Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Male
Breed: Unknown / Other Breed
Colour: Grey
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Microchipped
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

*Update 7th February, 2014 by Suyoun
Earl Grey has been adopted to Chelsea.
Grey was very shy at the meeting at the first meeting. He didn't show up to Chelsea much time and then she went back home.
Chelsea had a time to think of the adoption and gave to the answer to Olivia.
She searched information of the attitude for that shy cats and decided to be a big-hearted mom for him.
Thank you so much and we all hope Grey to be happy with you forever.
Thanks Olivia took him to Seoul in person. You and Cheymus are the greatest foster parent ever!

*Update 15th February, 2014 by Suyoun
Earl Grey had a neutering surgery today.
Olivia keeps watching him after surgery and he had a meal. :)
I will update news again!

*Update 3rd February, 2014 by Suyoun
Long time no see Earl Grey~
Nunu dogi has been adopted so Grey is alone at a foster home.
Grey is becoming more and more lovey and seeking human attention more since Nunu is gone.
Olivia, foster mom, will start fostering another dog from this Wednesday. Yay~
I'm going to update pictures of them soon.
Grey will start getting vaccination and prepare neutering with foster mom~

*Update 1st January, 2014 by Suyoun
Happy New Year!!!
I updated new pictures of Grey today.
He is doing great with Nunu and still finding great parent.
Please look at his new pictures~
This is message from a foster mom, Olivia.
"Grey (or Earl Grey as we call him) is growing fast! he loves food; and has started talking over the past few weeks--not really meowing but little squeaks while he's playing. Watching him play is hilarious--he runs full-tilt around the apartment, squeaking, wrestling Nunu (our foster dog) and stealing hair elastics. That's his addiction: Hair Elastics. Don't know how or why it started, but he will go to great measures to discover my stashes.
He has also come out of his shell a lot! However he won't approach anyone he isn't familiar with, and cuddle time is when he choose it is. When he is in the mood, he'll lie down and just bask in attention. He still has never bitten or scratched us, he's more of a 'take flight if in danger', kinda guy. I hope this beautiful boy settles into a new home soon. And that's another thing- he has the softest fur I have ever seen on a cat, some hybrid between long and short hair mixed with different shades of grey."

*Information of Grey
Date : 25th September, 2013
location : Asan city
Gender : Male
Age : 3 months(0.6kg)
Memo : Weared sticky stuff on the body.

20th November, 2013
Take a look at Great Grey!
He is growing up and looked very comfortable.
His foster mom, Olivia living in Daejeon, said that he is doing well. He still has a little sneezing but it will be fine soon.
As you see, he seems like a special breed not domestic short hair.
Please considering to be a parent for him!

*Update 6th November, 2013 by Suyoun
Look at Grey beside of Nunu dogie!
Grey is still sick with herpes but need to get some rest at a foster home for a while.
foster mom will keep checking him and do best.

*Update 4th November, 2013 by Suyoun
Grey has been moved to a foster home in Daejeon.
His foster parent has an experience to foster Mang&Hyang(
They are great foster parent and give a big opportunity to cats for living with Nunu dog.(
He is only 1.6kg now and has a kind of herpes symptoms but will be fine soon.
(I took Grey to the vet before moving to foster home and the vet gave me a medicine of herpes.)

*Update 24th December, 2013 by Suyoun
Grey still needs a forever home.
It's been a long time to take him to a foster home. I already miss him. :)
If you are interested in this beautiful special Earl Grey, do not hesitate mail us.
Happy Christmas!

*Update 19th October, 2013 by Suyoun
He looks like the other sort of cat not korean short hair.
His inside hair is white and out is grey.
He is still little shy but likes petting with people. :)

*Update 12th October, 2013 by Suyoun
Grey is little shy to people, so I'd like to make he is getting used to be with people.
Fostering care is good for shy cats like Grey.
His hair looks grey color. I guess his parent was Russian blue. :)

*Update 9th October, 2013 by Suyoun
Grey has been rescued by 911.
He was in the market and catched by 끈끈이(it's for catching mouse)
Mr.Park washed him with oil to clear sticky things and he is doing well.
Please be a parent for Grey.

If you are interested in fostering this cat
please read the Asan Cat Fostering Guidelines first ( and send a completed application form, available here (
to Suyoun ([email protected]) and Daisy ([email protected])

If you're interested in ADOPTING this cat
please read the ARK Adoption Process guidelines and send a completed adoption application form ( to Suyoun ([email protected]) and Daisy ([email protected])

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Daejeon - 대전
Living Situation: In foster care


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19th October, 2013
He is getting used with people. :)
We cliped his nails and pet him as well.

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2nd November, 2013
I took Grey to a foster home. It took about 2 hours but he never cried at least once.
He will stay with Nunu dog, so it helps him to get more chance to be adopted. :)
Thanks Olivia and Cheymus. you guys are great person for Asan shelter cats and dogs!

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Lovely Greay is in the post card!