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Help Patches, Berry and Nori get healthy!

2012/12/3: Dear all,
Thank you so much for your encouragement and support. We have reached our goal! Berry has been adopted by a very nice human, and is now Zazie. Nori and Patches are still waiting, but both are very healthy and with a lot of personality! Thank you again for helping to make this possible. We all appreciate it. :)

Humans + Berry (Zazie), Nori & Patches

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Paws and Socks Need Some Shots!

6/11/2013: Paws and Socks were adopted, so their new human/s have the responsibility of getting them spayed and up-to-date on vaccinations. We did receive some donations, thank you to those who donated.

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How to persuade a landlord to allow dogs?

My landlord is a pretty chill woman. At least, that's what I gather, since she speaks only Korean, and I speak English with a smattering of Korean words (spicy, yes/no, it's raining, etc....)

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Loving our Korean co-rescuers

People involved in animal rescue are, on a whole, loving and caring people. Most of our efforts and affections are directed at the animals that we rescue, as it should be. Today, though, something of a revelation came to me. Our Korean rescue counterparts are appreciated, to be sure, but do we show that we appreciate them enough?

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