Casey is the best pup for photo fun!Casey is looking for you~snuggle pals Casey enjoying bed time with the others.

Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Male
Breed: Corgi (Cardigan Welsh) / Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Brown & White
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

June 25 Update:
Casey has been adopted. Blog post about his travels to Canada coming soon!
Recently, Casey has had about 5 or so interest but everytime I email someone back the first time, I dont get a response. I am afraid my emails are not getting to people. So if you inquired about Casey but have not received a reply email, then please call: 010-8448-6944. I have responded to everyone that has emailed me about Casey, so I need to know if you are not receiving the emails.

These days Casey enjoys chilling outside on the roof. In the evenings we will go up there to enjoy the nice summer breeze and Casey enjoys running around, relaxing, listening to the noises from the other apartments and overall just enjoys being outside. Casey is still available!
June 2, 2012
Casey is a fun loving guy looking for a rock star family. Message me today to find out how awesome Casey will fit into your adventurous days!
May 24, 2012
Could have been Boshintang, dog meat soup...

Summer time is rolling around the corner and I still think about the day I rescued Casey off the streets. I hate to think about it but I consider how easily he could have wound up as Boshintang. Especially consider the boshintang restaurant in our neighborhood. He is so intelligent and so lovable that its hard to believe that he could have been tortured for mythological power soup. Like all dogs he deserves a family.

Wont you complete his journey by giving him a forever family?
May 9, 2012
Please consider Casey as your family's forever pet. He is a fun loving, sensitive guy that loves to hang out, play fetch, go for walks, and be part of the pack. He gets along great with smaller or younger dogs, does fine with cats and is great around children!

If you would like to meet this fabulous puppy, 6 months old, potty trained ball of fun please email me asap at [email protected]!
May 6, 2012
******New Releases ******
Starring Casey the Captivating Pup...

*THE WATER GAMES: Casey has to battle the kitty for a drink a water, who will win?!
*SIT! Can he do it; has he mastered this command???

Bet you can't you resist such a face! ( view video below in the comments section ^^)
April 23, 2012
April 19, 2012 He is absolutely amazing with children!!! I cant believe how good he is with young ones and older ones. He is so delighted to hear the sounds of children playing, his whole body wags back and forth. And when they allow him to "hug" them oh the joyful squeals that he and the children let out. Would love to find this sweet boy a family to love!

Oh and he is now 100% potty trained! He weighs 9.8 kg now. Our boy is growing up, do you have a son or daughter he could grow up with? Or are you the adventurous type that likes to camp and go to the beach on the weekend? If so, Casey is your man! He is def a go-dog!

He finished his vaccines last night and has had his frontline and heartguard this month! Squeaky clean health~
Casey is a sweet puppy looking for a home asap. He loves family and thrives on companionship. He is looking to be a long time loyal companion to someone who will think the world of him.

Casey loves comfort. We found him ramblin our streets about two months ago, we gave it a week and half to see if anyone would claim him and no one ever did. Finally on a very cold wet and snowy day he followed our friend from the bus stop to our house. We had talked about trying to capture him and fostering him because he was almost hit a few times by cars passing by too fast, and by children throwing rocks. The restaurant near our house would feed him scraps that got him by. So when he showed up at our door, we decided that was a sign.

We have notified local vets and local businesses, including a prominent one in our neighborhood that the dog they saw roaming around was now with us. And asked anyone who may know the owners to contact us. So far, in about 5 weeks no one as claimed him. We decided it was time to start his profile.

Casey quickly took to the apartment and has adjusted very well. He is about 90% potty trained; he only has an accident thru the night, never in his kennel, or when we are home and awake. We are currently kennel training him in order to avoid chewing or other undesirable behaviors while we are gone to work. In the mornings he has learned that when all the other old folks, including old animal folks are asleep to get his Nylabone and chew on it for awhile. Eventually he will fall back to sleep with all of us.

He sleeps on a bed near our bed through out the night.
He does well with the cats, even learning to play with them appropriately.
He LOVES to go and to go outside. Although currently he gets care sick. So we are working on this by slowly adjusting to longer and longer car rides. He has only had one bad case of sickness and thankfully the car washes have high power vacuum cleaners ;)
He eats incredibly slow. Goes to the bathroom really quick, and loves to play.

If you would like to add an incredible little baby to your family, please contact asap. I always prefer for the little ones to get settled as soon as possible into their forever families.

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Daegu - 대구
Living Situation: In foster care


angela's picture

look at that nose!!!!
I hope he finds a warm, loving home.

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thanks angela! Make sure to crosspost his listing, he is such an adorable pup!

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How long does the application review take? I want Casey as a part of my family!! :)

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The process largely depends on the applicant. Typically the order of things are:
1). Submit your application.
2). Generally within 5-7 days my husband and I are able to get back with you thru email with follow-up questions to your application. (please keep in mind that we also work full time) This is like an e-interview. These questions are designed to get to know you more and your desire in an adopted pet. We hope by doing so we can increase your satisfaction with adoption, and in return you will offer a lifetime commitment to the animal.
3). You send a reply back to the e-interview followup questions. (Typically this is the fluctuating time frame, if you take a day to get back with us then it obviously shortens the time frame tremendously, if you take a week and a half to get back with us then it extends the adoption process time. In addition, your research and the thoroughness of each answer will also help to shorten the adoption process.)
4). From there if everything looks good, and we believe Casey may be a good match for your family dynamics then we will schedule a full family meeting. (again the sooner and the faster we can agree on a time to meet, the faster the adoption process)
5). At the meeting, if we all agree that Casey is a good match, and a lifetime commitment can be made then we can finalize the adoption the same day.

On a side note, Casey does amazing around children! We have a kindergarten down from our house and one day he was surrounded by 6 children. And he went to each one giving hugs and kisses. He didnt even scare any of them and for Korea that is a feat ;) Hope to get your application this week!

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The Water Games

This soft hearted pup just doesn't know how to quench his thirst with such a ferocious kitty around!
From the other room I hear quite a few whines and when I peak around the corner I find lil Casey terrified of my cat, Katie. Every time he goes near she gives a warning swipe to say stay away, this is enough to keep Casey suspended battling his thirst!

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Cute! But I think poor Casey deserves her own water dish :*(

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Check out Casey's mad skillz!

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Recently, Casey has had about 5 or so interest but everytime I email someone back the first time, I dont get a response. I am afraid my emails are not getting to people. So if you inquired about Casey but have not received a reply email, then please call: 010-8448-6944. I have responded to everyone that has emailed me about Casey, so I need to know if you are not receiving the emails.

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Yay! Casey has his family. :)