How to persuade a landlord to allow dogs?

My landlord is a pretty chill woman. At least, that's what I gather, since she speaks only Korean, and I speak English with a smattering of Korean words (spicy, yes/no, it's raining, etc....)

So how can I find out if my landlord allows dogs? My company has a somewhat strict "no animals" rule, which is legitimate. I reason that they have it because of the landlords, so I'd rather just bypass the middleman (since they might just bullshit me anyway) and go to the source. I already have four rats and a hedgehog, which is *probably* okay, since they're caged.

That having been said, the landlady (more specific) lives in the building (I think...). There's also a very cozy indoor/outdoor rabbit living on the roof....

How can I find out? Just grab a Korean friend? Is there a good way I can sweeten her up without making it too obvious? I do genuinely like her. And if she still says, "Sorry, no dogs, period" will that cause ill-will if she finds my rats/hedgie? Lastly, a Korean friend said I should probably seek her permission about the living-in-cages animals, just to be sure. If she says yes to them, will I be asking too much if I pursue the dog situation? If she said "yes" I would seriously bring this woman a home-cooked meal regularly.

So yeah. There's my question is all its branches. Advice, experiences, stories, and anything else you'd like to add would be grand.

Thank you!

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Hey Megs, I think just keep asking kindly. Maybe buy a food gift for your landlord. If you feel confident, ask her to come to your apartment and show her your pets when you give the food gift. Show you're a good pet guardian and tenant. Maybe show her a photo of the dog you're interested in. If she says no, maybe ask a Korean friend to double check that you fully understood each other - have them call the landlady and say, "Sorry, she really wants a dog, so she just wants to understand the rules for sure. Is there anything she can do to have a dog?" Be kind and persuasive. Be persistent, but not hounding. Give a gift or two, and show how great a tenant you are. I wish you the best of luck! I hope she relents ^^ If you are allowed a dog, just continue to work on your relationship with her and ensure the dog is well behaved. Should you encounter any issues then, please use this article as a guide. Hope it helps!