Dunkan the Cocker Spaniel: in urgent need of help!!!


DUNKAN's RESCUE STORY: In early summer 2011 the group of dogs was rescued from a hoarding situation. Some females were pregnant. All dogs were sick, dirty and hungry. Dunkan was one of them - almost bold, horrible skin infection, horrible eye infection, very skinny (ribs, ribs, ribs)...

Animal's current location: Bundang city
Adoption listing: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/dog/632
Contact information: [email protected]

Treatments given:
Dunkan was brought to the vet on Sunday, Feb, 5th, 2012. Since then he was neutered, his cherry-eye was fixed, he was tested for heartworms (+ X-ray to see what stage), he is receiving treatment for his skin and ears.

Treatments needed:
- Heart worm treatment (stage 1)
- Vaccinations (just a boost).

Fundraising goal:
350.000 won to pay for his heartworm treatment + permanent home


  1. help to collect funds for his heartworm treatment (350.000 won)
  2. help to find Dunkan his forever home!

If you would like to help, here's all info you need: 1002-240-455293 (Wooribank, Park Hyun Joo). No help is too small!

Thank you!!!

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Dunkan. Summer 2011.

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Dunkan. Feb, 5th, 2012.

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+ 50.000 won from Semi and Blackberry.

Need to raise: 150.000 won (for Dunkan's current stay at the vet) + 450.000 won (for his heart worm treatment).

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+ 50.000 won from Mary M. Thank you very much!

Need to raise: 100.000 won (for Dunkan's current stay at the vet) + 450.000 won (for his heart worm treatment).

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Sofia, Im going to send money now to mr. Park's account. Please let us know when you get it. Kieran, dairin and Isu

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Hello Kieran, Dairin and Isu! Thank you for helping! Did you send your donation to 1002-240-455293 (Wooribank)? I'll ask person in charge of this account to check and will update you asap (this isn't Mr. Park's, shelter manager's account - this is our group's account)!

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+ 50.000 won from Kieran, Dairin and Isu. Thank you, guys!

Need to raise: 50.000 won (for Dunkan's current stay at the vet) + 450.000 won (for his heart worm treatment).

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Is this the spaniel that was on top of the hill in a cage by himself at Asan??

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Yes, it is. He's a very sweet guy, and I sure hope he's able to overcome his illnesses.

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Ahhh I love this dog! He is sooo sweet, and just wants to play and cuddle. I really wish I could foster him, but I don't think I could do two dogs at once.

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Please consider helping Dunkan.
He deserves.

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+ 100.000 won from Jessica W.! Thank you, Jessica!

We completed one of our goals - we raised 200.000 won to pay Dunkan's currant vet bill!
Thank you everyone!!!

Now our goal is to raise 450.000 won for Dunkan's heart worm treatment.
Raised: 50.000 won.
Need to raise: 400.000 won.

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+ 50.000 won from Mark J.! Thank you, Mark!

Raised: 100.000 won.
Need to raise: 350.000 won.

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+ 30.000 won from Rachel M.! Thank you, Rachel!

Raised: 130.000 won.
Need to raise: 320.000 won.

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+100.000 won from Jessica W.'s mother! THANK YOU!!!

Raised: 230.000 won.
Need to raise: 225.000 won.

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Just transferred some money to the ARK account. Please let me know when you get it.

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Just to clarify, ARK does not have a bank account and doesn't collect money. This money is being raised independently, but thank you for helping Duncan!

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+ 25.000 won from Elizabeth! Thank you, Elizabeth!!!

Raised: 255.000 won
Need to raise: 200.000 won.

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--------- UPDATED ---------

I have 1 good news and 1 not that good news.

Good news: on the 18th of Feb Dunkan was moved to a foster home in Bundang. Thank you, Mary!

Not good news: New vet will charge 630.000 won for heart worm treatment (because Dunkan weights 14kg) what means that we need 350.000 won more.

OUR GOAL NOW is to raise 350.000 won and to find a permanent home for Dunkan.

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+ 70.000 won from anonymous donator. Thank you!

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Sofia, do you have pay pal account set up to send money to? I do not use the Korean Banking system :(

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Thank you! Yes, we have paypal account.
Could you please e-mail me at [email protected]? I'll put you in contact with paypal account holder.

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+ 85.000 won from Bull. Thank you very much!

We need to raise just 121.000 won more.

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+ 50.000 won from Ada S.! Thank you, Ada!

We need to raise 61.000 won!!!

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+ 100.000 won from Donald V.! Thank you very much Donald for your kind donation!

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Dear friends,
thank you very much! Thank you for your trust, support, understanding.
Thank you for loving DOGS!

Dunkan and his team

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Thank you all for making a difference in Dunkan's life!

Thank you for helping us help him!

THANK YOU to everyone who donates or sends us emails.
Bless you for helping!

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If you are interested in adopting Dunkan, please fill out the pet adoption application and e-mail it to us ([email protected]). Thank you!
Adoption application: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/adoption-application

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Such great news!! Thank you Mary for fostering him. Crikey - your house looks even more chaotic than mine! You're an angel!