단풍 (Tampung)

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Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown & Black
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
  • Special needs
Adoption Status: Adopted

Well, she is so attached to me and we love her dearly. I am the worst foster parent!! Welcome to our family, Tampung!!

Tampung was doing really well when I saw her on Sunday. She's back at the shelter but had a really great day. I kept her out the whole time and she LOVED running along the path and even along with some other dogs. She got a bit nervous when I let a young girl hold her and spend time with her (she kept staring at me with pleeding "help me" eyes haha) but other than that, she was happy and in a great mood all day!

Tampung is doing great. She is still housetrained (I was afraid she would have forgotten after all this time!) and still wakes up ready to play! Thankfully, she's not waking us up in the middle of the night for playtime anymore:-) She still trusts me most but she has warmed up to my boyfriend enough to play with him and sleep next to him! I put that she is good with dogs because she is so great with our dog and our dog's best friend (http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/dog/1190), but she should still be watched carefully around new dogs. She greets me with the best tail wag and biggest smile! Anybody would be lucky to add this lady to their family!

Well, I can't resist my sweet foxy lady! We have to get pictures of her and Myles together for the BAPS calendar so decided to bring her home for a few days! She can't stay long as we're going away next weekend, so hopefully someone will fall in love with her soon and take her home forever!

We had so many volunteers today and all the dogs got to get out and run a while. Unfortunately, Tampung was a bit nervous because of all the new people and didn't have the best day! She ran and ran when it was just me and her but didn't want to walk when everyone was around. She needs a comfortable home!

I spent Sunday afternoon with Tampung, walking and cuddling. She's doing well and hasn't reverted back to her old self much, which I was afraid of! She even played with me a little when no one else was around! She's getting used to lots of people being around her at once and has walked so well with all the other dogs the last few weeks.

I walked Tampung on Sunday and she did SO GOOD!! She was walking in the middle of 4 dogs and their 4 walkers and had her tail up and wagging the whole time! She greeted other dogs nicely and normally and was just so happy to be out of her cage and walking. She was desperate to run and run. Tampung is a changed lady. Come to BAPS and meet her!

Check out her new pictures!

This foxy lady deserves to be in a loving home, not in a cage. She loves to be rubbed and petted and will appreciate anyone who takes time to gain her trust!

Tampung went back to the shelter today. She needs a permanent home where she can enjoy daily love and attention! She is house trained now so she really won't be comfortable anymore in her cage!

Can't believe the changes in this foxy lady. She's so comfortable with Myles now. We decided it was safe to let them sleep in the same room which is such a huge deal! The only bad thing about this is that she's decided her favorite time to play is in the middle of the night, even waking Myles up for playtime!! It's hard to be mad though, because seeing her play warms my heart so much. She gets SO excited when she sees me get the leash and she does great outside, as long as nobody runs towards her or makes a sudden noise. She never tries to get out of her harness but sometimes she needs to be picked up and comforted.

Her breath is starting to smell better, which hopefully means her gum problem is going away. Just to reiterate, she's up to date on all shots and vaccinations. She's the perfect dog for you!!

WOW we had another amazing breakthrough!! This awesome little lady PLAYED with dogs!! Because of her past aggression towards dogs, she hasn't been allowed anywhere near dogs for a long time. I've started rehabilitating her in this area but all it really took was her watching some other dogs play (Myles and Eva, also from BAPS!) and learning what to do. She was so interested in what they were doing but was a bit nervous to join in at first. Finally, she just got too excited and had to play with them! She wasn't exactly sure what to do, which made it even cuter. We were almost in tears as Tampung proved once again just how wonderful she is and how quickly she learns! Consider making 단풍 part of your family!

Tampung has had a very rough life. She is one of the original BAPS dogs, which means she belonged to the hoarder who had 120 dogs. They were not well looked after and were all abandoned. She is emotionally and psychologically scarred. I first noticed her a couple months into volunteering. She constantly trembled in the very back of her house in the cage. She was terrified of people, dogs and anything else that was around. She wasn’t walk able and I don’t know the last time she had been out of her cage. I decided to start getting her out to cuddle her (we were afraid she would be able to get out of a harness and run away, so wasn't allowed on walks) so every week, I spent a little time with her. She was so scared and cowered and trembled all the time. I felt like she could get better, she just needed love! I took her home for a month hoping for a turn around but expecting to be disappointed. On the very first night, she was so happy and already a different dog! I’ve never seen a dog crave human attention as much as little Tampung. She will paw your hands if you stop petting her and she will stand on her back feet to get you to pick her up! She’s the sweetest, quietest lady and you will quickly fall in love!
She is still frightened of other people so she needs someone willing to spend a lot of time bonding with her, which is why I've listed her as special needs. She needs extra love and attention to be able to develop a bond and trust. She needs more social rehabilitation to be able to be around other dogs. I've recently begun socializing her and she is doing great! We started with another shy, quiet dog and she was fine with it. They sniffed each other but other than that, weren't too bothered. Then we began socializing her with our foster, Myles, who is energetic and more "in-your-face." Both dogs did much better than expected! She has warmed up to my boyfriend and is warming up to Myles and the idea of being around other dogs. She'll need to be carefully monitered during socializations.

Tampung will use the pee pad if she’s in the bathroom with it or in an enclosure, but since she’s never been a pet in a home, she needs to be trained to use it consistently, but lately even when she's free in the apartment she finds the pee pad and uses it. She's also well on her way to being housetrained, which means she is also walk able now! Tampung LOVES to go for walks and if she’s with a person she trusts, she literally prances and runs and leaps. It’s truly an amazing site. It's hard to understand why a dog who goes outside and runs around is an amazing site but you have to understand that Tampung is not your every day dog and the fact that she will even walk on a leash is a big step forward.

I've taken the foxy lady back to my apartment twice after our month together, for the two big typhoons that hit. This time I still have her and we've been working on a few things. One thing that has made me so happy to see, she started playing! She's never been somebody's pet in a home so she's not familiar with playing, but her playful side has started to appear!

She's up to date with all her shots and has been spayed. She gets Heartgard and Frontline once a month. She had over ten teeth pulled recently and seems to have a gum problem right now (smelly breath...phew) but will be medicated for that for the next two weeks.

What she needs more than anything is to be loved every day. She needs a single person or a couple who can spend a lot of time showing her they can be trusted and giving her the life she deserves. I'll be screening pretty thoroughly for Tampung's future parents because I adore her so much and want to make sure she goes to the perfect home! If you have experience with dogs, contact me and let's find a time for you to meet this lady!

If you make Tampung part of your family, she’ll greet you with a wagging tail and the biggest smile! She loves to cuddle and you won’t regret putting time into gaining her trust.

*I know she looks nice and comfortable in all these pictures but she's always only temporarily with me. She lives in a cage for a week at a time and only gets attention on Sundays. If you'd like to meet her, you can volunteer at BAPS (see shelter page) on any Sunday from 11-3.

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Gimhae - 김해
Living Situation: In a shelter


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OMGOODNESS! How cute is this little one! She looks like she has such a character.

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She really does and it's amazing to see her blossom! We never knew she had it in her:-) Share with friends! She HAS to get out of the shelter for good!