Danbi's Dental Disaster Donations

As I write this I want to cry, or vomit, or both. I am not sure which, but all I know is such a sweet dog shouldn't have to suffer so much.

Danbi and I went to visit Mari Animal Hospital this evening. Word on the street was Dr. Kwon was THE doggie dentist to see and I wanted to get her teeth looked at. I was expecting an exam. Instead, Dr. Kwon asked if I had the time and did the bloodwork. It showed up fairly well for her age. Everything was within range except her liver, which he said was most likely due to stress. But even that wasn't too high. He took some x-rays and said she had scarring on her lungs from previous infections and asked if she'd been coughing. I said no and he said that was very good. It meant no active infection. He wanted to scale the teeth to see what treatment was necessary. I was assured it would take about an hour and was fairly safe.

An hour ticked by while I read my book and smiled at a very nosy pup who's owners obviously adored very much. An hour and a half went by, and I was getting fidgety, yet I figured that maybe he had to extract a few teeth, so I wasn't too concerned. Just nervous. Sure enough, the vet tech came down to explain Danbi needed some teeth extracted and the surgery would take a little more time, please wait. Two hours later I finished my book and went to find something to eat, as I hadn't eaten in 8 hours-- I went directly to the clinic after work. Two and a half hours later I gave up on playing with my phone and just stared up the steps. Anyone who has had a loved one in surgery can understand the twisting of my gut at that point. 3 hours later the doctor came down and told me he needed to speak to me...

I will spare you the gory details (and absolutely gruesome pictures) that I was subjected to. I've seen bones sticking out of skin and raw, living muscles, but the pictures from Danbi's surgery were in a league of thier own. I could barely look and was so happy when Dr. Kwon apologized there weren't more! The x-rays weren't much better :(

The gist is, Danbi has severe bone loss in her jaw. She had to have 4 teeth pulled and 4 teeth surgerically extracted. If this hadn't been done, she would have eventually had her jaw rot away and fracture, leaving her unable to eat. So this surgery has saved her life.

The problem is, I went in expecting a scaling and maybe a few teeth yanked. I wanted to throw up anew when presented with a very massive yet justifiable bill of 1 million won.

I KNOW many of you have your own rescues and your own fosters and that there are sooo many other needy cases. But I **beg** you to please look at Danbi's case and if you can, help this little angel out. Her first surgery has been completely paid for by generous donations but she still needs a second surgery to ensure she will have a healthier future!

She's had such a hard knock life so far. Here's her profile for those of you know don't know:

She was a puppy mill breeder then lived in a clinic. She finally came into a real home and has been doing so wonderfully!

If you are interested in donating towards Danbi's bills:

Duprey Erin
Nong Hyup/NH
Acct # 302-0306-6665-21



Erin Duprey
[email protected]

If you are uncomfortable donating to a personal account, I will speak to Mari about if it would be possible to pay them directly towards Danbi's bills.

Please check her to see her treatment and bills: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v333/eveliens/Danbis%20Treatment/?albu...

First Surgery
Goal: 810, 000
Current: 810, 000w

Second Surgery
Goal: 500, 000w
Current: 465, 000w

Thank You To~
Clare M.
Hester R.
Lindsay H.
Mark J.
Sara T.
Ulana H.
Dan B.
Marley & Lady Bumble
Amanda & Leeloo
Katelin M.
Tim H.
Kate C.
Anna K.
Rob S.
Gullian H.
Jangsan Middle School - 1st grade English Class
Emily T.
Andria B.
Michelle L.
Jordan S.
Christine K.
Michelle & family
Nicole & Corey S.
Rob S.
Mark J.

If by some chance it happens, excess funds will be re-donated to another needy case :)

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megs's picture

Oh Erin! Poor little Danbi!

I'll try and help as much as I can!

eveliens's picture

Thank you Megs! This poor just can't catch a break :( makes me sick.

Anyone who would like to donate, please email me when and the amount so I can check the account to make sure it was received.

Lines's picture

Hey Eveliens! I just signed up to this platform and read your story and it´s heartbreaking! I would love to donate, unfortunately i don´t have a working bank account in korea yet (just moved here). When is the second surgery due? lot´s of love and sending you two all the best! line*

hakuna.matata's picture


I am so sorry, for both you and Danbi. I will transfer 50,000won into your account after I get paid tonight, probably around 9pm. I wish it could be more. Thanks so much for all you are doing.

hakuna.matata's picture

Hi Erin-- I just transferred 40,000krw at 2pm. My account was more depleted than I had anticipated.
Good luck!

hakuna.matata's picture

Hey Erin-- I'm "Tille" haha. Sara Tilley ^^

marlajoy's picture

Hey Erin, I tried to send money with paypal but I couldn't get it to work so I sent money by doing an e-mail transfer. Let me know if it works for you!

Hunt's picture

I often wonder if shelter dogs have the worst luck or the best luck. The bad just seem to keep hitting them, but then so many of them have a whole community to keep catching them as they fall. Hate that they have to keep rolling with the punches. I am flat broke and won't be able to donate until after the 17th. Won't be a lot - sorry. Good luck, so glad you were there to catch her this time.

Danomano's picture

This kind of thing is what I am happy to voluntarily help out with. Let's prove it can be done!

clare_bell's picture

Please check your account for 30,000 won. (I wish it could be more but I have Nobu's dental surgery coming up!! >.< )

Thanks for all you do for rescue animals Erin, you're an amazing foster mom!

eveliens's picture

Clare M. 30, 000
Hester F. Roodt 10, 000
Lindsay H. 25, 000
Marla 100 CAD
= ~165, 000w ^^

clare_bell's picture

"Hester F. Roodt" :)

eveliens's picture

Danbi is so much happier already; its truly amazing. She's been insanely cuddly and surprisingly cheerful. She when into her Spin of Utter Joy for 5 whole minutes yesterday, wagging her little tail the whole time. Just like a little kid, she keeps licking her gums where the teeth are missing (just like in the picture). I can't imagine how much her mouth was hurting her before.

PS - I hope Nobu just requires a simple scaling!

Here's a quick video ^^ You can see where some of her teeth are now missing:


marlajoy's picture

Yay, Danbi! So happy she's feeling better. My dog, Alexis, has dental surgery coming up too so I'm hoping all goes well!

clare_bell's picture

Oh my goodness, I should've been a doggy dentist!! I'd be a millionaire! :)

Thanks, I already know that Nobu will need some extractions :( Will keep her page updated.

I hope Alexis is a lucky girl and doesn't need anything too serious done.

shellyvv's picture

I sent the vet (whom you got Danbi from) an email and a link to this thread and ill call him tomorrow and see what he can do. Im hoping he will cover the costs or atleast some of them. Ill let you know ;o)

eveliens's picture

Mark J. 150, 000w
Sara T. 40, 000w

Thank you both so much!

I think Nobu and Alexis shouldn't have too much to worry about. I used to have my dog's teeth scaled (and extracted) yearly for almost 9 years until it wasn't safe to put her under. Genetically, she just had a nasty mouth. It really is a good thing to do - for people and pets!

eveliens's picture

Marley & Lady Bumble - 30, 000w
Amanda and Leeloo - 30, 000w
Katelin M 5, 000w
Dan B. - 40, 000w
Ulana H. 50, 000w

Thank you everyone. Danbi goes back in on Monday for stitches removal and another assessment of her remaining teeth. I will try to get some x-rays and pictures from last week (nothing graphic, I promise).

eveliens's picture

Please share Danbi's facebook event!

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a wonderful, water-logged weekend. Danbi sure did -- after I looked at the ridiculous price of canned dog food, I decided to cook for her. Yes, Danbi has turned me over to the dark side of dog ownership [insert Jaws theme ... or maybe Mission Impossible].

We are so close to paying for the first surgery! I should be able to pay off a good portion of the remaining balance this evening.

Eileen 10, 000w
Tim H. 10, 000w
My Lovely Grammy 50, 000w
I also have 30, 000w in my bank account from 미경전

Which puts us at: 595, 000w!

Remember, the first surgery was 810, 000w (after the generous 20% discount).

eveliens's picture

Danbi and I weren't really thrilled to take an hour subway ride across Seoul this evening, but the news was worth it.

Good News: Danbi's gums have no more inflammation and have healed up nicely. She can go back to dry food tomorrow. First surgery was a success! Balance for the first surgery was paid off completely with donations.

Neutral News: I have ot brush Danbi's remaining teeth daily; this shall be fun. Danbi was not impressed with the demonstration, so I'm just giddy at the thought of doing it myself!

Bad News: Danbi still needs 4-5 teeth removed to prevent further problems. This surgery is going to be approximately 500, 000w. The soon it is done, the better!

eveliens's picture

Kate C. - 110, 000w

This puts us at 720, 000w. Thank you every one who has donated or shared so far. You can't imagine how much better Danbi is feeling! It almost seems like someone kidnapped the little old lady dog and replaced her with a puppy. She's zipping and zooming all over the place!

eveliens's picture

Rob S. 100, 000w
Anna K. 20, 000w
Gullian H. 10, 000w
Jangsan Middle School - 1st grade English class
35, 000w

This now puts us up an AMAZING 885, 000w and we're now fundraising for the 2nd surgery!!!

clare_bell's picture

AWESOME!! Well done!! I'm so glad to hear she has a new lease on life!

eveliens's picture

Clare, it's like I have a different dog in my house. The change is insane! She's so happy and energetic now. We go for two short walks outside daily and out to potty three times a day.

Everyone, you have NO idea what a HUGE change you have made in Danbi's life! You've not only saved her life but you've made it worth living!!!

Emily T: 20, 000w

clare_bell's picture

That is such great news!! I'm hoping the same for Nobu. Unfortunately she can't have her surgery today because of her liver function :( She needs more medicine and then hopefully in a week or two we can go ahead with the surgery.

Yay for Danbi!!

eveliens's picture

Andria B. 30, 000w

Danbi has someone who may be interested in adopting her but I'd still like to try to get enough money to have the surgery done so she can go home! Thank you everyone for your support so far!

eveliens's picture

Michelle L. 10, 000w

Stay cool everyone and enjoy your summer ;)

eveliens's picture

Thank you!
Jordan S. 10, 000w

eveliens's picture

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. Danbi is getting better and better but I can tell that her mouth still bothers her a little bit. Slowly but surely we're getting there!

Christine K. 70, 000w
Meghan F. 50, 000w

eveliens's picture

We live! After summer and a hellacious start to the new semester, I present this bitty little update:

Michelle & Family 25, 000 w
Nicole & Corey S. 50, 000w

I have been in contact with a rescue in the USA. Tentative plan is, if we can get Danbi healthy and get her across the sea, they will help find her a forever home! Meanwhile, we will keep looking in Korea for that special person and get Danbi to be the best she can be.

eveliens's picture

Danbi's next surgery is 10/13.

Unfortunately, my personal dog is also going in for a pre-surgical procedure to check out her knees and hips, which could be anywhere from 2-3 million won to fix. I've fostered 23 animals since March, spent an unknown amount of money total, and I think Danbi & Momo will have to be the last two.

Thank you everyone for your monetary and physical support. There are so many fundraisers going around, if you want to donate towards Danbi's it'd be much appreciated, but don't worry if you decide to donate towards Nobu or Hangeun - all wonderful causes!

eveliens's picture

Thank you Rob S. and Mark J. We've almost met our goal thanks to your donations!

Karen's picture

Were you able to collect the last bit you needed for Danbi?

eveliens's picture

I tried to reply at school but it wouldn't let me. Hopefully I can move this over to thank you tomorrow afternoon provided there are no nasty surprises. I did not receive the last bit, however, I'll cover it with my foster funds.

eveliens's picture

I have two bits of excellent news!!!

1. Danbi did NOT need anymore teeth removed! This morning she has another scaling and her rabies shot instead! In addition to a tooth decay supplement. 75, 000w is much nicer!

2. Danbi has been accepted into an overseas rescue. I was really freaking about raising more money or just paying for it myself, but this worked out even better. Thanks to your generous donations she can fly and I can continue fostering!

Fingers crossed, the left over funds will go to Hangeun for his heartworm treatment.