name is Grey, i have been living at Boeun Animal Sanctuary for over a year now. I cant really remember where i came from but ill keep trying and as soon as i do ill let you know.

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Dragged behind a scooter at 1 month old.

It sickens me to have to write a story like this. Last night i recieved a call to come and help a puppy. I went and found this tiny little white body curled up in a box. He had diarreah and was malnurished. Did not respond to me or food at all. Due to the language barrier i was not able to get his full story. Not until i picked him up this morning to got to the vet.

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