just hanging out  - June 2014Happy but Tired after walk time.  - June 2014LOVES people and cuddles  - June 2014Jan 2014 - Photo by Stephanie I.awesome "stupid tooth" that pokes out sometimes when she closes her mouth.  - June 2014Beautiful Molly  - June 2014 - June 2014CUDDLES  - June 2014TOOFY GRIN!!! haha... her skew teeth and underbite - June 2014TOOFY GRIN!!! haha... her skew teeth and underbite - June 2014Stunning Molly! Photo by Stephanie I.Molly likes to be petted ^.^Molly is very friendly, she licked my son when he cuddled herMolly is such a friendly  and gentle girl.Pretty Molly is so calm and gentle.Molly right after giving birthMolly is such a good mommyMolly is not aggressive towards people at all. Even when it comes to her puppies! She let my daughter pet the puppies and didn't even growl when she tried to climb in the basket with her.Jan 2014 - Photo by Stephanie I.Molly & her foster brother :) April 2014Molly & her foster brother :) April 2014Chillin' - April 2014Good Girl  - June 2014Play time - June 2014

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Brown & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

MOLLY --> This little lady is estimated about 2-3 years old. She is incredible!!!
She is one of the friendliest dogs i have ever encountered, and LOVES people so much.
Molly has had a very rough ride. Here is the summary of her life:
She was abandoned sometime in 2013 and found in October 2013 as a stray. In 8 months she has been through 7 foster homes and a training center and is now in her 8th, and last foster home! She needs to be spayed asap, if you can donate towards the costs please contact Clare at [email protected]. Follow her progress and share this page so we can find Molly's family asap ---- I honestly do not know who wouldn't love a dog like Molly!

For those who would like to adopt Molly, forever, please complete the application form as thoroughly as possible ( and send it to the people listed under "contacts" below.


UPDATES from her 8th foster home:
(To read her story from the beginning please start from the bottom of this page)

29 July 2014:
Molly is uterus-free, cone-free and stitch-free... healed perfectly, and back to her exceptionally cuddly, sweet little self.
She is a wonderfully polite little lady, and has been even more cuddly than usual lately.
PLEASE Adopt Molly if you are looking for a gentle, fun pet.

11 July 2014:
MOLLY GOT SPAYED - !! Whoop! She is being checked out today and tomorrow (the first 2 days after her spaying) but the vet says that it all went very well.


03 July 2014:
Molly is shedding... poor girl is losing her fluff all over the house and all I can think about is how BOILING HOT she must be. She loves to be brushed, and let's me brush her LOTS all over! She has no trust problems, and is SO patient while I harass her with the brush and try and get rid of some of her fluffy coat.
She stands totally still during bath time as well, and goes kinda nuts afterwards, rolling around and running back and forth - she must love being clean :P haha.

We are walking Molly mostly at night, to try an minimize how anxious(over excited) and distracted she is outside and it's working well. She is really good on the leash now and responds very well to vocal guidance. We trying to get her a little more fit so she runs with us for as long as she can. The vet says once Molly is spayed she will feel less stressed outside (less threatened by other animals) - we really want to get her spayed asap but do not have the 420,000won we need to do so. If anyone is willing to donate to Molly's surgery PLEASE let me know through private message.
Sometimes I marvel at how loving, loyal, patient and innocent she is after the life that she has endured so far...She deserves the best, and i really hope she finds a family who make her happiness their priority.

26 June 2014:
The other day while Mollster and I were out for a little walk, about 10 young kids (from age 2-6 years old) started shouting "mong-mongi" and running up to Molly one by one. Some of the kids had no parental supervision and were throwing their popcorn at Molly's face to try and feed her, others were scared of her and shrieking a lot while running around and tapping her, one or two were stroking her and being kind and another was trying to pull and play with her puffy tail...I let this happen for a little while as I wanted to see Molly's reaction, and I was monitoring her carefully to pick her up or move quickly should she get bothered.
Well... she wasn't bothered at all!!! She was a little confused at first, but then just really wanted pats and love, she tolerated the shouting and screaming and unintentional teasing, and even rolled over on the ground for the one little girl who was stroking her. Then she saw a pigeon and dashed to try catch it - sending all the kids scattering and yelling as if Godzilla had appeared.

Anyway... moral of the story, Molly LOVE ALL PEOPLE! Even the very young, screaming and teasing kind! She doesn't like visiting the vet - she must feel very vulnerable and scared coz she starts growling and needs to be muzzled when they want to give her shots and draw blood - the vet thinks Molly was probably attacked and now is overly cautious of all other animals. She has a high prey drive as well.
Despite her social issues with animals, she is a real love bug, and just so incredibly affectionate an willing to please her people, and any other people she has met.

We are working on what to feed her still - she doesn't really know what to make of dry food... but we are mixing in a little hot water and a scoop or two of canned food for her, which when made just right she guzzles down in no time!!! so hopefully we can get her used to the dry food and wet, or cooked food will be for special occasions.

Sweetheart is waiting for you... come give her the perfect home that she so deserves!

16 June 2014
Molly has been loving her late night walks/jogs. She even does hill sprints with us on her leash and we always walk up the stairs to the 10th floor on our way back home so she is an active dog!! Active and very quiet, in fact completely silent - I have still never heard her bark... Only growl/grumble a little - and while she is active outdoors she is very calm indoors... Just snoozes and lazes about, comes for a cuddle or two, and likes to lie somewhere where she can see you. She is still very distracted and on the look out for other dogs when we are outside, and reacts when she sees them, but no growling or barking... Just pulling. Today she rolled over when my husband reprimanded her for scrambling/tugging me toward another dog so she is showing submissive behaviour and is very eager to please. Poor girl must have had a frightening experience that has made her unnecessarily protective of her people. We working on it... But she is SUCH A LOVE BUG towards every person she meets. I am constantly stopping for the admiring public to pet her. Best part about fostering Molly so far: Morning cuddles and the amazing welcome homes we get...we love Molly!!


9 June 2014
Molly is a pleasure, and really really really loves her people and her cuddles :)


3 June 2014
Molly has been with us since 10 pm on Friday night, it is now Tuesday and I am completely, 100% in love with her!! While being in love, I am also constantly astounded... my husband and I often find ourselves asking each other "who wouldn't want a dog like this?", in utter disbelief, because we really cannot sing her praises enough.
The only, minor issue Molly has is that she feels quite threatened by other dogs and we are working on her leash reactivity/aggression. Bath time, she stands perfectly still, trusts you to wash all over with no problem, and stays calm the entire time... until afterwards, once she is towel dried she runs around and wants lots of cuddles! She obeys and follows vocal commands easily, and knows "come", "sit", "stay", "stop", "up" - she jumps onto the bed or chair only when invited, "off" - when I want her off the bed she listens first time. Molly will sit and wait for her food, and only eats when she gets the signal that it is okay. She is completely quiet... only getting up and checking at the window or door when she thinks she hears something or when neighbours dogs are barking she might growl quietly... but she settles down when you reassure her. She sleeps in her bed, never messes indoors, and comes for morning cuddles to wake us up and let us know that it's time for her walk.
At the moment Molly stay alone at home for about 8 hours a day with no signs of separation anxiety at all. She is a dream! And when I get home I love how lady-like yet goofy she is when she welcomes me! We walk her 2-3 times a day, morning and evening, and she loves to run a little and spend her energy so she needs an owner who can maybe take her for short jogs or is willing to run around and play a bit. Indoors she is 100% submissive to us and obedient, but outdoors her attention span is short and she is highly distracted and on the look out for other dogs. When there is another dog off leash I pick her up, and let them interact from a safe distance... Molly whimpers and growls when she cannot get to the other dog. For dogs on leash she pulls toward them, but we try distract her with treats and keep moving.

If you are looking for a medium sized, loving, loyal, cuddly, clever bundle of soft fur and skew teeth, Molly is your girl. She will need a passionate, gentle, and protective parent that promises to show her how special she is every day!!

Here is a video of one of the first times we took her for a walk:

5 May 2014
"She is one of the most assertive, but confident smaller dogs I've ever met. She is not a yappy or jumpy or nervous dog you would normally see in dogs her size. She can sit down calmly try to understand what you want her to do for a treat or acceptance." ~ Molly's foster mom.

We would really love to help her foster mom with the cost of the spay, so if you are interested in donating towards this, please contact me via e-mail on [email protected].
Thank you to Molly's friends: Kim, Stephanie, Meghann & Leslie we have W265,000 to put towards her spay surgery so far. ^^

14 April 2014
Molly is doing so well in foster care! Please check out her new photos. She loves her foster brother and does well with other dogs and strangers. What a gem!

Update: 24 March 2014
Molly is doing wonderfully in foster care! Read this FANTASTIC update from Molly's foster mom & enjoy!

I've had Molly for two weeks now and this is my assessment of her so far:

Dogs - I can say she can be in a house with other dogs and possibly cats. As you know I have a big, intimidating-looking dog (he's a teddy bear, hence his name), but Molly can stand on her own. She will let him know what's acceptable and what's not with a growl and even a snap. You don't have to worry about her. She's a small dog, but is not easily intimidated by big or small dogs. She is not a push over but not aggressive toward any dog. She will do well among other animals. She will not drown among other animals. She is full of energy, but mellows down and looks for a small space to curl up and sleep. She is not food possessive at all, and never bit me or anyone else since I've had her. She has snapped at my other dog when he encroached on her share of her food, but then Teddy deserved it.

Water - I gave her a bath the first week, even though I could tell she recently had a bath in the last month. I have to say Molly impressed me like no other dog when giving her a bath. She stands absolutely still when receiving a bath! She doesn't panic or run away from water; she's very calm in that environment and that's refreshing. She's so gentle, it made it quick and efficient to give her a bath. It was actually a pleasure bathing and brushing her. I think she just likes being pampered in any form.

People - Molly can easily be adaptable to any home. She's a small dog, so doesn't take a lot of room for exercise. She's active enough dog where she enjoys playing around the house, but then lays down to sleep for most of the day. Molly is most at ease nearest you wherever you are in the house. I cook in the kitchen, and she can always be found near my feet. I'm watching TV, she's curled up sleeping near the ottoman. I'm working at my desk, Molly is under the desk quietly slumbering. She only wants to be near you.

Commands - Molly came to me knowing her name. She has better recall than my adopted dog. She's exposed to lots of people, kids, other dogs and cats around my town, and she's never shown any aggression. She will come to you. Molly proven she's a smart little devil and can easily harness that energy into simple, practical commands. She is food motivated, so can learn any trick with a little treat and positive reinforcement.

House Training - It took a week to retrain her on housebreaking but that's to be expected with so much turmoil she's endured recently. She now understands what is acceptable, and she seems to get it now. I reintroduced her to the crate, and she took to it immediately. I now have her sleeping in my room next to my bed, and she sleeps through the night with no incidents.

Temperament - If Molly had a hard life prior to me, she doesn't seem to carry that emotional baggage like other animals. She's not timid or aggressive. She's confident enough to come up to you when you call her name. She has no problem approaching strangers she feels comfortable. Molly is just the right temperament for any owner, new or experienced.

We would really love to help her foster mom with the cost of the spay, so if you are interested in donating towards this, please contact me via e-mail on [email protected].
Thank you to Molly's friends: Kim, Stephanie & Meghann we have W115,000 to put towards her spay surgery so far. ^^

13 March 2014
Molly was moved from the school into foster care yesterday, 12 March. Her 7th foster home... 8th if you include the training school...She is in heat at the moment but will be spayed when it is safe to do so.
Molly is settling in well and is getting used to having a (BIG) doggy brother. ( ^^ Lovely!!

15 Feb 2014
Molly's friend Julie went to visit her & this is what she said:
"Molly is doing really well at the school. She is pretty underweight.. so they are trying to help her gain some weight. She is so friendly and so smart!"

7 February 2014
Molly's 6th home (refer below) lasted about 1 day before becoming severely allergic to Molly. Out of desperation, Molly is now at the training centre where she will stay for a month. (Thank you Stephanie, for sponsoring half of the fee!) The trainer says Molly is doing well and has uploaded some photos which I will post in the comments section below. Molly REALLY needs a FOREVER home. She has been through a lot, and with each transition she has to make it will be more and more distressing for her. The next person who takes her in really needs to be patient and understand the ups and downs little Molly has had in her life, and give her some time to adjust. I guarantee that she will be the most wonderful little family member, if given the chance.

25 Jan 2013
Molly has had quite a rough ride. Here is a quick summary of her life:
1. She was abandoned.
2. She was picked up by a kind lady (home # 2) & adopted out to someone (home # 3).
3. She had "surprise" puppies & her adopter no longer wanted her, or her puppies. He threatened to send them to a shelter. (Can you even imagine?!) Luckily, Julie stepped in and found a foster home for Molly & her pups and also found donors to sponsor all the things that the new mommy and her babies needed. Great!
4. The new foster mom (home # 4) was an emergency situation, as she was leaving for the USA exactly at the weaning date of Molly's pups.
5. As of a week ago, Molly was separated from her (weaned) pups and went into a new foster home (# 5) with no other animals. She has been displaying some separation anxiety and her current foster mom's landlord has told her she is not allowed animals in the apartment. (I am sure that her anxiety is somewhat related to being taken from her pups too.)
6. This brings us to home # 6 (!!) which Molly will be moving to tomorrow. There she will have some doggy siblings and we HOPE that she will be fostered here until her forever home is found. I think she deserves it, don't you??

Five homes in the space of 3-4 months would not do anyone any good, yet she takes it in her stride and continues to be an absolute love-bug. Understandably, she gets upset when her foster mom leaves her at home alone. With some consistent work to help ease her anxiety I feel that she will adjust very quickly. All she needs is some stability in her life, poor little girl!

For those interested in how to deal with separation anxiety, the following e-book was recommended to me by Karolina Facchin (dog trainer) & I have found it immensely useful with my fosters: Please follow Molly's progress as she moves into her 6th home tomorrow. Good luck Molly! We hope you find your perfect family soon.


Written by Molly's initial rescuer:

3 December 2013:
Molly is back in foster care after being adopted and then having surprise puppies! When she was with me she went to the vet twice, once for a checkup and once for vaccines and both times the vet said she was not pregnant. Then, about 2 weeks after being adopted she had 5 puppies! Her adopter could not keep her as well as the puppies and he was going to have to take her and her puppies to a shelter if a home could not be found by the weekend (only 2 days!) So I reached out on the ARK facebook page and found the wonderful Gina Kim, who is currently fostering the pups until they are 8 weeks and can be adopted. But after 8 weeks Molly, too, will need a forever home. She is so sweet and gentle, loves to sit and cuddle with you and follow you around to lay at your feet. She is soft and beautiful and is making such a good mother. After a couple of weeks she gets along with dogs her own size, though she growls in the beginning.

23 October 2013
Molly is showing a lot of progress with other dogs, she is growling less and less and even plays with my miniature poodle in the morning! She shows no signs of food aggression with people and lets me take her food away from her. She is doing well learning to walk on a leash and using the bathroom outside. I would love to find Molly a good home before she bonds with us too much so that she doesn't get a sense of abandonment again. She is eating dog food now as well.

October 2013:
This is Molly, a stray, likely abandoned, female dog. Molly had been hanging around my house for a couple of weeks, sleeping wandering around, getting into garbage for food during the day and sleeping outside in the cold at night. She was covered in dirt and a bit on the thin side. After a few weeks of waiting to see if she would go home we realized that she did not have a home to go back to. We called her to us and she came over, happy to be petted. We slipped a leash on which she didn't like but didn't really struggle against and we took her into our home. The first thing we did, of course, is feed her but she didn't eat. We figured out that she didn't know that dog food was edible so we gave her scraps which she gobbled down. Then we gave her a bath. Coming out of the bath she looked like a new dog, her brown and white coat is shiny and silky, if a little in need of grooming. We walked around our neighborhood and the surrounding area asking if Molly belonged to anyone but no one claimed her or knew her. We also took her to the vet to check for a microchip but she did not have one. The vet let us know that Molly is 3 years old or younger and that, while she has been pregnant before, she is not now. Molly is such a good and gentle dog, she lays quietly at my feet all day whether I am doing dishes or sitting on the couch watching TV. every now and then sitting up to ask for a pet. I have been training her to walk on a leash and she walks much better now. She has had only one accident in our house, the first day she came in, the rest of the time she goes outside to use the restroom.

Molly likes to cuddle and is good with my 5 and 1 year old children (we have let them play with her, supervised.) Molly would be best in a home without other dogs or a home that would be willing to introduce her slowly to other dogs that are about her size because she does growl at my dogs when they get too close. With people though, she is happy to get held, petted and cuddled. Please consider making Molly a part of your family!

Adoption Fee: ₩150,000
Location: Anyang - 안양
Living Situation: In foster care


Karen's picture

It's great of you to help this sweet pup! Have you looked around for her owner in case she was lost, not abandoned? This page has some tips on what to do:

Please let us know what you've tried. Thanks!

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We have looked for the owner quite a bit around our neighborhood as well as taken her to see if she has a microchip.

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Thank you for explaining. She's really lucky to find you!

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Hi Holly what is her personality like?

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Hi, Holly! I will be creating profiles for all of Molly's puppies. Since Molly and the puppies are living together and people will be asking me questions about Molly it would make a lot of sense if you would allow me to take ownership of Molly's profile as well. I've got a lot of experience both adopting and fostering animals through ARK (you can check out profiles of my animals if you click on my name) and I can promise I'll find Molly a wonderful home once her puppies are old enough to be separated from her. It would really help me out and it would take the responsibility off you if I could take over this profile. Let me know. Thanks! :)

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Molly has the most awesome and epic tail I've ever seen. I'm actually jealous.

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Molly's been home with me now for a few hours and she's such a sweetheart. She really loves people (doesn't seem all that keen on dogs but she's not aggressive) and she's so beautiful too. The pictures don't do her justice. Here are a couple of photos of her new set up. I'll have more, hopefully better, photos soon :)

Molly's nook!
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Here are some photos of Molly at the school.

Pretty Molly ^^Pretty Molly ^^Pretty Molly ^^Pretty Molly ^^Pretty Molly ^^
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Molly was so sweet to me and it was actually during a nap we took together when she was curled up right on my pillow that I realized how allergic I was to her. She's loves people and really deserves a chance at a good home. Someone please help!

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Molly is doing really well at the school. She is pretty underweight.. so they are trying to help her gain some weight. She is so friendly and so smart!


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Molly at the training school =) Feb 15th

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Any pictures of Molly and her big brother?! Would love to see!

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Molly is now in foster care with us in Anyang, and we are working on her leash aggression (which so far has not been too severe) and on her training in general.


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Excellent, excellent video! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

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Great job! Molly is looking like she's been improving. ^^

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Awesome, Nadine! Thank you!

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I loooove the Molly videos!