Boeun Animal Sanctuary - CLOSED

Shelter Director(s): Sunnan Kum
Location: Boeun - 보은군
UPDATE SUMMER 2013: The Boeun Sanctuary has permanently closed its doors. All animals have been moved to an animal shelter in Pohang. Photos of the move can be viewed in the "KAPS Boeun Move" gallery on the KAPS' Facebook page. To learn more about KAPS' two other shelters & its beginnings, please see: KAPS Daegu.

Original Description:
Boeun Animal Sanctuary is one of the three KAPS shelters. It was opened in 2007, houses up to almost 60 big and small dogs in a countryside setting with mountains and a reservoir as the backdrop, its a place where our lost and abandoned friends can come and live. At the moment it has all kinds of breeds from mixed to Huskis, Malamutes, Pyreneses, Retrievers, Grey Hound, Jindo, Labrador, and many more. We also have some rescued cats that are there temporarily until they can be adopted or fostered.

The shelter is managed by Mr Yang and his family. It has one part-time volunteer, Michelle van Minnen, who oversees the adoptions and fosters from there as well as organising trips/visits.

While these animals all come from sad pasts, we can help make their future bright by volunteering our time and resources to help the animals of KAPS. KAPS is thankful for all their volunteers and would love if you would like to join our team! If you are interested please feel free to join KAPS' Facebook page and/or contact KAPS.Volunteering (at) about how you can get more involved.

Boeun houses many very special friends, but it's important to remember that they have all been there for a long time and have special needs. They all need a lot of attention, training and patience. We have a new policy to ensure a successful adoption, please enquire if you are interested. If you would like to come meet any of our furry residents please do not hesitate in contacting me.

A fun day out with them does you both a world of good, you get to see a new part of Korea, be in nature and give a dog a break from his enclosure and some much needed and deserved TLC.

Animals Sheltered

  • Cats
  • Dogs (large)
  • Dogs (small)


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Hello everyone. We will be having a "bath-a-doggy-day" on the 14 of October. Please see the FB page if you are interested in joining. Hope to see you there!!/events/470526919...

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All of us at Boeun are SOoOoOoO happy that Boots is home. We all hope we can have such a loving and incredible mom like he has. No more running away Boots!!