Dexter - Puppy Adventurer!

Dex and his family after a LONG hike!
Dexter and is forever dad.Dexter in his new home!Dexter on the KORail ride to his foster home.Going to the vet via KTX

Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Gold & White
  • Good with dogs
Adoption Status: Adopted

28 October 2012
So happy to spread the word that Dexter was adopted by an amazing couple! They are all really lucky to have found each other and we look forward to getting more updates on all of Dexi's new adventures!

Thanks Dan, for opening up your home to foster Dex so that he wouldn't have to go back to the shelter after his medical treatment.

08 October 2012
Dexter has been in foster care for almost a month now and is still waiting for his forever family. I love this puppy so much. I tell everyone that he reminds me in personality and looks of Scrappy-Doo. When he is in your presence, he truly makes you smile and brightens your day.

Dexter is doing well with training. He is still whiny when in his crate, but with consistency he will get the hang of it and it will become his favorite place to relax. His potty-training is going well and he has done an AMAZING job with his off-leash training (in safe areas).

Dexter absolutely loves his chew toys and hopes to find a home where they are abundant.

His foster dad has been keeping up with Dex's vaccination schedule to ensure you will have a happy healthy pup on your hands.

Please, If you are interested in day-brightener, email me at [email protected].

Adoption Applications can be found here: Please fill out completely.

11 September 2012
Dexter's doctor said he is 100% and he began his first round of shots last night as well as his heartworm preventative. Second round will be in two weeks. He was the worst patient ever, taking a flying leap off of the doctor's examining table and screaming words I dare not repeat while the doctors attempted to hold him still to x-ray his sweet little tummy. His foster humans and doctors could not stop laughing at his scrappy attitude though. What a personality this boy has.... Just think of Scrappy from Scooby Doo.

Continue reading below to find out more about Dexter.

10 September 2012
Dexter is an adorable 3-month-old ball of adventure on four-legs. He is amazingly aware of all of his surroundings. He consistently makes eye-contact with his humans and he has no fear. He is a very curious little boy and keeps his humans in stitches with his puppy adventures.

He is fond of all people he has met and got along well with the other dogs that were in his pen at the shelter. He has since not had any interaction with dogs outside of the shelter or cats, since he currently does not have his complete lot of vaccinations.

Currently Dexter is in foster care with his brother, Bud. Both puppies are being treated for whipworm and campylobacter. Big words, but don't worry, they are easily treatable and Dexter and his brother should be A-okay in the next week.

As soon as Dexter is given the "go-ahead" by his doctor, he will begin his shots.

If you are interested in meeting this smart little chap, please email me at [email protected].

Adoption Applications can be found here: Please fill out completely.

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Suwon - 수원
Living Situation: In foster care


Hunt's picture
clare_bell's picture

Wohoo!! So glad he is on the mend!! He's adorable!!

Hunt's picture

His personality is too big for his britches!

Hunt's picture

Dexter and Buddy, KungFu Fighting


angela's picture

omg, that video is SOOOO cute!!!

and one ear up and one year down? TOO much cuteness!!!!!!!

matthew4694's picture

Dexter was the very first dog I saw this weekend and I can't believe someone hasn't snatched him up yet. Better yet, double your pleasure ~ take him home with his brother, Buddy!

Danomano's picture

He's with A buddy, now. Got his second round, vomited up a bunch of chicken bones (after 2 weeks out!!!), and has had 7 poos all outdoors. Buddy loves him, Sweetie is aloof and Chuckie somewhat intimidated. Dexie now takes up the Junior Jackass position formerly held by Chuckie.

clare_bell's picture

Haha Dan! Love this!

Danomano's picture

First day at work, and Dexie is in the crate! Was still yaping as I left the building, but I expect he'll tire out soon. He seems attached already. Drove yesterday with him in crate: Cried. Short trip on my lap: No prob!

Hunt's picture

Interested to hear how Buddy did today. He has been doing a GREAT job with the crate training. He loves his crate. We have had just one pee accident since Saturday and of course it was on the bed I had set-up on the floor for my friend who was visiting. Grrrr, boooo, hissss. Otherwise he has been really good. Have a feeling he will cry when my friend leaves the house today since there has been someone with him consistently this weekend.

Danomano's picture

We have had AMAZING off-the-leash playtime in safe locations. Dexis is learning the various limits and personalities of the 3 (!) dogs he is currently cohabiting with. He is not noisy at all with human company, but gets sad and whiny if in the pen and you sneak off to the washroom. Out of the pen, he just joins the troupe as they follow me thru the house. His appetite is good, and loves his chewy-chew-chew times!

clare_bell's picture

Photos please Danomano!!! :D

Danomano's picture

Oops1 YEah! More photos! The dang camera is at ho, but today Dexie gave me a shock! His ears have begun drooping a bit! So cute!

Also, the last three days he has been left in his crate, he has NOT cried or barked!

Sweetie and Chuckie are actually engaging in (Chuckie sometimes initiating) play.

final update (just for clare): 21 poos, all outside, uses pads inside (apart from submission pees).

I've decided that if he doesn't get taken to another foster home, this is a good place for him to continue socializing.

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camera is at home, not ho...

Danomano's picture

Meh! Apparently my simple photos exceed 2MB.

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Dan, I can change the size for you if you want to email them to me.... [email protected]

Danomano's picture

will do!

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I has a new collar for sassy wee Dexie! Too bad it says: Ricky... But, he looks totally bad-assed! He is a well-proportioned boy, with impressive muscle definition already. Lots of walks, playtime, etc. Oh, and bacon.

clare_bell's picture

Sounds cute!! PHOTOS PLEASE DAN!! What's the use of having a nice new camera and not using it 'ey?? ;-)

Danomano's picture

dropped my camera! yech!

Danomano's picture

Dexie is getting very ccomfortable! I hope his new home (wherever that will be)will give him lots of love!!!

jgarvey23's picture

My girlfriend and I will be there on Saturday. Hopefully Dexter will find his new home with us!

Danomano's picture

Check this out, baybay!

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Danomano's picture
Danomano's picture

Dexie is adopted!
Yay! John and Kerianne have been giving him lots of love and training already! Guillian!!! Move this boy to the adopted section, please! Don't make me play rps with you again!

korydarlington's picture

AAAAAND all of adele's puppies are in loving homes. WOOT WOOT!!

clare_bell's picture

Yaaaay!! I am SO glad for everyone involved. Well done Dan for being a great foster dad and congrats to Dexie and his new family. Wishing you a long lifetime of love, cuddles, kisses and happiness.

Danomano's picture

Aaawww, shucks, thanks, Clare! My very first foster!

Dexie's new fam is beautiful! Hooray!