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Bosuni Potty Problems

Thank you everyone for the donations and support. I am going to close this fundraiser; there are a lot of other fundraisers that are a lot more urgent than this one.

However, I was asked if donations could still be made. YES! I would still like to get her spayed when possible and of course cover the original bill as much as possible. Neither goal has been met yet!


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Danbi's Dental Disaster Donations

As I write this I want to cry, or vomit, or both. I am not sure which, but all I know is such a sweet dog shouldn't have to suffer so much.

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How Lucky (and Tokki) were Adopted from KARAMA

There has been a renewed interest on ARK about adopting from KARAMA, so hopefully this post will give people a better idea of what this entails and how to rescue a dog from there.

Lucky is not the first dog I have taken from KARAMA; there is also my dog Tokki. Tokki was rescued a year ago “a dog away from death.” She was scheduled to be put down the morning she was reserved.

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