Jock the great

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Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: White
  • Special needs

My name is Jock. Here is my story:

I am living in foster care with a loving stay at home mum whos s giving me all the love and carei need but need a forever home. I dont want to live here and bond and then move again. I have had such a traumatic start to life that i need a place and family to call my own.

I have the 100% all clear from the vet. I only have low muscle tone but thats cause i am a baby and havent had the chance to do anything yet. My legs look bandy but that will change when i get some meat on my bones and do some exercise. It will come...

I will only go to a family that has lots of free time to help me (doesnt mean you need tobe home with me all day but i dont want to be alone for the WHOLE day) I need extra TLC to get life because i deserve it, and that will take an extra special person. Acctually i am extra special because i have 6 toes on my 3 paws. Awesome.

*Update 20th Sep, today i waddled out of the room and went to see what i could get up to. I have cute little back legs that waddle. I wagged my tail sooooo much today when i got a visitor.

* I am at my new foster home now. I went in the carrier yesterday and didnt make a peep (well i did in the beginning but that was such a good sign cause it means i am becoming a regular little doggy) Please think of me ;o)


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Today i wagged my tail!! I am looking for my special family. Please open your heart to me i promise i will make you very happy. I will not be a very big doggy, maybe like a maltese size. Im waiting...

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I have someone interested in me. YAY. Hold thumbs she is my person!

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Oh, I hope this adoption works out. What a heartbreaking story :(

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Good luck, Jock!!! :)

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Thanks everyone. he is doing so well.He stood up and wagged his tail and even had a chew on my finger. He is really feeling so much better. Ill keep you posted.

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Yaaayy!! I love waggy tails!!!!

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:(Jock is still avaliable. His home fell through. Please think of him.

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Jock went to hisnew foster home yesterday where he has a stay at home mum that can give him all the loveand attention he needs to become a great little doggy that trusts and loves! He is still up for adoption so if you think you have a great big place in your heart for this little champ please email me the adoption application.

In his new foster home.On his way to meet new foster mumLook at me! Im sitting up...
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WONDERFUL news! The foster family that is taking careof Jock has decided to adopt him. Such a fantastic dening to this little guys poopy start. Thanks to everyone who has been thinking of him. Only good things ahead...

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Awesome news and I learned again everything happens for a reason !
I wish Jock the best future and a lot of happiness for his adopting family . Hope we will still get some updates of that little fighter. :-)

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Hello everyone. I heard last night that our little Jock passed away. He was at the vet being treated for constipation, he has swolled a colon full of stones and it is believed that the may have damaged it and then with the constipation he got an infection and was too young to fight it.

He was really loved and spoilt in his last few days so we can be so thankful for that. His adoptive family are heart broken but thank you so much to them for doing their absoulte best for him and giving him a little taste of what his life would/should have been like. Atlease he is in a better place now. RIP Jock!

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Aw, so sorry to hear about Jock but SO HAPPY that he found a home with people who loved him in his last days! Think how much more sad it would have been if he had died without that love! Bye, Jock.

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sympathy goes out to jock's loving family. R.I.Puppy Heaven, sweet boy. You deserve the very best.

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OMG, I am feeling so sorry for his family, I am crying. R.I.P. Jock, we will miss you. Your death is one more reason to fight for the rights of an animal in this country!

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Oh no!! I'm so sorry to hear this! Condolences to Jock's family and much appreciation to those who showed him such great kindness in his short life.