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Blue wooed the kids right off the bat!catching the mouseBlue watching a videoPaint for cats!snug as a bug in a runCuddling with Jellybean Blue smack dab in the middle of the dog pile!

Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Male
Breed: Russian Blue
Colour: Grey
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

March 17, 2012 Blue was adopted today! He will soon have his own proverbial passport to fill up as he bashes around the world with his international traveling family!

His mom writes:

After an epic train ride home, Blue is settling in well. Our cat, Zoey, is his shadow right now with a few hisses thrown in; however, Blue is completely unfazed by her. He is exploring everything, eating well, using the litter box, playing, snuggling, and giving a tremendous amount of kisses!

Thank you so much for taking the extra time to communicate with us and invite us into your home. Blue is wonderful, and we are so happy! I'll keep you updated! Again, thank you for caring for Blue...he is such a sociable and friendly kitten because of your hard work and love!

Yes that is right, Blue likes to hang out on your shoulder. Whether you are driving, at the vets, reading on the iPad, or doing chores...Blue wants to hop right up there and go with you.

Blue came to us under odd circumstances. Anyone that knows me knows I have a promise to keep to my husband. The max foster animals we can have at once is one cat and two dogs...well I kind of got to hasty and brought him home from KAPS before Jellybean was adopted.

At KAPS he was sneezing up a storm and had loads of gunk in his eyes. He kept wanting the manager to just hold him all day to comfort him thru his sickness. We loaded him up and brought him home where he now has been able to ovrcome his cold.

Blue's cold is now over and he is really warming up to the other foster animals. Casey loves playing with him and chasing around the house, which is natural as they are the two youngest right now:
He loves to pounce on Jellybean and my shiggy as they are the next in age. And Peanut and Julie well he cuddles with them:

He likes to sleep on your pillow at night, play "paint for cats" on the ipad, completely litter trained and loves to cuddle.

I hope you can find it in your heart to adopt this lil Russian :D

Adoption Fee: ₩75,000
Location: Daegu - 대구
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: KAPS: Daegu


LyssQ's picture

I know he likes to sit on your shoulder while you do things, but is he pretty independent overall, or does he need constant attention? I really like animals with personality, but I work 9-6 so he'd be home alone for quite a bit of time. Would he be ok with that?

adoptbullies's picture

Trust me at my house you have to be independent! We have four dogs and three cats with only two humans to go around. So yeah he is pretty independent. He is still a kitten, so just like a human baby he is going to crave more attention right now than a year from now. And he is going to want a chance to play etc.

He is not having to have his prescription eye drops 16 times a day anymore, so I imagine with all animals he too will pick up on any schedule and adjust--probably sleeping when you are gone, and excited when you return. BTW we also work full time too, so he has adjusted ^^

clare_bell's picture

WOnderful news!! Congratulations to all of you!! Love the pics :)

adoptbullies's picture

I almost need an arrow in the first picture to point out Blue as he is hidden against the dark clothing!

annemariew's picture

So glad you found a cat you love. Please tell Emma thanks for all her hard work at the shelter, and thanks again for your commitment to choosing a rescue animal.

adoptbullies's picture

Thanks for the encouragement Annemariew. But I am not Emma, nor did I adopt Blue. We rescued him out of KAPS shelter and fostered him. His new family is the one in the picture. I will pass your well wishes along to his forever family. ~

kmwg19's picture

Blue's adopters send an update to KAPS recently. They shared,

"Our kitten, [whom] we named Porter Blue, is doing extremely well! He has grown so HUGE! We absolutely love him, and he gets along very well with our other cat. Medically speaking, Blue has been neutered and dewormed and is current on all his vaccinations. We just wanted to express our gratitude to the services offered by KAPS... we are so happy to have found a loving, healthy, well-cared-for-in-foster-care kitten. Blue has such a terrific personality... he is loving, curious, active, and loving!"

What a great update! Thank you adoptbullies for all your hard work with fostering Porter Blue. If anyone is interested in fostering for KAPS, please contact us at KAPS.Fostering (at)!