Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Golden
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

It is with great happiness that I announce that Dunkan has been OFFICIALLY adopted!!!! He went to his new forever home today and I cannot say enough how perfect of a match him and his new family are! Thank you to all of you who helped Dunkan out in his time of need! Thank you Mr. Park for saving Dunkan from his horrible life before Asan. Thank you to all the volunteers who saw something special in Dunkan, specifically Clare Mills and Sofia Dyachkova. Thank you to Mary Miernicki for providing Dunkan with his first taste of a home! Thank you to the countless people who supported Dunkan with their kind words and advice. Thank you for sharing Dunkan's story, and a HUGE thank you for supporting Dunkan financially through donations to help him beat heartworms, eye infections, a cherry eye, an intestinal bacteria, rotten teeth, a skin infection, and his fly biting! Thank you Siera Knight for stepping forward and bringing Dunkan into your home until he found his meant-to-be family. And, an ENORMOUS thank you to Tod Robbins, Clair, Tamara, and Tia for giving Dunkan the best Christmas present ever: a home!!!!

"So, after less than a week, Dunkan has adjusted quite well. He understands that he must pee outside the building, not just outside my room. The only time he has barked was one time when a couple people knocked on my door and their was a lot of commotion. He doesn't mind getting a wipe down with a wet wipe every time he gets back from walking. I'm so impressed that he doesn't chew on my wires and other unusual, non-edible objects in my place. He does eat feverishly (not surprised from where he's come from), but if he tell him to "stay" with your palm up at him, he will sit and wait until you say something like "okay/good boy!" in an excited tone. I am teaching him to take food slowly/politely from my hands, and he's already getting the hang of it. When I'm walking on the street with him, he enjoys strangers petting him. If he sees another dog on a leash, he'll pause and stare. He just seems curious. Unfortunately, I can't say anymore than that when it comes to other dogs because the one's Dunkan met were really grumpy. Probably jealous of Dunkan's luscious, blonde locks. He is such a flexible dog. If you want to play with him, he will never want to miss out. If you just want to focus on something else other than him, he'll just sleep for the most part. Regardless, he is always near me. Everytime I get up and walk, he follows me. Usually, he follows me so close that I can feel his nose on the back of my legs haha."

Dunkan went into his new foster home with a wonderful foster mommy! He is a little out of sorts right now and a bit confused about what is happening, but I have no doubt that he will soon settle in and get back to his normal goofy self!

Dunkan is an incredibly happy 3 year old cocker spaniel with luscious blond locks that would be the envy of Hollywood! He is the embodiment of the cliche, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!" If you are looking for a permanent feet heater and a furry one who will follow you around, all the while looking up at you and willing you to understand that you are the best thing that has ever happened to him, then Dunkan is the boy for you!

Dunkan shouldn't go into a home with any other animals. He is slightly grumpy toward other animals, but we have been working very hard on his training, and he seems to be getting better. I have my own dog, and they are fine most of the time, but I'm constantly on my toes monitoring and controlling both of their behavior, but if you are not as experienced with dogs, their body language, or their training, then this might be too much to handle (it's too much to handle for me too!), and too risky. I have done EXTENSIVE training with him to keep him focused on something other than the dog he's around (on me, a toy, a treat, etc.) and I have trained my dog to only play with Dunkan while she has a toy, so she is less threatening to him. He has improved A LOT. In the beginning, he would growl and snarl and snap at most dogs he met, especially male dogs and other dogs who wanted to play or challenge him. Now, he does this much less on a regular basis. However, if he feels threatened or challenged, he will respond with a show of authority, and since my own dog is very in-your-face in her play style, this has become very stressful in my home. But please note that Dunkan is not a vicious dog! His aggression, while it does exist, can be redirected easily and managed. He does not lunge at every dog he sees, nor does he respond uncontrollably, you just have to be careful, and if you have your own animal, this is very tiring, stressful, and worrisome, as you would likely never be able to fully trust him to be alone with your dog for long periods of time. Here are some videos of Dunkan post-training at the dog cafe!

Here is Dunkan with Leeloo.

I am SO proud of Dunkan! We have been working SO very hard on his training to redirect his aggression and today when I was on a walk with Dunkan and Leeloo, we bumped into Leeloo's Scottie friend who was with a recently adopted shelter dog who is VERY unsocialized. This dog kept trying to attack L and D, all the while barking and growling and lunging. For the FIRST TIME EVER, instead of responding to this, Dunkan looked right up at me and sat down, waiting for treats. He held a sit-stay for about 2 minutes while this was happening. Not once did he growl at or have any response at all toward the antagonistic dog! NOT A SINGLE RESPONSE! He was focused on me the entire time and he did it all on his own, I didn't even give him the cue for it!!!! I'm sure I looked like an idiot grinning ear to ear while a strange dog was trying to attack us!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUNKAN! DUNKAN! DUNKAN! Fighting!!!!!!!! (or rather, NOT fighting!) :o) :o) :o)

The good news is that he is PERFECT with humans! In fact, he needs to be around people and is very playful with humans in the silliest way. He will rub himself around your legs like a cat and will always sit or lie next to you, wanting to feel where you are. He is also really good with children (although he's slightly uncoordinated, so when playing, you would have to be sure he can't knock your child over). Where you go, he will follow. When you're on a walk, if you stop, he'll stand patiently right beside you. He is always aware of where his human is and will look up at you with that unconditional love that only a dog has! Since he is very people-oriented, if he had to return to the shelter, I feel he would suffer irreparable damage and would likely become one of those dogs who is deemed "not adoptable."

Here is Dunkan's playful side:

Medically, Dunkan has just a ton of tests, including an MRI, and he is 100% healthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Basically, because Dunkan really does need to be in a home with no other animals and with the stress of having him with my own dog combined with the stress he feels from having to share me with Leeloo, I am no longer able to provide a good, steady home for him. I am more than willing to continue helping his next caretaker out with Dunkan and am willing to financially support his medication, but I do not want to risk the safety of my own dog who is too playful for Dunkan's tastes.

I know this is a lot of information to process and Dunkan is definitely not an easy case, but even with these issues, he is still one of the sweetest and happiest dogs I've ever met, and he really is special. Please consider helping this boy out so he will not have to endure the long, cold Korean winter!!!

Dunkan's "Lemon Life" (rescue story):
Mr. Dunkan spent the first 2 years of his life as a prisoner in a hoarding situation. His infected skin hung from his bones, wrinkling without elasticity (see his "before" picture below). His long cocker ears did nothing to halt the endless howls and barks from the other dogs suffering a similar reality. His eyes were infected. The crust and thick, gooey curtains over his eyes did not shield him from the sights of hopelessness. He was emaciated, his belly left empty, cramping from his voracious and ignored appetite. He sat in his own filth with his head hung low and his heart drumming an endless drone of exasperated life. Here is a link with some videos and pictures of the conditions Dunkan spent his puppyhood in. Toward the bottom, there are 3 pictures of him. He is the cocker chained to the dog house and wearing an orange collar. As you can see, Dunkan pretty much escaped from the pits of hell. The pictures are also found below on the message board.


Dunkan was rescued from the evil hoarder and landed at Asan Jane's Grandpa's shelter, but was still in really bad condition. On top of his emaciation, skin infection, and eye infection, Mr. D tested positive for heartworms and ended up having a bacterial infection in his intestines, a bad ear infection, and a cherry eye. Even while looking like a zombie dog, the kind volunteers at Asan saw something special in this boy and he was taken in by a great foster family where he successfully overcame his medical ailments and where he learned for the first time in his life what a "home" is, and what it means to have meals everyday, to feel a soft palm for a belly rub, and to get bombarded by kisses.

After spending some time with the foster family, Dunkan was adopted by a student in March 2012. Unfortunately, the student was in no place to provide all the love, care, attention, and training Dunkan needed. In July, this student decided to return to her home country without Dunkan, so yet again, Dunkan was put into a situation where he was without a home and without everything a great dog like Dunkan deserves. So he came to live with me and my miniature schnauzer, Leeloo, and here we are today...

Dunkan's "Lemonade Life":
Dunkan must be the happiest dog I have ever met (and I've met A LOT). I can not believe how happy he is, especially given his history! He actually smiles. ALL THE TIME. He dances around your feet (think a purring cat) and will rub himself all over your feet trying to get as close as possible so he can show you just how much he loves you. Several times, he's actually slid down my legs while I'm standing, ending in a Olympic medal-worthy belly rub pose. Many people have taken videos of this at the local dog cafe and they all say that they've never really seen anything like it!!! Such a goofy dude!

As for his temperament, Dunkan is an awesome go-with-the-flow kind of dog. He's content doing anything and everything, provided he's right there beside you. Seriously. If you want to be lazy, he's lazy with you. If you want to go on a long walk and wade around in the local stream, he'll happily prance along side you. He is good with all humans, but will always know where HIS human is and will always look for HIS human, so he is a GREAT candidate for a solid recall (I say "goodbye" and he comes running). One time, he even escaped outside, and I simply stood there and asked, "Mr. Dunkan, where do you think you are going? Come on back", and he happily lopped right back into the apartment!

Dunkan is very food motivated and has learned sit, stay, and leave it. He is also learning drop it and off. He learns very quickly, especially considering that my own dog is always up in his face.

Here are 2 of our training videos. As you can see, Dunkan tries REALLY hard to follow the cue!

Dunkan is fully housetrained now too! He can go for long periods of time without an accident and he can play pretty actively with no potty problems. Sometimes, if he is super duper excited, he'll let out a little trickle, but this has only happened twice since I deemed him "potty trained". To reinforce this, I always make sure to take him outside as soon as he's out of his crate, this way he doesn't have the need to go inside. He is also a quick pottier, so if you are running late, all he needs is 5 minutes or less, and he'll have done his business. He has never pooped inside, so I think he's naturally adverse to this, so we've never had this issue (even when he had diarrhea!).

He is now fully crate trained, which is quite an accomplishment considered he was chained up for the over 2 years and very clearly loves his freedom! In the beginning, he would constantly bark, whine, and howl. He'd scratch at the door and had to be bribed to go into his crate. Now, it's his special safe place and I just bring him close, open the door, and he walks right in!!! He no longer makes any noises while in the crate, except for a little whining when I come home from work. We worked hard on training away his barking, so now Dunkan is a VERY quiet little boy and knows the command "hush up"!

See how quiet Dunkan is? This is after I've been gone for several hours. (Both Dunkan and my own dog are trained to be quiet.)

Amazingly, he isn't afraid of anything, so you don't have to worry about any barking or any fear response to outside stimuli like strange noises, thunderstorms, kids screaming and running up to him while pointing their dastardly looking toy guns at his head. He is also good in almost every new situation, rolling with the punches like a champion! I don't know if he's supremely confident or just aloof, but he isn't at all fazed when I bring him into new, potentially stressful situations! Even my own dog will often respond negatively to all these new things (new floor textures, new sights/sounds, new locations, crowds, etc.), but Dunkan just accepts everything, so he would be wonderful for an active family!

This is what you will see when you take Dunkan to your favorite cafe:

Dunkan has also learned the natural behaviors for a family pet. He knows when it's bed time, when it's time to relax, when it's time to play, basically all the rules of the house, so I'm confident that he would be able to fit right into anyone's life very easily and with little fuss!

We have also discovered that Dunkan loves, loves, LOVES to be brushed! He will stand in front of you, bury his head into your chest, and just bask in the glorious brushing! You can also touch any part of his body because he's not very sensitive, so it's easy to clean his eyes and ears. It's also easy to cut his nails.

The glorious brush!

Dunkan is also very keen on cheap, squeaky chicken toys and he ADORES his squeaky egg. He is also a big fan of his Kong for Strong Chewers! His is very easily entertained and content, and he doesn't need you to jump through a lot of hoops to make him happy (unlike my own dog). He is just so ecstatic to be in a home!

Medically, Dunkan is completely UTD on all his shots, gets heartworm/flea/tick preventative every month, eats Orijen grain-free food, takes an Omega supplement everyday, has had his teeth scaled and 14 teeth extracted for a healthy mouth, gets a dental care solution added to his water, and eats Omega treats and Greenies dental care treats. He gets a professional grooming every 5-6 weeks, and visits the vet every month to have his anal sacs expressed.

Basically, Mr. Dunkan is a fun-loving dog who just wants to be with a fur-ever family and truly deserves all the love he can get for the rest of his life. Dunkan is well-known in the ARK community and if you adopt him, you will have my continued support for your new life with Dunkan!!!

If you are interested in adopting him, please contact me by email and I will send you the adoption application. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!!!! Come and meet Dunkan because he is ready to meet you!!

Dunkan will come with his crate, blankets, toys, a "stong chewer" Kong, a 2wk supply of food, a month supply of Advocate, collagen spray, a brush, a generic "Furminator", all his medical records, harness/leash, collar, several shirts, a coat, hair clips, a custom Minnie & Friends hair bow, eye cleaning solution, ear cleaning solution, and he will come with a professional grooming. What more could you ask for?

Please note that the adoption fee will be used to pay for the vaccinations and routine medical care he has had while in my care.

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care


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From Dunkan's friend: "Dunkan is such a chilled chap. I felt like he thought his trip in the taxi was too good to be true! He loved smelling all the new smells and his tail wouldn't stop wagging".

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Dunkan. August 2011
(photos by H. Nelson)

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Oh no. He looked so sad and unhealthy. These photos brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad that someone took him and brought him back to health.

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He's such a sweet boy..loves people a lot!

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Any news on a foster home for him yet??

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On the 18th of Feb Dunkan was moved to Bundang city to his foster home.
Lucky boy!

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Dunkan with his foster little brother and big sis ~
February 2012

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Isn't he super handsome?!

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ah..he looks so great now and happy! The three of them look really cute all together! Thank you fo fostering him Mary!!! You're an angel!!

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Oooh I am so happy I could squeal!! Thank you so much Mary! :) Seeing this news all the way in RSA and it's made my day. Been worrying about him.

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From Dunkan's foster mom:
"Just wanted to let everyone know all the dogs are doing well. They are still getting along really well. Duncan has also met Mochi and Peppero (puppies) and gets along with them as well."

"I keep him in a crate while I'm at work and at night. He won't pee in the crate and as long as I take him out as soon as I get home we are good."

Consider adopting Dunkan: he deserves.

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SO exciting! He looks SO HAPPY! Thank you so much for giving this boy a chance!

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We raised enough funds to start Dunkan's heart worm treatment.
BUT we need to find a foster (forever) home for him where he can start his treatment.
Please consider sharing your home with Dunkan for 2-3 months. He has no place to go!

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Gorgeous new pics of him! He looks SOOOOO handsome!! Dunkan, we'll find you somewhere, I promise!!

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Dunkan was adopted.
That's what his mom says about him: "He's doing great, this furr ball is full of energy and love."

Dunkan will start heartworm treatment some time this or next week. Thank you everyone!

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What a happy boy!! I just love those pics. Thank you to Dunkan's foster mom and new mom for taking care of him!!

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In March of 2012 Dunkan was adopted. But he is available for adoption again: the person who adopted Dunkan is leaving in August to France and isn't prepared to bring the dog home.


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Hey, ya'll! So Dunkan is going to come to my home for a few days for a trial fostering period. If everything works out, he will come live with Leeloo and I! Keep your fingers crossed!

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Fingers AND toes are very much crossed!!!

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Good luck Amanda, Leeloo and Dunkan! Look forward to hearing an update soon!

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Dunkan Update: Dunkan joined Leeloo and I, and several other people and dogs, at Chicu Chicu dog cafe today. He was playful and happy to be out and about!

Mr. D will visit the vet's tomorrow for a comprehensive blood work-up. He'll also have a physical exam and have his teeth checked. He'll be give a spa treatment at the groomers, too!

We will have a better idea of what is happening after Tuesday when I find out my work schedule for the coming semester.

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Poor Mr. Dunkan was poked and prodded all day today at the vets! Here's his health status:

1. Blood work showed that Dunkan is HW NEGATIVE! He was started on Heartguard and Frontline today! Woohoo!

2. Blood work also showed that Dunkan's insides are doing very well overall! His liver enzyme levels were a little elevated, so he will take medicine for the next week, but Dr. Kwon from Mari Vet said that the medicine alone should be enough to fix this problem.

3. Antibodies test showed that Dunkan has the highest level immunity for Parvo (6), and had level 4 for both the distemper and the corona/kennel cough. He received a booster of the DHPPL and Corona/Kennel cough. In 2 weeks, he will need another DHPPL booser and will receive a rabies vaccination, which will keep him covered for the next year.

4. The Physical exam showed that Dunkan is in great physical condition. His ears were checked and they were clear. In fact Dr. Kwon said that Dunkan's ears were in great condition, especially given that he's a cocker spaniel (who are prone to ear infections). The good doctor cleaned Dunkan's ears and eyes. The only notable problem in Dunkan's physical condition is his dry skin. He's itchy because of it, but I think when we change him to a higher quality food and start him on an omega supplement regimen, it will tackle this issue.

5. Dunkan's only major health issue right now is his teeth. I noticed yesterday that Dunkan's teeth weren't the sparkly white you hope for; in fact, they were quite nasty. Dr. Kwon did a general dental exam today, and told me that Dunkan will need surgery to correct his dental problems. On August 6, Dunkan will go under general anesthesia for a scaling and a detailed dental exam. This will give us a better idea of what to expect in terms of the actual dental surgery and future dental care. Right now, Dr. Kwon said that while Dunkan is uncomfortable, the problems are mostly isolated to his front incisors (the long, sharp canines), so they don't inhibit his ability to eat and he won't need to be switched to a wet food diet. The concern and need for surgery will prevent any secondary conditions that often arise from poor dental health in dogs. We will know more after Aug. 6.

We are working really hard to get this boy up-to-speed on his health and to KEEP him there! I will keep you posted about everything that's happening! Wish Dunkan luck!

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Dunkan is officially my foster boy! He came to live with Leeloo and I today! I'm starting a "Discovering Dunkan" series. Here's the first installment!

Discovering Dunkan Day 1:
* D really likes cheap squeaky toys. He likes destroying the squeaker more!
* Food is D's best friend. He'll sit patiently waiting for scraps (which, unfortunately for him, he doesn't get). But maybe D's love affair with the belly-filling gloriousness needs to be a wee bit controlled. "Drop it" is on the training agenda!
* D likes the stream almost as much as Leeloo. Water suits him!
* Despite D's dental trouble, he can devour a milk bone in record time.
* D's main weakness is belly rubs. Belly rubs outside while waiting for dinner. Belly rubs in the stream, back in water. Belly rubs at my feet on the doggy couch. Basically, belly rubs EVERYWHERE.
* D is REALLY out of shape. He seems to really enjoy walking, but I think he enjoys the breaks a little more at this point. Hopefully, in just a few short weeks, he'll be up for longer strolls.
* D needs a haircut BADLY. He's pretty matted and it's so hot, so I think I'll shave him to his birthday suit. (Although I'm struggling with what to do around his head because his lion's mane is SO handsome...)
* D's bladder must be the size of a peanut, as he pees all the time. Potty training will be interesting with this boy!
* D is rather indifferent towards dogs, which is baffling Leeloo.

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LOVE all the info. about him!!

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Discovering Dunkan Day 1.5:
* D has some separation anxiety, which is totally understandable given he was abandoned by his owner. I'll have to think of something to help him relax when I leave for work. I can't leave a Kong with him, as he's already destroyed one Kong and I feel he would not be forgiving to the other one (or my wallet), so I will order him a "strong chewer" Kong, which will HOPEFULLY be able to withstand the wrath of Dunkan.
* We started setting up the cue "drop it", which I think he'll learn eventually, but it will be a slow process because he REALLY wants whatever is in his mouth. Luckily, he's not really aggressive about it toward me or my other dog, he just really likes what's in his mouth and will stand up and walk away if you try to take it.
* D slept through the night (again) in his crate!
* I moved D in his crate to the door this morning, so his wake-up was followed immediately by going outside where he fully relieved himself. This is the first morning with no accidents so far (knock on wood)!
* D is not very playful with Leeloo, but I think he's starting to warm up to her on our walks. Everything Leeloo smells, he smells too. When Leeloo stops, he stops. When Leeloo charges forward, he charges. I think it's a good beginning so far (D just moved next to Leeloo at my feet to play with another cheap squeaky toy he's bound to destroy)!

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Discovering Dunkan day 2:
* Mr. D has started to really settle into our lives and is really showing his personality!
* We started a very regimented potty training schedule, and D is THRIVING on it! He has had ZERO accidents today!!!!!!!!!
* D and Leeloo may be a match made in heaven! The compliment each other so well! Leeloo is a tad snobby and righteous with other dogs, but D is so laid back, he just shrugs her off or bulldozes her, not paying any attention. Leeloo likes the expensive, soft plush toys, while D goes straight for the cheap-o plastic squeaky ones that Leeloo never touches. Leeloo is picky with her poopy places, but Dunkan will squat right down on the pavement in front of my building. Today Leeloo actually went to the bathroom every time Dunkan did (thanks Mr. D!)!!!!
* D is learning what is and is not allowed in the apartment, and he will actually wait at the door of my bedroom when I go in there because he knows he's not allowed in the bedroom unless I give him permission.
* Today, D was much less reluctant to release a toy when I asked him to. He even brought me his toy one time as if to say, "I know what you're asking of me, but please be patient and work with me here." So awesome!

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Discovering Dunkan Day 5:
* D unfortunately suffers from submissive urination. He will accidentally pee when he's really excited. Also, I find that he will pee if I want him to do something that he doesn't want to do (e.g. going into the crate before bed, even though we just had an hour long walk), so I'm enticing him with treats, which works every time!
* Except for the submissive urination, D seems to be doing well with his potty training, and had only 1 submissive accident today, which was my fault because I got him all excited. :o)
* As I've mentioned, D has some separation anxiety, so he will bark and whine and paw when he goes into his crate or pen. I've been ignoring him, which hasn't helped much, but the good news is that he does eventually settle down after about 20 minutes. AND, I think he's learning that when I come home, he has to be quiet in his crate before I let him out. Today he quieted down the fastest so far. The biggest problems happen when he's in his crate or pen and I'm still home.
* D continues to improve when it comes to his food guarding. He doesn't move away from me as often when I move my hand around his head while he's eating a yummy treat. He even let me take it away a few times today without much fuss. I just keep my voice gentle and make sure to get the treat back as soon as I praise him. Step by step, we'll get there!
* Tomorrow D will get a haircut, which is MUCH needed, as his hair is really weighing him down. I can tell he hasn't had a haircut in a very long time because the hair between the pads of his feet is well over an inch long. His nails are also way too long. This will surely help Dunkan feel more comfortable on our walks and will make for a much cleaner apartment when we come back from playing in the stream!
* D has been very happy the past 2 days. He's always rolling around on his back, sleeping on his back, trying to snuggle, and he even tried to play with Leeloo once today (Leeloo, however, is still trying to show him that she's the boss, so the play session ended quickly.)
* We met Seonyoung from PolangPolang today. She will be D's and Leeloo's dog walker and will come for an hour on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to give the dogs a nice workout. Even Seonyoung mentioned how D and L are complete opposites!
* D will go to the vet on Friday to get his DHPPL booster and rabies vaccine, so he will be COMPLETELY up-to-date on all his vac's. I will also have Dr. Be check D's back legs and spine, since he is pretty clumsy. She will also check his breathing and lungs because D makes some pretty weird noises and pants all the time, even when we're inside being completely lazy in the A/C. Hopefully everything is okay.

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Hey, everyone! Just a quick update for ya'll. Dunkan has a pretty serious chronic bacterial skin infection and he's not allowed to be around other dogs/cats until it's sufficiently cleared up. At first, I decided to find another foster, but after careful consideration and talking to a good friend of mine, who is also a doggy mommy, I changed my plans. Instead of Dunkan finding a new place to live, my own dog Leeloo will go on a 2 week vacation to her best friend's, Bongae the Spitz's, home. Bongae's mom, Bernie, has graciously offered to take Leeloo in until Dunkan is no longer contagious. So, Dunkan will stay with me and we will continue with our training/health care regimen! Thank you, Bernie!!

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I will be doing periodic, more "artistic" updates of Dunkan on my blog, Leeloo's Lessons Learned, if you want to check up on Mr. D! http://leelooslessonslearned.blogspot.kr/

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We absolutely, 100% need a before and after photo of him to plaster all over Facebook. It's truly inspiring!!

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Dunkan seems to be doing really well so far at his new foster home. He got to sleep in the bed and share/steal some of their breakfast!!!

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Here he is relaxing in his new home.

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Hey, ya'll. It is with a very heavy heart and a very frustrated/upset mind that I must tell everyone that Dunkan's new foster family will not work out. His new foster mom called me yesterday and today to discuss her concerns about her inability to care for any dog at this time. She told me that Dunkan is absolutely perfect and well-behaved, so this situation is not at all Dunkan's fault. I tried to be reasonable and discuss her feelings, but her mind has been made up and she ensured me that no amount of time or patience would change this.

As such, Dunkan will be returning to my home tomorrow. As many of you know, Dunkan has had a very unfortunate life and to my dismay, both parties who took him in as a potential adoptive family member have fallen short of expectations and failed to understand what it takes to care for such a loving little pup. He has been passed around so much, but is miraculously the happiest dog in the world.

For now, I will continue to search for a new home for Dunkan since he cannot be in a home with other animals, and my own dog is still recovering from running into Dunkan's teeth. This is an urgent situation, so please spread the word, but please understand that a lot of time and effort was wasted on the new foster family, and Dunkan and myself do not want to see this happen again, so only those who are serious about caring for an animal and have the ability to do so should inquire. I'm sorry to have failed Mr. Dunkan in this endeavor and promise to do a much better job in the future.

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Dunkan will have his dental surgery today! Keep your fingers, toes, and paws crossed that everything goes well!

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FINALLY figured out youtube! Here is Dunkan's main symptom of his neurological condition. It is a "partial complex seizure", and commonly called "fly biting."

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Dunkan tries SO hard to please his human!!!

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These pictures were taken the day of Dunkan's rescue. Look how far he has come!

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Oh, poor baby. It's so terrible what these poor animals have to go through but it's SO UNBELIEVABLY WONDERFUL where he is now! Thank you so much! :)

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Okay, so I have A LOT of information to pass on after my hour long chat with the vet, so forgive the long post, but here it is...

"Fly biting" is most often caused by one of a few factors. The first is a neurological problem. Thus far, we have been concentrating our efforts on the first possibility, a neurological condition.

The initial results of the MRI revealed that Dunkan does not have any "obvious neurological problems". The detailed report will come in about 3 days with more information regarding Dunkan's neurological functions. It will tell us if there is any problem, big or small, in his brain. Today, the specialists also drew some spinal fluid, which will be analyzed and put into the results report. For now, we are waiting for the report, but Dunkan will continue to receive steroids. We are trying a different anti-convulsion steroid to see if this helps. He will continue to receive the steroids, and even if they decide he doesn't need them or they won't help him, these will have to be removed gradually from his system or they could cause health problems.

Another possible cause for his fly biting is a problem with his retina. Tomorrow, the ophthalmologist will give Dunkan a more detailed eye examination FOR FREE. If Dunkan has a tear in his retina, he could be having "hallucinations".

The third possible cause is CCD (canine compulsive disorder, think OCD for dogs). The doctor thinks that it is not CCD because the behavior would have started slowly and then progressed, but Dunkan's fly biting began suddenly one day and hasn't gotten worse or better, it has simply continued.

The final possibility is stress. I was aware of this from the moment I began researching fly biting, but I pretty much ignored this possibility because I'm very dog-oriented and have a pretty good schedule with lots of activities for the dogs. But, when I spoke with the vet, he said that if Dunkan's fly biting is not a result of a medical condition, then it's likely caused by stress. At this point, I pretty much asked him outright if I was causing him stress. He said that he didn't think I was the cause of the stress. So here's the twist, the vet said that it is possible that Dunkan feels stress out of sheer jealousy/envy of Leeloo because he "doesn't want to share me". The vet has noticed that Dunkan is "overly attached" to me to the point that he simply ignores all other humans. Dunkan will always rub himself all over me like a cat, which I always thought was funny/cute, but the vet said that this is Dunkan telling me that he owns me. He said that Dunkan's aggression could be him guarding me (which is something I've thought about before). Dunkan is very clingy and where I go, he must also go. When I take Leeloo out on her walks without Dunkan, Dunkan will bark a lot if he's left in his crate. While I'm at work, Dunkan is in his crate and Leeloo is out of her crate. Before Dunkan's outbursts of aggression, he was able to sleep on the doggie couch next to my bed, but now he sleeps in his crate in the living room while Leeloo is on the bed. Dunkan will also bully Leeloo out of the way, essentially bulldozing over her to get to me and to get my attention. There are other signs that lead me to believe that the vet is making sense. So, when I asked what this meant, the vet said IF it is stress, then it is best to find a new home for Dunkan ASAP with no other dogs, because Dunkan will get so attached to his family, the he'll probably never be able to live with another dog comfortably and the longer I wait to find him a new home, the more difficult it will be for Dunkan because he is "too attached" to me.

Essentially, if it is in fact stress, Dunkan is not only aggressive toward other animals, but other animals cause him such a large amount of stress, that he develops fly biting. For now, the vet is keeping Dunkan at his office for free to see if "disassociating Dunkan from me" helps. He's not allowed to see me or Leeloo, and he can't have any toys from my home, etc. They will monitor him to see how he responds.

So, basically, where we stand, we are waiting for the comprehensive results of the MRI and spinal fluid lab results. Dunkan will have a detailed eye exam to rule out the possibility of a torn retina. The vet said that we must first rule out the medical possibilities before we can move on to the stress side of things.

For now, Dunkan is at the vet's and will stay there free of charge for a few days while we find more answers.

Ultimately, Dunkan STILL needs to go into a home with no other dogs because of his aggression and the potential stress they may cause him, which might lead to his fly biting.

To be honest, at this point, I am hoping that it is indeed stress, because that would mean that Dunkan is 100% healthy. I left the vet's tonight feeling completely shocked to hear that this could be caused by the stress of having Leeloo around. I am also worried that I have encouraged this behavior, because when he's fly biting, I always try to comfort him, and if this is a behavioral problem, then I'm basically telling him that I'll give him one-on-one attention if he does it. :o(

Today I'm more hopeful than ever that we'll find the solution to Dunkan's fly biting problem, but I'm also down-in-the-dumps just thinking that my own home and my own dog might have caused this problem. I also feel horrible that I didn't consider this and that all of your donations might have been used just to tell us that there's actually no neurological problem. :o(

As always, I will keep everyone updated as I know things and I thank you for your continued support for Dunkan and me!

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Wow! Thanks so much for all the information! I was thinking about him today! That would be wonderful if it's just stress because at least that can be dealt with rather easily. Don't worry. You have been a huge blessing for Dunkan. Sure, it's possible you and Leeloo may have unintentionally caused him some stress but I'm quite sure you have been responsible for Dunkan feeling a lot of love and acceptance too! I'm happy that this problem was discovered when he was with you rather than someone else who might just have tossed him out for his behaviors rather than spending the time and energy to figure out what is wrong. Now you know the cause (or will soon know the cause) and you can ensure that he finds the most perfect forever home!! :)

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Dunkan LOOOOOVES car rides!

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Keep your fingers crossed for Dunkan and spread the word that this handsome chap needs a new home!! Thanks for your support and enthusiasm for Dunkan during this process!!!

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Here are some more of Dunkan's "before" pictures...

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