All mohawked up!The many faces of Peanut!Peanut

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Shih Tzu / Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown & White
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
  • Special needs
Adoption Status: Adopted

June 8th: It is official Peanut has adopted my husband! We will go to the shelter soon to finalize the deal.
This past weekend he got a chance to hang out with a 6 year old and he did amazing! SOmthing we were afraid of. Turns out his grumpy demeanor tours puppies is more a protective front! He follows the hamster around in his wheel making sure that he doesnt get hurt, and if the wheel stops, Peanut lays down watching over him.

We are happy to make Peanut a part of our picture coming soon :D

April 19, 2012: Peanut is still doing good, and looking for that special someone without young children ;) Such a grand loyal, lovely guy!
When Peanut was taken from the shelter and into foster care, the whole right side of his body didn't work - both legs sort of dragged behind him. He did not have any broken bones, hinting that it probably wasn't a car accident... His first vet visit he was diagnosed with "something neurological" and prescribed medicine. Since that time, Peanut has drastically improved and is now running to his food bowl and playing with other pups in his foster's home. From the start he has been an positive, absolute wonderful darling! He has a face that just screams 'Pet me! Love me! I love you!' and his actions do the same.

If you feel interested in Peanut and helping his cause, please donate to his vetting. Thank you!

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Daegu - 대구
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: KAPS: Daegu


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So here are a few before and after videos.

AFTER: (he loves to hike and run)

Peanut is naturally remarkable. He is so intelligent, and friendly. Still not sure what was wrong with his legs, but after about 3-4 weeks of medicine he hasnt had a problem since. He walks a bit crooked but I think it is an endearing trait. please consider this remarkable boy. He was one day away from being euthanized because the shelter didnt think they could help him. I gave him a chance to live, now we are hoping you give him a chance to have a real family and life. ~

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Peanut is still available!

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Hows Peanut doing??

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Peanut is trucking along. He is pretty much completely normal functioning. Great lil fellow that enjoys hanging out, going for walks, the occasional sprint, and paying gentle tug and war. Oh and he loves loves belly rubs, he just melts a way with a belly rub.

Peanut is still available for adoption. He will not do well in a home with small children as noisy/chaotic environments overwhelms him. He does well with other animals, but doesnt prefer the high energy of puppies. He is def a go dog, loves new places, and loves to explore. In the house though, he is calm and enjoys hanging out by your feet. He will never be a lap dog or even an over the top snuggler, but he just likes to know you are near, and isnt a dog that must touch you all the time.

The most endearing thing about Peanut is his welcoming you home after work. He immediately brings you a toy, walks in casual circles, trying to play "keep away" then eventually will start trying to touch your foot with his face. Once you acknowledge him, pull at his toy, he is content :D

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Peanut is the Featured Foster in KAPS' 2011 Newsletter! Keep your eyes peeled for it soon and Peanut's feature ^^

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I can't believe I haven't seen Peanut's profile before! You're an absolute angel for rescuing him, he looks like such a bundle of joy. I also can't believe how well he walks...I wish Richie (Tux) could walk like that!

I'll ask my vet if he has any acupunture connections in Daegu. Maybe there's a list of registered vets who practice it? Worth a shot. It would certainly be beneficial :)

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aww thanks Clare. Really I must say though I hadnt even noticed him much until some Korean volunteers took him out of the cage. I wasnt sure if they were trying to help him (as they had coordinated outfits, so I thought maybe they were from the vet school) or if they were just curious.

After they left and Peanut was left behind I asked thru gestures...and the manager pretty much said there was lil they could do for him and he would probably be put down on Monday, that day was Sunday. It just so happened I had an experience foster home open up the day before. She had been with me from the start of my foster coordinating days and she had evolved from a "I wanna help, but not too much, do you have an easy animal?" to more of a involved not scared to take on hard cases foster mom. So I called her up and she wasnt scared at all and said bring him on over. The vet appt the next day revealed nothing....went home with medicine and within a short time he was walking normal! And runs, boy does he ever run!

When he runs its like he is screaming "FFFRREEEEDDDOOOOOOOMM" ...I have got to get him running to me on video!

Actually, our acupuncturist use to work in Seoul and as done pet acupuncture. And she said she would do Peanut, the only problem is we dont know where to get that table thingy. Wasnt Richie strapped down during his session? That is the only way Peanut would allow us to do anything though.

Peanut, is so loyal it is unbelievable. We had to move him from his first foster home after he started having some separation anxiety. And I think he may still have some now, but he is learning to stay calm when we are gone. Well, shortly after moving him to our home, he attached to my husband right away! If he takes the grabage out, Peanut is laying at the door waiting for him to come back. Or if he is sitting watching tv Peanut is either at his feet or next to him getting a belly rub!

He is such a the end I wasnt the angel, it was someone bigger that lined up all the stars that day. I probably would have never seen him if it wasnt for the volunteers, and I couldnt have pull him out if I didnt have a foster home open. Really he is the angel~

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I was just wondering how is Peanuts condition these days? Good or bad??

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Peanut is perfect. He has a few quirks to his personality but as far as his legs goes he is great! He's a very kind and loyal boy :)

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I'm glad he is doing so much better!! When I saw the first video it broke my heart!! Honestly my husband and I, adopted a dog this last year, named Sparkles from Asan animal shelter. We have grown to love him so much, but noticed he is a little lonely. We are considering adopting a little brother for him. I have been looking at Peanut as a potential. The only thing is I'm trying to get a new job in Bucheon, Korea where my husband's job and family are. We hope to move there in August, but we aren't sure 100%, After we get settled in our new home we would love to adopt a new dog to love and for our dog sparkles. As far as I'm concerned Peanut looks like a great candidate. Would we have to do any medical treatments for him in the future for his legs or any other aliments he has. Let us know ^,^ He is so cute!!

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Well, I am not sure about the future, to answer quite honestly and simply. The reason is we never got a diagnosis for his legs, we tried but the vets just dont know. And without any history on him it is hard to even guess.

What we do know is he has not had any relapses and I really do think that acupuncture would help him like it did Richie: But in Daegu I have yet to find anyone :/ He walks just fine, he limps just a bit, really just a bit. You really only notice it in the morning when he circles the bed to let us know he is ready to go outside...his back gimpy paw drags ever so slightly so it makes a noise against the floor LOL

From time to time, he seems to get a "kink" in it at night, when this happens his leg is more prostrate than normal--like its not able to relax. I will sit next to his bed and rub it for a few minutes, losing up the muscles...this seems to help it relax and soon it is resting as it normally would.

Peanut has the personality of a grandfather, and what I mean by that is he likes to "grandfather" the other dogs in the house. If one is too noisy, he will tell them to quite down, if one of them is pestering the other dog too much he will tell the pest to stop. He isnt aggressive, but he can "sound" that way to someone that doesnt understand his personality and intentions. The other dogs in the house respect him and know that he isnt being aggressive.

My yorkie and him get a long with no problem, but Casey (he is listed on ARK too) is too young for Peanut's taste ;) So peanut is always correcting Casey and telling him how to act. ^^ With that said, Peanut likes other dogs, and from time to time will play with Shiggy, our yorkie, but for the most part he isnt (at least in my house, maybe if the the right dog came along) the best friend companion dog that will play with another K9 all the time.

To be honest, I get the feeling that he doesnt know how to play or how to play with others. Its like he never had the opportunity. I DONT KNOW his history, but someone suggested that he may have been raised on a meat farm and that his nerve damage could have resulted from being crammed into a cage and yanked out. I actually could see this being a possible scenario for him just because he doesnt know how to be a dog. He is much better than in the beginning, and like all K9's he just melts at attention. But Peanut REALLY REALLY melts, I mean he gets weak in the knees and just falls over on his back so you can continue to rub is belly...I gotta get a video! So, he will be a very good loyal companion for a person, but I am not so sure about a K9 companion. He is fine with them, and he may not have found his best friend yet...but at my house he hasnt really showed these characteristics. He did take a very keen interest in two different kittens I have brought home, so I think the potential is there.

Anyhow, I like to be honest with my adopters when they share with me their desires in a pet...i think this helps to find the right forever home. Peanut is a special boy, he has many wonderful attributes but along with that he has some melting into peanut butter when you pet him, or his leg dragging at 6am, or his nervousness when you touch his lower back. But all in all he is such a sweet boy, he just needs someone that understands his awesomeness ;)

In the end, I would be glad to try but I want you to know Peanut may or may not be the best-friend for your Sparkles you are looking for...but we can try when the time comes ;)

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Haha it funny you say peanut is a grandfather because honestly so is Sparkles, he eats sleeps and sleeps some more. He loves going for walks. ^,^ Sparkles hardly ever barks unless he is excited or he hears someone outside the door and then he does. He also like to do a little dance when we come home. It cracks me up. He also talks by grunts and snuffs it really cute.

We understand completely about peanut maybe or may not be good for Sparkles, we would like to try and see if they can be friends. I think Sparkles too had a rough past and when we first got him he was petrified of my husband, but now they are best buddies...maybe male abuse before?? Anyways when the time comes and of no on adore him we would love to try. Thank you for you honesty if we do adopt and they get along it would definitely be a forever home for him!! Thanks again

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Sorry I meant to say "Anyways when the time comes, if no one has adopted him and he gets along with Sparkles, we would love to try and adopt him." This is our Sparkles, this was after he was groomed. I thought it was quite interesting they put a bow and pink cheeks on him, when he is a boy, but too cute. Just so Peanut and you guys can see!! We will be in contact!!

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Sparkles is really adorable and he looks so HAPPY in this picture! Esp compared to his originals

To be personal and honest, my husband and I have contemplated adopting peanut ourselves because he is such a sweet boy and really we just want to "protect" him, you know? Because with his quirks we are afraid that others may not "get him" and might not appreciate his strange side ^^ thus rehoming him in a few years. In addition, we are hoping for children in the next few years and this concerns me a bit. I dont think Peanut would be good with children BUT I have never had him around them. Loud noises or sudden energy/volume change makes him uneasy for a few seconds. During these seconds, usually related to the other dogs, he will "correct" them by making a large quick bark and standing over them. If they persist he will nip at them---which all of this is fine between doggies (because it is non-aggressive doggie communication) but if he tried to correct a child it would create a problem. Therefore, I dont feel like we would be his best option.

Anyhow, when the time comes you know where to find us! Right now I am still elated that someone has taken an interest in him because he really is that great of a dog!

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As cute as Peanut is, actually now that you say that concern about him with children, does concern me because my husband and I also want children in the next 1-2 years. I mean we could definitely see how it goes. But that does make me think some about peanut possibly mistaking the baby crying and nip to quiet the situation. Hmm well we will definitely think and pray about it. Thank you for always being honest with us!!

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Yeah, its not ideal and it will take time to find his perfect forever home, but it will come. The baby/kid thing is something we will def discuss with all potential adopters. It is good to consider it now.

Now I should say, he may very well do ok around children, but right now I have not had the chance to test him and go only observe his behavior with younger dogs. He is a love bug and curious and welcoming to all of our fosters. The only one where he has demonstrated this "corrective" behavior with is Casey. So with that said, this is an assumption but we figure it is best to look for a home without children right now, as a way to provide for the future.

Feel free to cross post his profile to increase his exposure ;)

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Of course Jshower1 he still snuggles with his foster brother ^^ Just when it comes to the child thing I want to ere on the side of caution, u know? Which is why honesty is def better. BTW what do you think of his mohawk? ^^

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Love his new profile pic!!!

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How many dogs, like me, are grateful you decided to be part of our lives?

Peanut's progress is remarkable. After watching the two videos, I had to clean up the mascara from my cheeks. I'm so grateful you and your hubby decided to give Peanut more time than the shelter could give. Your attention and care have helped him to thrive.

I hope Peanut finds his human forever companion soon.

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Sorry for the late response!! He looks cute!!

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Food for thought about Peanut's behavior.

30 months ago, there was a desperate plea for somebody to foster a dog named Milton. Milton was a "special case" because he had been abused, and he wasn't getting along with the foster's other dogs. Additionally, the foster was leaving Korea. She had found new foster homes for her other dogs, but couldn't find anybody to take Milton. So Milton came to live with me...temporarily. Milton didn't like to be touched anywhere except his head, and then you had to approach him carefully to let him know what you were going to do.

In the beginning, I would tell Milton, "You have one more week. If I don't see progress, then we're going to need to find you another home." Fast forward thirty months. Milton and I are glued together forever. He doesn't like his tail to be touched, and he is "dominated" by my two bossy Yorkie girls.

Time, training, and kindness. These three things have such a huge effect on all creatures. Peanut may never be an "ideal" dog for children, but there may still be hope. He could be another "Milton."

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Congrats for everyone involved :)

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Congratulations! We are glad Peanut has found his forever home : )