After a short but satisfying walk....
Loving the attention she is getting from the kids...Making new friendsFoxy on her way to recovery!!Foxy after a 2 hour walk!Heading home with her new foster momma"I love you!"Foxy and her cone "Hi!! I love you!!!""Aren't I adorable??"She loves looking out the WindowShe's so happy!!!She love to be pet!She loves my friend so much!!She is so social!! absolutly great with kids and strangers...

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown & White
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
  • Special needs
Adoption Status: Adopted

28 August 2013
The resaon I haven't posted in a while is because I have unofficially adopted my little monster...oops I mean Foster*
It became very clear after I came back from holiday that I won't be able to separate her from me or vice versa..
So now the cat's out of the bag and Mishka is now my Little monster forever!

24 May 2013
Hello!! Well things has been kinda crazy with all the fundraising and fun stuff going on lately but here is a quick update on Miss.Foxy... So far we have raised a bit of the money needed for the second operation about W 250,000 so we are half way there... Some of the funds did go into getting her a new summer hair cur, Heart guard tablets and frontline for those nasty summer ticks....She also had a small tail infection that got treated by our very nice vet. in Yesan!!

We had a doggie friend stay over for a few days and the socializing was even better than I could have hoped for...not only did she make friends but the company of anther dog has calmed the little ones extra energy sooooo much....

If all goes well I hoped to get her spayed/neutered before the end of July so we can finally find her a happy and loving new home!!

15 April 2013
We went to visit the vet again on Friday for the final check-up on her back leg that was operated on...The news was very good and the vet is very happy about the results, HOW ever she will definitely need surgery on the other leg as well in the near future which is another 513,000 won... The plan is to start a second fundraiser and pay the surgery before it's done. Keep us in your thoughts...

We only need 130,ooo won to finish for the first surgery! Thank you for all your help and donations!!! Please help us cover the last bit of her vet fees!!

4/9 Foxy, came into my life a little over a month ago and it has been an incredible learning experience so far. She is a very young dog, I think even younger than we thought originally. She is super playful and will start chasing her tail when the boredom takes over... In the mornings she will jump on my bed and lick me till I wake up, so we can go on a walk or just to play with her, it normally goes like this:
Me: (sleeping)
Foxy: (jumps on bed...starts sniffing and licking my face)
Me: Go away or similar groaning sounds for her to stop.
Foxy: (Still licking and now lightly pawing) Wake up! wake up! Are you alive!! Come on!!
Me: I'm tired, go to bed. Why, it's so early??
Foxy: It's already after 6am get Up HUMAN get Up (starts to jump on me)
Me: Okay Okay, 5 more minutes please!

We usually leave the house just past 7 and go for a hike. Foxy absolutely loves this and using our first walk as a reference she has gotten pretty strong from this daily exercise...We average about an hour to a hour 30min everyday...and get to see all sorts of things. The funniest was when she saw a cow for the first time. The wonderful thing about all this walk is that it has strengthend both her legs considerably and she has built up a lot of strong healthy muscles that protects the pattela and joint and her recovery from surgery has been successful... we will be visiting the good doctor at the end of the week to find out about the other leg...but I think she will be's to hoping!

She is such a lovable little thing and really intelligent...she knows when she is being bad and will run for cover before I even notice anything. All she wants in the world is attention and to be played with...

She adores any children and gets all hipped up every time I have students over. They seem to love her just as much!!

You can find her fundraiser here:

3/16 Foxy is doing Sooooo well! Her foster mom said that she is going for long walks! Shes doing so well and healing great! THANKYOU for your support please continue!

3/5 Foxy is doing so well!! She just went home with her new Foster Momma and is on her way home. She is healing VERY well and will be having her next surgery in about 2 months!! I am so happy and blessed to be able to be apart of this young one's life :)
Here is a video of her!

2/28 I went and saw Foxy last night. She is up and moving a bit though she just needs to rest so the vet said that I cannot go and actually be with her till Monday >_< but I will be there Monday to see her. I left some treats for her for this weekend.

2/26 Update Foxy had her first surgery today. She is doing well. She wants to come home but she has to stay there for the week. Her new foster mommy will be picking her up on Tuesday and then in about 2 months she will have to have her second surgery, poor baby.

2/21 Update Foxy was chasing her ball then all of a sudden she yelped and came limping over to me. I scooped her up and checked to make sure that she had not cut herself or anything. she hadn't. Her back leg was tight so I thought it was a cramp and help rub her mussel till it was relaxed. she was a little scared but quickly began playing again. about 5 mins later the same thing happened. I took her into the vet yesterday and I found out that she has Luxating Patella. It means that her kneecaps pop out of place and it's very painful. It is very common in small dogs. the doctor said that she will not get better over time without surgery. He gave me some pain meds for her and I gave them to her yesterday and today and they have seamed to have helped with her pain.

I have a foster lined up and things are looking promising but I am going to try and get her in to have the surgery ASAP because of how painful it is. She will need to be in the hospital for about a week for recovery. But hopefully she will be able to go to her new foster home soon. I will be raising support to help pay for her surgery and recovery. She is a wonderful,happy dog and deserves the right to be able to run and play without pain.

Foxy is one of the MOST adorable and loving dogs I have ever met!! She is HEALTHY, cuddly, polite, she loves to play, she knows Sit and up on hand motions, she comes when she is called. She is just the most lovable little baby ever. She loves to play with chew bones. She sleeps in her pen by her self and is house trained. She is a great dog and I hope she find a home very soon!! I've just been an emergency foster home, so she is looking for her long term foster home or her forever home!! please consider her :D She's a great dog :D

1/31 Foxy has been exploring my apartment for the last hour and is still interested in everything. She is a bit shy. It is obvious that she has been beat at some point and time which kills me, because she is soo Sweet!! She is very VERY friendly and loving and loyal as i can see. I am thinking that she is a Norwegian Lundehund. They are said to be athletic, agile, playful, loving, loyal and a friendly dog. She also LOOOOOVES to play fetch

1/22This little beauty is Foxy. She is currently at a wonderful vet in Cheonan. SHE IS GOING TO BE SENT TO A KILL SHELTER NEXT WEEK!!! She is in DESPERATE need of a foster home!! She was a stray and was brought to the hospital on 01/20/2013. She is very friendly and small. She reminded me of a fox because she is very quick. I am not sure how she will do on a leash or anything but she is very friendly! She is a little scared but let me pick her up and love on her. She is a wonderful dog! PLEASE PLEASE consider fostering or adopting her ASAP!! Fill out the application and send it to me. Thanks!!

~remaining food
~remaining pee pads
~'her' rug
~remaining treats

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Asan - 아산
Living Situation: With owners


turtlegal's picture

Was this little one found in Shinbu dong? I saw a dog very similar to her when I was looking at apartments near Sambu. She was in the apartment and the real estate agent almost let her out by accident!! Might be worth putting some posters up in the area...

Megan2024's picture

As far as I know yes!! i will be back at work on Monday and was planning on making some posters. I live at Sambu do you know what Apartment? thank you!!!

Megan2024's picture

Posters are up. Here's hoping. She's so wonderful!! i hope she gets her home soon either way

Megan2024's picture

Posters have been up for a week and she was at the vet for two weeks prior, She is officially up for adoption or another foster.

turtlegal's picture

Have you tried the building towards Sejong Wedding Hall? When you leave Sambu turn right and and take the first left. There are two new buildings on the right hand side. There was a dog similar to her (with an owner) in that area a while ago.

Megan2024's picture

Yes I've littered this area with posters.

Megan2024's picture

And will continue to since they get taken down pretty quickly

Megan2024's picture

918 views and still no one to foster her!? Please i do not want to send her to a shelter

megs's picture

That's rotten luck for the poor girl! I think it's great you're taking care of it now, though. I'm happy to donate; a dog that young needs to be out playing all the time. :)

Karen's picture

Sorry folks, when I deleted the double posting the reply went with it!

Megan2024 said:

Thank you so much!! I know She is so wonderful and Loves so much to just play
around it's awful I will totally let you know when and how. I'm meeting with
someone to work all of that out.

Megan2024's picture

Haha Thanks Karen!

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Foxy is SUCH a lovely doggy! I would like to commend Megan on saving her from going to a kill-shelter and taking such good care of her, as well as finding her a new foster. Sometimes situations go beyond our control and things such, finding a new foster home for Foxy was urgent and imperative. I will be assisting Megan to create a fundraiser so that Foxy can have the surgery she needs. Please keep checking back here and we will be sure to keep everyone updated on this sweetheart!

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Please help us cover the costs of Foxy's surgery:

megs's picture

She's absolutely adorable. I don't know why no one has snatched her up. That tail and those ears! CUTE!!!

ClareSA's picture

Many of my students have been dropping by to visit Foxy...I can't be sure who is more excited with each visit Foxy or the Kids?!!!

Loving the young ones...
ClareSA's picture

Hanging out with her new buddies..

playing fetch
megs's picture

I never realized how small she is. She looks like she could even fly carry-on. I bet most Korean landlords would be more open to a dog of that size than, say, an Irish Wolfhound. And how good she is with the kids! She's just a little sponge for their affection. ^^

ClareSA's picture

Yes, she is really small...curls up on my lap at nights. I'm pretty sure she can be carry on in a flight (at least I hope so). LOL, well size does seem to matter here. Foxy loves kids, like really LOVES!'s so cute... I invited some students over to play with her and they enjoyed it so much that they are inviting their friends over too. She goes in to a happiness over drive when the come in...