Eva and her best friend Wally( Also at Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary) her favourite place by the river to pounce on unsuspecting dogs :) Eva got shaved! :O Playing tug-of-war with her favorite friend Myles and her favorite thing...SOCKS!Out for a hike with Wally!Tuckered out! Out of the shower!

Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Female
Breed: Terrier / Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Black & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Eva left for the bright lights of Seoul on Sunday to start her trial adoption. I am so happy for Eva and that she has found Jocelyn. They are both AMAZING!! Thank you for giving Eva this chance Jocelyn you are a star! :)

An intelligent, bouncy, curious, playful, athletic, entertaining, springy, egg-loving, sock-stealing, toe-licking and cuddle-giving pup is what you’ll get and so much more from Eva if someone is willing to put the time in to earn her trust.

Eva was first picked up on the side of the road with her Mum and brother somewhere in the Gimhae area. She would have been about 3months old at the time. All three had quite an aggressive skin disease so they spent some time at a volunteers home re-cooperating before moving to BAPS, (Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary).

At the shelter Eva was very shy and untrusting of humans. She seemed withdrawn and stressed, spending all her time in her kennel, not even the tastiest treats would entice her out. She would freeze up, like a brick, anytime a leash was put on her and would tremble at the touch of a human hand.

However she has made tremendous progress since being fostered in February 2012. It was not an easy road for Eva but she has managed to overcome many fears, most notably her arch nemesis; the washing machine and the sound of plastic bags, (which she will now happily root though looking for tuna tins), and is getting more and more trusting of people everyday.

The biggest progress she had made has been on the leash. She loves going out for walks and runs. She never pulls and will trot alongside you whether your walking, running or cycling. She is great with dogs she meets around the neighbourhood. She is pee-pad trained and prefers to poo outside. She is extremely obedient, she will sit down calmly before you put her leash on or before she eats her dinner. She understands the commands ‘sit’ and ‘paw’(Korean and English!) and has the potential to learn a lot more.

She is also a great travel companion she has been on buses, subways, taxi’s and ferries and is calm and relaxed in her carrier. She rarely
barks except when there’s a knock at the door. Her favourite foods are, without a doubt, eggs and chicken! Especially eggs, when she smells them cooking she does her egg dance, which consists of her walking back and forth on her hind legs for as long as it takes to be given a taste. She loves a good butt scratch and her favourite place to sleep is curled up beside your tummy in bed.

She really is a fantastic dog, her only issue is that she is still fearful of children but she has never shown ANY signs of aggression. However Eva is an extremely adaptable dog and given the right amount of exposure I believe that she could easily overcome this issue. I really hope someone out there will see Eva’s picture and fall for her. This little pup had really been through a lot in her short life and is more then deserving of a sofa to call her own.

**UPDATE SEP 2012**
Eva is doing really well. She looks like a different dog with her shave,just as cute, but she's not too sure about her pom-pom tail though. She had great fun this weekend having Miles her boyfriend over as a house guest, she learned that you can play tug of war with absolutly anything!
Please email me with ANY questions about her! :)

**UPDATE NOV 2012**
Eva is doing extremly well these days. I think she's feeling the cold as she's taken to tossing the covers around so she can crawl under and then nuzzels me with her nose when she thinks its time to get up! She went to the vet last week, she is in excellent health except that she's getting too much excersise. She needs to put on a little weight so im making her doggie porridge for breakfast these days. She has also become obssesed with chasing the suns reflection around the room, it's very entertaining!

**UPDATE DEC 2012**
Eva is really enjoying the company of her two sheltermates who are staying in our apartment for the winter these days. She just LOVES dogs so much. She always wants to play or bounce around or act silly. Today we went on a long hike so she's stretched out enjoying the heated floor. :)

Antibodies Test
Up to date with vaccinations

Eva is currently a BAPS( Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary) dog in foster care. You must volunteer twice at BAPS in order to adopt Eva. The shelter itself is located in Gimhae,(20mins outside Busan) . I can take you there any weekend to meet all the pups and Eva. The adoption fee would be W100,000.

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Gimhae - 김해
Living Situation: In foster care


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Yes! Such a sweetheart! I LOVE the picture of her at the beach! Someone will snap her up in no time! :)

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Awh thank you so much. I really hope so :) Tell your friends!

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Love the photo of her with a towel on her head haha What a cutie!

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Oh my word, she is just too adorable!!

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Hey guys,thanks so much! Be sure to tell your friends you saw a really cute pup on ARK, she's been up for 4 months but no serious interest so far so..fingers crossed!

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SOOOOOOOO adorable! Keep posting her on your other sites and on ARK as well. Some people just don't come here as often.

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Lovely photos! It looks like she has a super foster parent. ^^

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^^ Thanks you guys she's so worth it!

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I just want to let everyone know that Eva is super sweet and I'm shocked she hasn't found a home yet! She LOVES her foster mama and I know she'd show anyone that loyalty to anyone who commits to her the way Tara has. It's also really fun to watch her play with her doggy friends. She becomes a whole new dog full of confidence, bouncing around for hours, especially with my dog, who is her best friend! She is a beautiful and lovely little girl!

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Ohh Myles' Foster mom! I'm just seeing this now thank you so much, I really hope she gets the home she deserves!
Myles her boyfriend who she adoooores :)

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I absolutely can't believe no one has adopted her yet! Seriously! She's adorable, she's healthy, she's young so she can easily learn new things and adjust to new surroundings, she doesn't have any behavioral issues... Why hasn't someone snatched her up yet?!

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Congrats Eva! Such happy news :)

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FINALLY!! COngrats Eva!! :)

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