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Oh, hello :)
Peanut checking out his foster sister, Frida, while laying in his favorite position.Being a puppy is tough work!As soon as I sit on the floor, Peanut comes to sit with meCuddling with foster mamaIt is guaranteed that I will have a puppy in my lap if I sit down.What a cute, chubby little boyPeanut likes to put his toys on his pee pad trayAwwwwwww :)

Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown & White
  • Good with dogs
Adoption Status: Adopted

UPDATE: 30 January, 2014
AWESOME NEWS!!! Peanut was adopted on Tuesday! He is now with his forever family in Seoul <3 In addition to a loving forever mom and dad, Peanut also now has 1.5 year old human sister :) I've received a couple updates from his new family, and everyone seems very happy together. I will post pictures his adoptive family in the next couple of days!

CONGRATULATIONS Peanut, Jennie, Chris, and Ayla!!

UPDATE: 20 January, 2014
Peanut has been with me in his new foster home since this past Saturday (the 18th). He is doing so well! He has a new foster sister here, and after figuring out their respective roles in my home, they are getting along fabulously. They especially like to play tug-of-war together with a rope toy.

Peanut isn't really a peanut anymore. He's more of..... a macadamia nut. He's a bit of a lazy fellow, and since he can't go outside yet, he's becoming quite the chubby little puppy! :) It's really very endearing. His favorite pastime is cuddling on a human's lap. Peanut is a snuggle monster! After a big dinner, he also enjoys laying on his back with his ears flopped back. ADORABLE.

Peanut visited the vet this past Monday to get his second round of puppy shots. He is currently up-to-date on vaccinations, and is due back for his next round on February 3rd!

On Monday (Dec. 30th), all the pups went for their first vet visit to be dewormed and vaccinated. We are looking for sponsors to help cover the costs of this visit. It's only 30 or 40,000 won per pup so if you are feeling full of the holiday giving spirit, contact me ([email protected]).


Meet Peanut. He is one of 5 puppies delivered on November 19th by Molly who is also up for adoption ( All puppies will be able to leave their mom January 14 (at 8 weeks old) but if anyone is interested in adopting you are welcome to make the arrangements ahead of time. If you would like to visit any of the puppies in Bundang you need to send me an adoption application first. You don't need to agree to adopt before you see them but you do need to go through an initial screening process. The puppies deserve the best!:) You can get the adoption application here: Please send it to [email protected]

The puppies' mother is a small (10-12kg) brown and white dog. I'm not sure about the father. Here is a brief description of each puppy:

Peanut: brown and white boy. Peanut has a white stripe on his head. 958 grams as of December 8. Peanut is the most laid back of the group. He loves to eat and he and Brownie are Angel's little sidekicks, following her around. :)

Brownie: brown and white girl. 928 grams as of December 8. Brownie has a heart-shaped white patch on her head. Like Peanut, Brownie loves to eat and sometimes follow around Angel. Brownie is somewhat adventurous and active.

Bear: mostly black with white on tummy. Boy. 851 grams as of December 8. Bear is adventurous and cuddly and likes people. He looks like teddy bear. He initiates play time. He acts like a bear by going off to sleep by himself. Bear is the most vocal.

Angel (Sugar): white with some tan colored spots that seem to be developing. Girl. 868 grams as of December 8. The leader of the pack, she is adventurous and the most independent. She seems to be developing faster than the others.

Sprout: all white with tan colored ears. Girl. The runt of the litter. 540 grams as December 8. Sprout is a little behind the others in terms of development. She likes to be near to someone and close to mom but will no doubt grow out of this soon. She likes to cuddle with Bear more than the others.

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: With owners


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Peanut! I love it. :)

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Gah! He's soooooo cute!!!! I'm so glad that he and Frida are happy together & playing now.