Gang-Ja (강자)

 Hoping by next Christmas I will be with my permanent family! See ya soonallergic reaction to CATS

Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Terrier (American Pit Bull)
Size: Large (over 20 kg)
Colour: Brown
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Gang-Ja is a super sweet Pitbull Terrier. She loves people and other dogs. PLEASE NOTE: Pit Bulls are NOT ALLOWED on any US Military Installations in Korea. They are banned from the UK, Japan, Germany and some US counties. Gangja needs a forever home that this won't be an issue with. *I am willing to sponsor the cost of international MICROCHIPPING for her new adoptive parent(s).

Health status: approx. 5 years old, healthy, heartworm negative, on monthly heartworm preventatives, spayed, & weighs a healthy 32kg.

April 2: Gangja has gone through SEVERAL name tags on her collar. I have bought a half dozen or so but they just can't seem to stay on her collar. Partly because she likes to get a good back scratch from the two bushes on her potty walks and they seem to fall off then. I have been able to retrieve a few but some have been lost forever. Thus, she needs to be microchipped soon! I prefer to wait for her adoptive parent(s) but may not be able to. I never let her off leash, but it makes me a bit paranoid not being able to keep a tag on her. I know she'll still need one even when she has the microchip, but at least they'd be able to contact me if she has a chip. She continues to take her monthly heartworm, flea/tick preventatives and we are looking forward to the spring so we can get out and frolic a bit more.

March 25: I made it back from vacation. Gangja had a little anxiety while I was gone but we are already back to normal. This just demonstrates how she thrives with a regular routine and schedule. The weather is warming up and Gangja loves to go on long walks. Unfortunately, I work long hours so I am hoping someone is looking for all Gangja has to offer and gives her a forever home very soon. It's just not fair to her. She deserves a home where someone can let her get out and about during the day. She has so much love to share and is very eager to learn what pleases you. She is prepped and ready to learn your routine and share her love with you! Please consider sharing your life with Gangja today.

March 10: Gangja is officially crate trained! It took a lot less time than I had expected and believe it's in part to the nice big crate she has. She has become a bit more playful and it's fun to watch her sweet, fun-loving, personality continue to develop. I will be out of country for 9 days and she will be looked after by a couple people who are active in the rescue community. Thus, if you contact me between March 15-23, it may be a day or two before I get back with you. I will have access to email while on vacation, but it will be a bit more limited than usual. I hope this doesn't detour anyone from still considering Gangja for their fur-ever companion. Will update upon my return.

March 2: Gangja got a bath, her monthly heartworm & flea &tick preventatives today. She is also getting comfortable with a new, larger crate. We will start official crate training today. She seems to get more and more hilarious as time goes by. This week she has started really whipping her plush toys back and forth while playing. (shaking her head side to side to play with them and fling them across the room). People in my apartment complex have really taken to Gangja as well. The other day, my dog walker was walking Gangja when the apartment manager said to her, "Hey, that's the dog from (my apt #), where did you get her." My dog walker is Korean so there weren't any communication issues and the situation was easily resolved. Good to know that people are looking out for her. Also, people of all ages always want to play with her, even if they are a bit scared at first. I even have one person who requests that I let him know when I plan to walk Gangja so that his elementary school daughters can enjoy her company... She has developed quite the positive reputation around here! Happy about that as Pit Bulls far too often get a bad rap. I am sure that when she gets a forever home, people around her new home will also follow suit in loving her.

Feb 22: Gangja has a dog walker who visits everyday. The dogwalker has a cat so we wanted to introduce them as she was potentially interested in adopting Gangja. We took about 30 minutes introducing them. When Gangja and I got home, Gangja immediately began to have swelling around her mouth and eyes, eyes watered and she broke out in hives. SHE IS ALLERGIC TO CATS. Being in the same house won't be possible but being around cat owners is ok. I took her to the vet, she got a shot and a two-day dose of oral meds. She cleared up after a few hours but really wanted to scratch scratch scratch until then.

Feb 11: Happy (Lunar) New Year! Gangja is officially complete on her vaccinations and is totally potty trained! YAY~ When she needs to go out, she will wait by the door and/or bring me my pants. Since she loves cloth things, I wasn't sure at first that she was signaling me. I thought she was trying to chew my pants, but I later figured it out. I guess it takes me a bit longer to be trained than it takes her.

Jan 23: "I am learning to enjoy my crate and even sleep all night in it. I spend half my days at home alone in it too. I don't bark, but I do occasionally make a whimper or two -- when I realize that doesn't work, I just relax and rest in my comfy new den. My foster mom is really happy with me because I rarely potty in the house (maybe once every 2 weeks- when I get off schedule) and she is even learning my signal to go out. I touch the door with my nose, aren't I smart!? Anyway, I am such a happy, healthy lady and I really want to give my new adoptive parent(s) the excited greetings I give my foster mom. My adoptive mom is great. I love her a lot and show her lots of affection, but I need a forever home where I won't have to spend 12 hours home alone at. I can easily stay in my crate for 6 hours with no problems, but I want to snuggle and roam around the house with my new family. Watch my videos and see what a great girl I am! ADOPT ME~ I WILL CHANGE YOUR MIND ABOUT BIG DOGS IN THE HOUSE~ I WAS MADE TO BE A HOUSE PRINCESS!!"

Gangja does have a mischevious side sometimes. She can reach the top of the table and if I leave food out, she will get it. She is an excellent dog and I have really enjoyed the love she shares with me. She DOESN'T BARK in the house and my neighbors all love to love on her. I know you, your family and friends will all fall in love with her too!

Jan 13: Gangja received her second round of vaccinations today. She found some kids to play with and even a small child (about 4 yrs old) played with her. She played very well. She continues to blossom and become even more socialized. I recently bought a crate and am working on the crate training process. I finally found a furry toy for her that has lasted more than an hour or so! YAY will post a video soon. (Have a couple that need to be edited together.)

Jan 8, 2013: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Gangja is such a blossoming flower! She goes with the flow. If I am full of energy, so is she. If I am just chillin', so is she! She has such a desire to please and I couldn't ask for a better foster dog. She does very well being in an apartment all day! A dog walker comes each day while I am at work to give her a little exercise and to go potty. She is rarely having accidents in the house. As long as I stick to our routine, she has no problems at all. Additionally, she walks on the leash well.

We have had a few play dates with other dogs and she really enjoys it. She is not aggressive at all, even when other dogs get a little snippy. She does crack me up by throwing her weight around (literally) when she plays. She plays appropriately with dogs way smaller and of a similar size. She's easy to get attached to and she is ready to share her love with a forever family/friend.

Dec 29, 2012: Gangja has been in foster care for one week. She is doing really well! We started her vaccinations today and the vet says she looks great! YAY She has been introduced to several people and she is very friendly. There aren't many children who want to play with Gangja but she always has her tail wagging away when they are around. I think her size scares most kids.

We are working on the potty training, but she is doing well. She is learning how to walk on a leash and is doing a fantastic job at that as well. I haven't taught her to heal yet, rather I am just getting her accustomed to not pulling.

She is highly motivated by praise and petting. She likes to snuggle and lean her head on me whenever I am seated. She also loves to look at herself in the mirror~ of course, she IS such a beautiful girl. She rides in the car well, but isn't so sure how to get in/out of the car yet. We are working on that as well. She is a great dog and will make a fabulous companion to someone, or even a family. ^^

Rescue story: Gang-Ja's owners used to use her for breeding. Gang-Ja is Mung-Gu's mom! One very nice person has supported Gang-Ja for years; she convinced the owners to give up on some of Gang-Ja puppies, & to spay Gang-Ja. The dog is on monthly heartworm preventatives, and has begun her vaccinnation series. Gang-Ja moved into foster care just before Christmas. She doesn't have to live chained anymore! She is in need of a permanent, warm, loving home though. Please consider letting this sweet girl share her love and affection with you.

If you are interested in knowing more about Gang-Ja, please contact her foster mom, Kasham at [email protected] or Sofia at [email protected]. Thank you!

Adoption Fee: ₩90,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care


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"Before" pictures

Sofia's picture

I asked the person who support and visit Gangja and Haroo every week for some recent photos and updates, and here's what she said: "I'm worried because it's very cold this winter. Their photos are the same all the time, but I'm attaching the rercent ones."
Sad reality of the chained dog's life.

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This is so sad:(. I truly believe that all dogs are created equal and Pit bulls deserve a warm and loving home, too!

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Mung-gu's mom?!?! Oh my word! What a special lady!

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Gangja is actually much better looking in person than her initial pictures suggest. She's very strong and healthy. I can really see where Munggu got her good looks from.

However, she's in poor living conditions, tied up outside day and night, having to walk around in her own waste. The owners feed this medium-large dog once a day, sometimes not even since they forget. Thankfully she gets daily visits from a guardian angel who donated her lovely pink jacket. But Gangja could definitely use a loving home.

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What a beauty!!!
Thank you for visiting her!

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I met Gangja today. What a sweet girl! She is a strong and healthy girl. I am picking her up tomorrow to give her a warm, loving foster home where she can become better socialized and ready for a permanent home. ^^ Here are some photos from today- how could anyone deny this face!

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Gangja came home with me today. She was a bit car sick and stressed but once we got home (after stopping by to get a once over at the vet's) she is doing so well. Got her a nice bath, a warm place to sleep and she is already a snuggly lady! More updates to come. ^^

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Thank you so much for giving her a lovable home and a second chance. Merry Christmas:)!

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Gang-Ja's 1st day in foster care

(photos by Kasham)

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Merry Christmas from Gang-Ja and her foster mommy!

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I'm glad Gangja got a warm home! Thanks, Kasham!

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Gang-Ja needs our help. Please consider helping this lovely lady!

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What a stunningly beautiful girl!

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Gang-Ja sounds amazing!! Thank you for giving her a loving foster home, Kasham!! I hope she finds a forever home soon. She is such a beautiful pit and I hope people are not worried because she is a pit bull. They are some of the sweetest dogs ever and will give you more love than you can imagine!

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She sounds/looks like a great dog!

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Thanks, Clare_bell, Angela and Megs! She is a wonderful dog! She is just waiting on a wonderful forever home!

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Yay!!! She's adopted! Lucky people. :)

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Wohoo!! Congrats!! Sorry but I MUST ask, does this mean you can foster the male now? ;) (Haroo??) Please say yes!

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Unfortunately not at this time. My job will soon require me to be out of the house for more than 16 consecutive hrs. Haroo requires more attention and training than that. But maybe once my schedule frees up a bit, I will consider fostering again. Until then, my role will primarily be sponsorship and pet sitting on weekends. :)