Thandi ~ one of Sandy's pups

Sleeping in odd positions is her specialty! Sleeping in odd positions is her specialty!

Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: White
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
Adoption Status: Adopted

--> Thandi - an African name meaning 'loved one" - is the only white pup from her litter.
She was born along with her 8 other siblings around 27 Feb 2014.
This baby girl might be small but she sure knows how to hold her own when the bigger pups are around.
Thandi is being fostered along with her brother, Gus, and her foster sister, Allie (an older puppy from another litter). She also has a bunny brother, and birdy brother living with her - so it's a FULL HOUSE!
Thandi will be old enough to be adopted from 25 April 2014 (8 weeks old), if you are interested please fill out this application form - - and email it to BOTH the email addresses listed below.

22 April 2014
Thandi had her first visit to the vet the other day - she is perfectly healthy and had her first round of shots as well.
She weighs 3kg and has started to jump and play a lot more than before. She really likes to be near your feet at all times, and she has also become less vocal over the past week.
Hoping that the current pending adoption will all work out perfectly for this sweet girl.

15 April 2014
Thandi is a little love bug. She really likes to be cuddled and still has her snappy little temper when Allie or Baloo try to play with her while she is in cuddle-mode.
Thandi eats a lot less than her brother, and is smaller in size... but not in personality!
She needs a home that will provide lots of care, exercise and cuddles.
Both babies (Baloo and Thandi) are struggling to make it to the pee pad on their own at the moment, but at only 6weeks old, they are forgiven^^ we will keep trying to train them to use the pads.

1 April 2014
Thandi moved to our house last night and has been a roly-poly bubble of fuzz since the moment she arrived. She is still very young, so very wobbly on her feet, but that doesn't stop her from missioning around the house. Often she gets kinda confused about how to work her legs, so she just sits there and looks dazed. Allie (4month old foster pup) really loves to try and play with her. When Thandi is not in the mood she has NO problem letting Allie know... this little fluff-ball has attitude!!
Thandi is tiny and all white, looking very much like a miniature polar bear at the moment. She sleeps and eats well, and loves to cuddle. They are still on formula milk, but no longer need to drink from the bottle, they prefer to lap it up (and roll in it) - and have even attempted to munch on soaked starter kibble. Both babies are using the pee pad in their crate, which is very impressive, and we hope it's a habit that sticks!

--> please help with the fundraiser for Thandi's mommy, Sandy (one of the Asan shelter dogs, who has yet to be adopted) and her 8 siblings... rescuing 9 puppies and an adult dog is not an easy or cheap task and every bit of help is HUGELY appreciated! -

Adoption Fee: ₩150,000
Location: Anyang - 안양
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


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who's the puppy is picture 8,9, & 13? Is that Allie?

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Yes that's Allie :) Sweetheart isn't she.