Paul 14 April 2013 - post-dental surgery!
Paul wants to fly away to a home that will love him forever!Paul at the Christmas shootPaul - post haircut :)Paul in my car going to the vet. He was so good!Showing where Paul's left ear has closed.After his bath at the vet, sitting so patiently in the dryer! :)Let's fly away to a home that will love me!Paul loves school!Paul loves school!Let's fly away!Happy Paul :)14 April 2013 - post-dental surgery!6 yucky teeth, pulled!14 April 2013 - post-dental surgery!

Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Golden
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Update - 22 April 2013:
Yesterday I drove with Pam, Paul and his friend Toby to the airport. They flew with a kind courier from Incheon to Seattle to their new forever homes!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot begin to describe the thrill of knowing they now live in the USA.
SPECIAL thanks to the amazing people who made this possible. Such an incredible team!!

Pam & Jared Nystrom
Terri Guiles
John Atiliano Van Uytven
Andria Bennett
Stephanie Heyduck
Sohee Yoon
Jared Moya
Gimarie Battle

Paul, you deserve this my sweet curly boy!! Check out his photos in the comments section below. :)

Update - 13 April 2013:
Paul had dental surgery today and they had to pull out SIX of his teeth! Poor chap! I'm sure he will feel a gazillion times better now! :)

Update - 9 April 2013:
Paul went into his temporary foster home last night and will stay there until he flies to the USA to his forever home! Please keep finger crossed that all will go smoothly for this guy.

Update - 3 March 2013:
Thanks to two kindhearted people, Paul was able to stay at the dog school for longer. Now we have some more exciting news: there is someone in the US who wants to adopt Paul! :) Please keep fingers crossed that this will all work out for him. He really deserves to live the rest of his life in luxury. That said, Paul will probably need a foster home for a week or 2 while we get him ready to fly! Please let me know if you would be willing to help us.

Update - 21 March 2013:
Using funds I raised through a yard sale, I have paid for one more week at the school for Paul. Sending him back to the shelter will only be detrimental to his health as his ears need to be cleaned a few times a week. Not to mention the emotional stress he would experience. :( Now Paul needs to leave the school on the 23rd, I know - that's in 2 days time. If someone would like to sponsor him to stay for one more month at the school, please contact me on [email protected]. If you would like to foster him, please contact me on the same address. Thank you!

Update - 7 March 2013:
A volunteer went to check up on Paul for me since he is now further away from where I am. She had only good things to say about him! YAY PAUL!!

Paul will sit on command already and I think he's learning "down".
He also has a decent body shape and will most likely tone up with his time at the center.
His hair is nice and curly and he's really cute. HUGE potential for this little boy.
Paul is SUPER happy. The trainer said he's good with people and good with other dogs.
He is always smiling and looking up at you and wanting to give kisses.

(Have a look at Paul's new photos in the comments section below.)

Paul's month at the training centre will be complete on the 16th of March. We need to get this guy into foster care or a forever home ASAP because the LAST thing I want to do is send him back to the shelter after all this progress - both health-wise and training-wise.

Please contact me on [email protected] if you would like to have Paul in your home.

Update - 22 Feb 2013:
Some very kind people offered to sponsor a month's stay for Paul at the dog training facility so that he could at least stretch his legs and learn some tricks while he was waiting for a foster home. Paul was moved there last Saturday (16 Feb) so he will be there until the 16th of March 2013.

Potential fosters! Looking for a cuddly, well-mannered, healthy dog to foster? Consider Paul! Not only is he 100% lovely, but he will come into your home straight from school! What more could you ask for? Please foster Paul! He needs to find a home before the 16th of March!

Update - 7 Feb 2013:
I can't understand it. Why is Paul still cooped up in a cage? He is 110% ready to move into a home. Here are only a few of the reasons why you should consider fostering Paul:

1. He has manners - he sits and gives his paw for treats. It's clear he understands more Korean than English. He takes his treats ever so gently.
2. In his life before the shelter he was obviously taught some tricks and I feel very confident that he would come already house-trained (or be very quick to remember). Whenever I take him for a walk from the vet's office he holds his bladder and bowels until we are outside in the park.
3. He is heartworm negative.
4. He is neutered.
5. He is healthy! His ears are great! All he needs is for his parents to clean his ears for him 3 - 5 times a week and the occasional ear check at the vet.
6. He is SO friendly!
7. He loooves to cuddle!

Update - 28 Jan 2013:
Dashing Paul is still cooped up at the vet's although he is so ready to go into a home of his own. Lucky for him, while I've been out of the country, his favourite friend Megan has been taking him for daily walks so he has been able to stretch his legs. Considering the little bit of TLC Paul needs on his ears from his humans, we absolutely cannot send him back to the shelter. We are looking for a foster or forever home for Paul. As soon as possible! Please, we can't keep him at the vet for much longer. Please contact me if you can foster this wonderful boy!

Update - 8 Jan 2013:
Boy oh BOY! Paul is one smooooth and velvety young man. His haircut has brought out all of his best features and he is looking dashing! (Thank you to Ruth and Glen Attewell who donated extra specifically for his grooming session!) He looks, smells and feels amazing. Here he is enjoying a good tummy tickle on my visit tonight:

I can totally imagine him in a home, perhaps on a couch...snoozing...I'd bet money that he snores ;) He is SO cute!

Paul needs to lose a little of his weight, but otherwise he is super-healthy, neutered and heartworm negative. His ears will still need to be cleaned about 5x per week, which is really easy to do and can be done at home in about 3 minutes. He will also need fairly regular trips to the vet to keep an eye on those ears of his, but I assure you, it'll all be worth it!

Here is another video of Paul being a cheeky little guy and sniffing and rubbing himself all over my handbag. I suppose he could smell my dogs on it or maybe his ears are still a little itchy.

Paul doesn't like being in a small cage at the vet. He also doesn't want to go back to the shelter! Please consider taking him to your home. He already knows how to sit and give his foot. I'm confident that his house-training would be fairly simple as whenever I've taken him on walks he has done his business almost as soon as we are outside. I am sure that all he needs is a good, solid routine, and lots of love.

Update - 6 Jan 2013:
Thanks to the tremendous support received from people near and far, Paul's fundraiser was a huge success and he is looking GOOD! Today Paul will have a grooming session so he will look and feel like a new dog! I can't wait to see. :) Paul's "professional" ear treatment is pretty much complete, so any days spent in the hospital from now on is a little wasteful, not to mention that poor Paul is pretty desperate to get out of that cage. Paul is ready to move into foster care!

Please consider him: he is heartworm negative, healthy, neutered and loveable. I bet he's semi-housetrained because he already knows how to "sit" and give his foot and he takes treats eeeever so gently. He's just lovely!

Project Paul is underway!

He was rescued from Busan City Pound many months ago and it was pointed out to me by another volunteer that he had calcified ears. Yikes! I had never heard of this before but here is the lowdown:


Paul is now being boarded at my vet and is getting the full treatment. He has had some x-rays to help diagnose the extent of his ear damage. He also went under anesthetic and had his ears flushed and explored further. The news is not altogether bad. :)

His left ear: Please refer to the photo of the model ear. The ear canal has completely closed very close to the ear drum. This means that Paul is deaf in his left ear. Surgery on this ear is impossible and unnecessary. From the place of closure to the external environment, the rest of the ear canal is inflamed, itchy and infected with a (common) yeast infection. This is now being treated.

His right ear: Great news! The ear canal is still open and does not need any surgery at all! It is also infected but is being treated. I bet he feels a whole lot better!

Paul will need 3 weeks in hospital with professional cleaning and treatment 5x a week. Thereafter he will need a foster or forever home who can commit to cleaning his ears themselves (this is not difficult) 5x a week with a cleaning solution.

Other than that, Paul is a happy and healthy boy! He is adorable and will look even better after some TLC and perhaps a haircut. :)

If you would like to foster Paul, please read the Asan Fostering Guideline:
and then complete the application form: and e-mail it to Clare & Allison (contact details below).

If you would like to adopt Paul, please read the Asan Adoption Guideline: and then complete the application form: and e-mail it to Clare & Allison (contact details below).

Please note, I will be starting a fundraiser for Paul to cover the costs of his treatment and hospitalization. If you cannot foster or adopt Paul, please consider making a contribution towards his vet bills. Here is his fundraiser link:

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Cheonan - 천안
Living Situation: In foster care


clare_bell's picture

Here is Paul on a little walk with me before his haircut. Please note that although we call him Paul, he doesn't know this as his name yet. Also, we were in an enclosed area which is why he was off the lead. He can sit and give his foot, it's clear he's had prior training and I'd bet he's house trained. He is so gentle and cuddly. He was happy to stretch his legs since he's been cooped up in a hospital cage for a long time!

Megan2024's picture

Paul is so very VERY sweet! we went on a walk again today and he had a blast!!

lcavegirl's picture

Paul is Adorable!!! I'm just wondering, having 2 spaniels of my own one of which has had very serious ear infections... is it possible that Paul's infections come from a food allergy... We found that mine was allergic to Chicken.. and since cutting that out of her diet she is 100 times better... This might be something to try.

clare_bell's picture

Hi! Sorry for the delay, I've been away on vacation. The allergy is definitely something to think about, thanks for the suggestion. And Megs, please feel free to upload any pics you may have of him here :)

clare_bell's picture

Paul is still waiting for a foster home. Please consider opening your home to him - I cannot pay to board him for much longer. :(

clare_bell's picture

Paul has been excelling at his school in Namyangju. Look how happy he is! :) Thank you to the wonderful people who sponsored his month there!

Unfortunately, Paul will need to leave there on the 16th of March. I REALLY do not want to send him back to shelter. Please step up and open your home to this cuddly, lovely boy! If you cannot foster him, please "share" his profile link on your Facebook pages and spread the word. He deserves to be in a home, after all this time and hardship.

He is heartworm negative, neutered, FRIENDLY and ready to live in a home! Please give him a chance!

dee's picture

What is happening with Paul? I can't believe no one has taken him home yet!!

marlajoy's picture

Look at those big floppy ears flying in his profile picture! Go, Paul, Go! Fingers crossed for you, buddy! :)

Megan2024's picture

Did anyone step up??? I hope Paul gets a great home soon

clare_bell's picture

Paul had SIX teeth extracted today! Poor guy!

Paul's yucky teeth!
marlajoy's picture

Wow, those teeth are disgusting! I bet he will feel like a million bucks after that!! :)

lcavegirl's picture

:( Poor Paul! Have you been able to figure anything out about his constant ear infections?

clare_bell's picture

Paul waited so long and it finally happened. Yesterday he finally flew to his forever home in the US of A! Not only that, but his friend Toby could join him too! Incredible huh?? International adoptions are SO possible and not at all difficult! Look at these photos, they are sure to put a smile on your dial. :)

I could not resist getting Paul some BLING to take to the USA! :DBefore we drove to the airport the boys had a nice long walk.Before we drove to the airport the boys had a nice long walk.Paul & Toby, ready to go!Bye bye Paul!Safely in Seattle!Toby (left) & Paul (right) settling in to USA life...are those faces content or WHAT??
marlajoy's picture

Those are some happy puppies! Lucky them! Congrats boys!! :)

gewanita's picture

Those photos REALLY cheered up my morning. The boys look SO happy!!! Congrats to all of them, and a big thank you to the awesome family who adopted them!

clare_bell's picture

An update on Paul from his new mom:

Paul is doing awesome. He is such a good puppy. He is very happy and loved much. :-) He fits right in. Thank you!