Berry (now Abby)

Berry decided to take a selfie.

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years)
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Black
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

3/8/2014: Things worked out, and we (former fosters) were able to take Berry with us to the U.S.A. After a great deal of careful thought and consideration, we decided to adopt Berry. She's had to adapt to so many different homes over the course of her short life, we felt it would be better if we kept her with us instead of trying to find her a new adoptive home. She's been adjusting back to life with us surprisingly well. She was an extremely quiet and patient traveler (minimal meowing) for most of the 13 hour flight + 7 hour layover + 4 hour flight + 2 hour car ride back to our home in the U.S.A. Now she's enjoying watching birds, butterflies and other insects from my window sill, sleeping on my bed, and being adored by the members of my family. My sister suggested "Abby" for Abigail, and it's stuck. We're happy to welcome her into the family, and plan to spend many years cuddling and loving her. ^^

2/11/2014: Berry is a lucky girl. Some wonderful people have stepped up and offered to foster her until we can get her to the USA. The problem is, we need a courier! If you're headed to the USA soon and are willing to help, please let me know.

2/6/2014: Berry is in URGENT need of a foster home! Things have not worked out at her adoptive home, though both parties tried very, very hard to get along. We (former foster parents) are leaving in 3 weeks, and cannot take her back at this point. We have already sent 1 foster home with a courier, and we're taking our own dog (William Chaucer) plus our other foster cat back to the USA with us.
We desperately need a new foster home for Berry until something more permanent can be found!

12/2/2013: Berry has officially been adopted! Now she's Zazie. :) She went home with a wonderful human, to start a new life as the star of the Zazie show. We're sad to see her go, but we're also truly happy for her. Congratulations to Zazie and her human! Thank you to everyone who helped this kitty on her way to her forever home, from her original rescuers to those that donated to help her get healthy and stay healthy. She's a wonderful cat, and she has a long, wonderful life ahead of her. Yay!

We've discovered Berry's new favorite toy: rose petals. Some of them fell from the bouquet my boyfriend brought me. Berry was fascinated, demanded to smell the flowers, and then began to pounce and flip on the petals that fell.
She's been a little sneezy the last couple of days (so have I), but of course she's still a happy little darling! This morning she wanted me to rub her belly, so she stretched out. I'm always gentle with her and never put too much pressure on her delicate kitty skin. Berry girl was quite content!
She doesn't bite, but she does "play mouth"; when she's super happy and wants to tell you she loves you, sometimes she'll put her teeth around your hand. She's very gentle and never breaks skin, but we say "Ow!" anyway, to discourage her from making it a habit. She always immediately stops, jumps away, and looks very apologetic (for a cat, anyway.) Such a loving little darling!

Berry has a date Nov. 16/17! Yay Berry!

Berry is a sweet, cuddly girl with the elegance and appearance of mini panther. Her breed is a "Golden-eyed Korean Bombay," and very similar to her American Bombay cousins. She has the same silky black fur, but her eyes are an intense gold and her muzzle is more elegant. She's the most unique girl you'll ever come across.

She's ideal for a person, a couple, or a family looking for only one animal companion, as she is happiest either by herself or with a warm lap to sit on. She loves to sit next to you while you work on your laptop, lounge in the sunny window seat, and even stretch out next to you and let you rub her belly. And of course, she's always ready to tell you she loves you! She's good about being picked up, and she'd never dream of scratching or biting you (unless it's a gentle "I <3 you!") Berry is the ultimate in charm and poise, a little miss Cat Hepburn waiting for you. Yet you can still find her sleeping in your backpack.

Her favorite toys mice, boxes, and good quality 'nip. Berry is currently eating Orijen cat & kitten chicken & fish. She loves it, and her fur is super soft thanks to the good food. Temptations cat treats are a passion for her, as is good cat jerky and cans of Evo wet food.

She's up-to-date on her vaccinations, is microchipped, and is spayed. She's only about 1 year old, and has a good long life ahead of her. Berry is also an experienced bus traveler, so a plane ride to her forever home won't be difficult for her.

Here are a few characteristics Berry shares with her cousin, the American Bombay:
"Bombays are congenial, outgoing and make intelligent, affectionate companions. They adapt well to busy life styles and usually get along with children, elders and other pets. The Bombay generally combines the easy going temperament and robust nature of the American Shorthair and the social, inquisitive, lap-loving character of the Burmese." (Cat Fanciers Association)

Berry loves company, so feel free to arrange a meeting with her! Hurry, though, because this beautiful lady will be heading to the U.S.A to look for a forever home in a few months.

From the rescuer: Berry was abandoned by her first home. We don't know why, but one day they left the door open and let her run out. When she was brought back, the family said she wasn't theirs, and they didn't want her. She was given to a "nut job of a granny" because she already had a cat, and someone assumed she'd want another one. She didn't! Berry's rescuer was called to take pictures of her, but she had such an awful experience when she arrived that she took Berry away then and there. A kind and gentle foster mom took her in for several months until her contract ended. Now Berry is with her 4th family (current Changwon fosters) and looking for her forever home.

TO ADOPT: Please email me a completed adoption application form.

p.s. Berry's adoption fee will go to helping little Marilyn (aka Nori), the kitten we rescued off the railroad tracks. It will help cover her vaccinations and the medicine for her eyes. We hope she'll be adopted soon, too!

Adoption Fee: ₩180,000
Location: Busan - 부산
Living Situation: Other circumstance


megs's picture

How lovely! Black cats are so unique. :)

megs's picture

Oh no! What will happen to her if she's not adopted by August?

shellyvv's picture

To any shelter that will take her sadly. I already have 7 so i cant take her. Ill put up foster needed too incase someone can take her. Hate passing her from home to home. arggg

megs's picture

Oh, how sad! Can she go to Daegu with the Boeun dogs on Saturday?

shellyvv's picture

No, id much rather she go into a foster home, or atleast give her some more time before that has to happen. Its still 2 months so im hoping....

Sokoexpat's picture

I sent an email to you about Blackfuuuury this morning.

shellyvv's picture

I replied :)

megs's picture

Is she good with other cats? Is she healthy?

shellyvv's picture

She is healthy and i got her spayed this morning. I havent seen her with other cats but she has such a calm and friendly disposition i cant imagine she wouldnt like a friend.

megs's picture

She sounds like an excellent candidate for a loving family addition!

If she can't find a forever home by the time she needs to, I'd be happy to put in an application for fostering. I can't do it until about the 2nd week of August, though. :/

Oh, and congratulations on the spaying! That's always good. :)

deeandsami's picture

Is Boeungun near Daegu? Would a Seoul foster be possible? She is a beautiful cat...

shellyvv's picture

Its between seoul and daegu. Daegu is much further. We are about 2 hrs from seoul. Megs has also offered to foster so if you both can send me your email addresses then we can communicate on that. Thank you both so much!

deeandsami's picture

Sorry for the late reply. I didn't see your message; I thought that the site would have sent a notification to my inbox, but I may have accidentally deleted it.

If Megs has offered to foster, that's fine. I am just glad that Blackpurrrrry will have a good foster home. :)

megs's picture

Berry, is it true? We hear someone might have fallen in love with you!

megs's picture

Here are a few recent photos of Berry with our cat, Bernie.

megs's picture

The mini-panther is still looking for her home!

CATS_Whiskers Ministop's picture

Haha, so cute:D Don't wash yourself in there kitty?:P

megs's picture

Haha, I don't know why they like it in there! It looks so uncomfortable!

megs's picture

Berry going to sleep in my backpack.....I haven't figured out how to do the sound on the camera, so you might want to turn it off....

megs's picture

Berry and Bernie playing in a box. You get to see Berry's lovely coat. It's just like black silk. You also get to see her poise. Like I said - Cat Hepburn.

eslcity's picture

I see you need a little help for helping Nori for some medical bills...(i just got done paying for my new cats vaccinations and know exactly how expensive they are.... If you have paypal I would like to help you.. while I can't pay for them all but at least I will pay for one set.... please contact me...

megs's picture

Thank you very much for your offer. Berry is currently up-to-date on her vaccinations. If you would like to donate to Nori (also known as Marilyn) please contact her current foster parent.

eslcity's picture

I will thank you....