NuNu (누렁이)

Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted


Nunu is the male puppy from 'The Darlings'. He is about 9 weeks old and weighs in at a small 1.58kgs.

Nunu came back to my house last night with his sister. So far he is settling in well. He has a big appetite and loves to chase balls! Nunu has a clean bill of health and is with me in a very temporary foster situation so that he isn't exposed to any nasties before he is fully vaccinated.

Nunu is such a handsome boy! He has such a striking face and beautiful light eyes!

Nunu needs to find his forever home as soon as possible! He also needs a more stable foster environment~!

If you are interested in adopting or fostering NuNu, please read the guidelines:

and fill out and application from here:

[email protected]

UPDATE: July 15th

NuNu is so much fun! When I let him out of the pen he runs around and around it! He loves playing and his little face is just irresistable! He only barks when he is playing with his sister or if I'm standing in front of their pen and not touching them. He certainly is passionate about eating and I think he is gaining weight well! He is a really smart boy and figured out how to get kibble from a slow release toy pretty quickly!

UPDATE: July 18th

NuNu gave us a scare last night! He seemed really fatigued and wasn't looking so flash.. we rushed him to the vet and had him tested for everything! ...... It turns out he was a little piggy that over ate and had given himself a tummy ache... He is happy and bouncing around today! He has also put on weight! He's now about 2.4kgs at 10 weeks.

He needs to find his forever home!

UPDATE: July 20th

NuNu went to the vet for his second round of vaccinations today! He is happy and healthy! He is a quiet little guy that slowly opens up to new people and surroundings. He also had his first bath today! He wasn't too keen on it, but he did really well.

NuNu needs a foster or forever home ASAP. He is at a perfect age to start training and in just a few weeks he will be able to have his 3rd round of shots and will be able to go outside!

UPDATE: July 29th

Yesterday, Nunu went into his new foster home! Yay!
He now has 2 kitten brothers! He is doing well and has settled in nicely. It is just a foster home though, he is still looking for his forever family~!

Please consider sharing your home with this little fella. He is such a sweet little guy!

UPDATE September 15th:

Nunu is getting bigger! He is doing well in his foster home and is getting along with his kitten siblings well. He is a really sweet little guy, just a little shy at times.

UPDATE: September 27th

Here is an update from Nunu's foster family:

"Nunu has begun learning basic commands like come, sit, and lay down. He is socializing really well with new dogs he meets, people, while still loving anytime time he spends with our foster cats. We almost never hear Nunu bark! This cuddle-bug will be a great family-member for the right loving family. He is also going to the bathroom outside which we are Very excited about, still using his pee-pads when needed but he seems to prefer waiting to go outside when we take him morning and night."

UPDATE: November 27th

Nunu has now advanced to roll-over, leave it and shake a paw! He has fallen in love with our new foster kitty Grey, after our last two Nose and Mouth went to a forever home. He has also started socializing really well with dogs of different sizes at the dog park. He is a little timid with people he first meets but once he warms up he wiggles in delight and wants to lick your ears when he sees you. Nunu has also met some children at the park recently, which usually turns into long games of tag. He's a healthy smart boy looking for his forever family.

UPDATE: December 6th

Nunu was a little concerned about the recent cold weather but has adjusted and still loves long play sessions at the park. His seems to have stopped growing, and is about 6-7 months old. He loves to wrestle with Grey and any dog at the park, the bigger the better it seems. He is not a big eater, but loves his special treats :)

UPDATE: January 7th

On the weekend Nunu went to his forever home! Yay! He is now living on Jeju Island with his new daddy! So far, so good. We will check in with them in a few days and hopefully be able to changed Nunu's profile to 'adopted!' YAY!


He has sass!



Adoption Fee: ₩130,000
Location: Daejeon - 대전
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


Danichingu's picture

He is SO cute! I wish I could adopt him!! But I'm not in Korea now, and right now live with my parents, what a shame!! He's so beautiful the family who adopts him is so lucky they don't even know!!

kennethaskew's picture

i'm very interested in adopting nunu, but the only problem is i am in daegu with no transportation to get up to incheon

jtaylor's picture

Hi, he is now in foster care in daejeon ~ much closer to you. You can get from Daegu to daejeon by train =)

matthew4694's picture

I spent the afternoon with sweet NuNu and gave him a chance to get used to time on his leash. We explored the neighborhood near City Hall and got LOTS of attention hanging out at Coffee Nori.

He was pretty scared early on, but later we were with another dog named "Peanut" and they got along famously. Hopefully his stay in foster care will be a short one!

matthew4694's picture

NuNu has become quite the traveler! He is learning so much every day, too. On a recent trip with foster parents Olivia and Cheymus (and Uncle Matty), Nunu visited the famous Jindo Bridge for the Festival there. After spending time on the island around other native dogs, we began to wonder if Nunu isn't at least part Jindo?

Either way, he attracts a lot of attention wherever he goes. Hopefully someone will open up their homes to this sweet puppy.

Robin's picture

I met Nunu this weekend. He is such a sweetie!

lindaluuu's picture

i reallllly want to adopt him, willing to take the train to get this cutiepie!

drkim81's picture

2nd November, 2013
Nunu is doing well~ :)

clare_bell's picture

Hi guys, I was looking at Nunu's profile because I was wondering why on earth he hasn't been adopted yet. Then I saw that there have been no updates in the recent past. Just some constructive criticism here, it would help HUGELY if you had more info on him, his personality, quirks, more photos, more videos. I'd love to see this guy in a forever home soon! :) Pleeeeease give us some more info on this adorable little boy! :) And thanks for all the hard work you've put into him!

matthew4694's picture

Having spent a lot of time with Nunu recently as a doting "uncle", I am also wondering why this handsome puppy has not been snatched up yet for his forever home?

He has come a long way since arriving in foster care in Daejeon and is a very active and healthy boy. He is very smart and so sweet with his kitty roommate, Earl Grey. He loves to hike, run in the park (especially with kids), and now does terrific on his leash in and around town. Nunu is also scheduled to be neutered in early December so he would make a terrific stocking (or backpack) stuffer!

Here of some new pictures and another video clip to show you just what I mean.

drkim81's picture

Oh my god what a cute doggy!!!!
I love him!!!!!

clare_bell's picture

For some reason I only saw this now! SOOOO cute! Thanks Uncle Matt!

matthew4694's picture
matthew4694's picture

(Earl) Grey's profile can be viewed here:

jtaylor's picture

Nunu is still available for adoption, if you are interested in adopting him please email me: [email protected]