Baloo ~ one of Sandy's pups

Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Golden
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
Adoption Status: Adopted

--> Baloo - named after the carefree bear - is a tubby little golden pup from a litter of 9.
He was born around 27 Feb 2014, and is a very loving, affectionate little boy.
Baloo is being fostered along with his sister, Thandi, and his foster sister, Allie (an older puppy from another litter). He also has a bunny brother, and birdy brother living with him - so it's a FULL HOUSE!
Baloo will be old enough to be adopted from 25 April 2014 (8 weeks old), if you are interested please fill out this application form - - and email it to BOTH the email addresses listed below.

22 April 2014
This little BIG boy weighs 4kg already and is very very playful.
He is bouncing around the house and loves to get cuddles and tummy tickles.
The vet gave him his first round of shots and he is perfectly healthy - fit for a family that's going to spoil him and love him forever... Chances are this pup will become a pretty big, strong boy when he is fully grown.

15 April 2014
Baloo is going to be a big boy. He loves to eat and he is already quite a bit heavier than his little sister, Thandi.
He is very affectionate and likes to be with the other pups, but is also very independent and doesn't mind sleeping alone.
He cries a little to let you know when he needs your attention at night, but for the most part this is getting better.
Both Baloo and his sister are not yet fully understanding the pee pad idea, but they are working on it, and hopefully soon they will make it to the pee pad in time. At a littler over 6 weeks old they are both doing very well.

1 April 2014
This little boy loves to eat. He has a round little belly, and by the looks of things it will get rounder, quite quickly, if he has any say in it. He is adorably good-looking, with a golden coat and darker edges on his tiny floppy ears.
Baloo is better at walking than his sister, Thandi, but they both wobble around, and when standing for too long his legs get tired and start to spread out... it's quite the predicament for him when this happens. He is less vocal than his little sister, and doesn't mind it as much when Allie (4month old foster pup) tumbles around and knocks him about.
He sleeps and eats well, and loves to cuddle up to your neck. Both Baloo and Thandi are still on formula milk, but no longer need to drink from the bottle, they prefer to lap it up (and roll in it) - and have even attempted to munch on soaked starter kibble. Both babies are using the pee pad in their crate, which is very impressive, and we hope it's a habit that sticks!

--> please help with the fundraiser for Baloo's mommy, Sandy (one of the Asan shelter dogs, who has yet to be adopted) and his 8 siblings... rescuing 9 puppies and an adult dog is not an easy or cheap task and every bit of help is HUGELY appreciated! -

Adoption Fee: ₩150,000
Location: Anyang - 안양
Living Situation: In foster care