Adele and those eyes of hers! AdeleAdeleAdele

Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Black, White & Orange
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Microchipped
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Wonderful UPDATE 21 February 2014: Our sweet Adele has been blessed! She flew to the US to her fur-ever home and family. She now has a human brother and Mama, two doggie siblings, a birdie sibling, and one other animal sibling.…and reports are good for her initial integration into the family! I will see her on Sunday and will get some pics of her with her new family. Thank you for all of those who've participated in her rescue, treatment, recovery, and final placement. She finally has her very own fur-ever family and home where she will be loved and cherished! She deserves to be happy, safe, and loved!

DESPERATE/URGENT PLEA - 7 February 2014:
Not the message I want to deliver, but Adele needs to have a new place to lay her head NOT LATER THAN 13 February 2014!!!! Yes!!! I know, that is next week, Thursday!!!!
My travel plans will require she be boarded more than once before my final departure and I do not believe that is fair to her. Therefore, she desperately needs a new foster or forever (would be preferred) home . If you can foster her, please contact me ASAP! If you can adopt and want to meet her, please contact me and I will make arrangement to meet you, really doesn't matter where you are (in Korea)!!!! I will continue to sponsor her (i.e. help with cost of spay surgery) as I was not able to get her in to the vet on post because they are not scheduling surgeries right now, and won't be until after my departure.
I really do not have any flexibility...please help me help Adele!!!! She is the sweetest, house trained, loving girl who needs someone to have the patience to gain her trust. I have noticed it is not taking as long as before, now that she knows she is safe in a home with people. She will walk right up to my guests and sniff, whereas before she would either run and hide in her room or behind me.

URGENT UPDATE 28 January 2014:
Hello from Adele's Foster Mama! She is doing fine; just wanted to add a few more notes for potential FOREVER/FOSTER homes. The only reason I had not put forever home on the previous updates is because my norm is to make sure all potential issues are taken care of BEFORE making a foster dog available for adoption. She has not been spayed yet because the vets have all said they will not operate on her until it has been 6 months since her heartworm treatment. That time is coming, and it will be the end of February 2014 before that can happen. Also, she has two hernias that will be repaired at the same time she is spayed. Now, none of this has slowed her down...she became one of the family within the first 1-2 weeks she was in my home. She has learned the routine, seeks attention, and even gets a little fiesty sometimes, which is a good thing. I believe with the right person/family, one with patience and understanding that she is not going to be your best friend right away, but in time, she will continue to spread her 'wings' so to speak. She has come so far; seeking attention and not hiding when new people come over, but being curious, she is trying to trust, slowly. If you or someone you know is interested in giving this beautiful girl a chance to fully come out of her shell and make her a part of your forever family (or foster), please contact me!

URGENT UPDATE 17 January 2014: I was hoping to avoid this, but I now know that I will be leaving Korea sometime in the next few months. With that said, Adele will need a new home, foster or forever (of course the latter is preferred, but whatever is best for Adele right now is what we need).
Something I forgot to add earlier this week is that Adele seeks attention from me now and she has for quite a while. This is probably the most significant behavior change/challenge yet. She loves to be scratched and petted, and gives kisses too. She really is the sweetest girl! It would be a shame to lose all this progress if a foster cannot be found before I leave. It would break my heart.
If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please share this post. Adele is very easy to take care of; very low maintenance, fully house trained, not a chewer or barker, and very well behaved.

UPDATE 14 January 2014:
Happy New Year! Adele is doing well, getting braver every day. She knows how to sit before getting fed, she comes up to bed and stays in her bed all night, and she is always happy to see me. She was great on Christmas when I had a few people over for dinner. She was almost a social butterfly! She did not run and hide, she actually stayed out and was very curious. I was very happy and surprised at the same time. :-)
I boarded her and my Maltese while I went to the states earlier this month and she did well with the vet and the vet techs there. She got to socialize with people and other dogs, and did great with them. However, she should be considered 'good with dogs while supervised.' I say this because the vet told me that when she and my Maltese were alone, unsupervised, she 'attacked' him. She bit him a few times, not enough to incapacitate him, but enough to make him 'scream' (the vet said) and he has quite a few scabs healing now. I am very sad to report this, but I believe whomever decides to either foster her next (yep there is another story to be told here) or adopt her needs to know. Don't get me wrong, she is great when I'm around or when others are with them, but I believe she is territorial when alone. Could be a survival reaction, or my Maltese pesters her so much she bites him (I'm being facetious here). Other than that drama, she is doing great.
I also did some more research on the surgeries...and I believe I will be able to get it done for considerably less than previously reported.
Now for the drama: I will likely have to move in April and do not know if I will still be here in Korea or if I will be going to the states. So, if someone can take her on as a foster in the mean time or if someone is considering adoption, please contact me. I'm willing to continue to help with her vet care if someone can take her as a foster, but I will need someone by the middle of March at the latest. I normally go back to the states in March to do taxes, so finding a new foster or forever family before then would be ideal. If you are interested or know someone who might be, please contact me.
You really need to meet her to see how beautiful and gentle she is. As stated in the title of her post, she is a darling!
UPDATE 24 December 2013:
Merry Christmas Eve! :-) Adele just got a semi-clean bill of health. Her blood test shows all Adult heartworms are out of her blood, and there were no baby heartworms in the blood sample either...woo hoo! This is the 4 month mark, so she has two more months before she is considered truly heartworm free. The "bad" news today was that she cannot get spayed and have the two hernias repaired until she gets to the 6th month mark (end of February 2014) . Considering she is almost 100% heartworm cured, I can take that kind of 'bad' news in stride. She also got her rabies vaccination today, so she is up to date on them as well. I also got two estimates for her surgeries, which range from a low estimate of 800,000 Won to a possible high estimate of 1.4 million Won, so I'll be working on raising money for that in the next two months.
With all of that said, this is a Merry Christmas story for Adele...she is in a warm home where she is loved!

UPDATE 6 December 2013:
Adele is an absolute doll! I have had her for more than 2 months now, and she has settled in nicely. She is still very timid, and never aggressive (I have NEVER seen her show her teeth). She follows my Maltese Toby around, and is more likely to come to me if I call him, but she does know her name and does come when I call her. However, I rarely have to call her though, because she is my shadow most of the time. Her tail is like a windshield wiper, it never stops as long as you are talking to her nicely. :-) She has recently learned (through modeling from my Maltese) how to sit before she gets her food, which is a HUGE step. She gets sooooo excited; I swear she has a spring in her bum. I think she got that from my Maltese as well. She has zero food aggression with people. She will step back when I put food in or take her dish, except if I move too slowly, then she nudges me with her snout as if saying ‘hurry up I’m hungry!’ Pretty funny actually. From the research I have done, I believe she is a Miniature Australian Shepard mix; she fits the physical and personality traits almost exactly. She does herd me, or tries to, by nudging me in the calf if she wants my attention and I am not giving it to her; just a small poke, nothing aggressive at all.

One thing to note is that she does not like noise, pretty much any noise. She is getting used to the TV and computer being on, as she will lie on her blanket behind my chair if I am sitting in it when they are on. She does not like the blow dryer or vacuum cleaner, but I am slowly exposing her to more noise and gauging her reaction. I believe it is a trust issue as well as fear, so it is a very slow process, but I am seeing progress.

Her health right now is stable. She has one more checkup to ‘pass’ before we can schedule the surgery she needs (2 hernias and spaying). I am planning to have them done at the same time to avoid having to put her under more than once. It is always a risk, but having gone through the heartworm treatment makes it a higher risk for her. The next checkup will be the week of 23 December, so fingers crossed she is healthy enough and gets the green light for surgery.  I think it will really improve her quality of life (removing/repairing the hernias). Oh, and the hair is finally filling in where it was shaved for the heartworm treatment…woo hoo! Her skin is really dry, but we are working on that too. 

That’s it for now. If you have any questions…please feel free to write!


With all the tragedies we're constantly faced with in the animal rescue world it is easy to become spiritless and feel defeated. Yet, if you hold out and keep working at it eventually you'll meet someone who does care. Someone who cares a whole awful lot. Adele and I met someone like that today and I'm still a little shook up! Did that really happen?
Our fairy godmother, Susan, came all the way to my town to meet us and has decided to take Adele.

:::pinching myself:::

ADELE HAS FOUND A NEW FOSTER MAMA! ! ! And not just anyone- The One. With all of Susan's experience and love I have zero doubt that Adele will not only physically recover, she will gain the confidence to become all the dog I know she is.
It takes many people and big fat hearts to create this kind of miracle and I find myself once again rejuvenated and optimistic.

Thank you to Julie and Clare for initially pointing me towards Adele. Although me and this darling girl have spent precious little time together, it has been a joy and a lesson in caring.

Thanks to everyone who has ever helped Adele and shared her story.

THANK YOU, SUSAN for accepting Adele into your life. I'm sooooooooo thrilled it's YOU!

and a warm Thanks to Sophia who doesn't even live in South Korea but still manages to make these wonderful connections. You knew Susan would be perfect and you were right!

Adele's story isn't over. Oooooh not even close! We're only just beginning a fresh new chapter. There will ups and there will be downs. Both Susan and Adele still need your support! And I know you'll be there for us. Ain't we all just a lovely community of puppy n kitten lovin saps?

I have a about 9 days left before Adele and I part ways, so you'll have to forgive me cus I gotta go and soak up these moments.



***LESS THAN 3 WEEKS to find Adele a forever or foster home! We loved her puppies- let's love her, too!***

I'm writing with a heavy, yet hopeful, heart. I'm full of fear for Adele, and I've got a lot to say.

I just dropped Adele off at the vet for her final heartworm treatment. Finally those #*@!%$*#%$ will die! It pains me to think how much Adele will suffer over the weekend though I know this is a huge step towards getting her healthy FOR LIFE.

I would be a liar if I said Adele has suddenly become a social butterfly and gives me all the cuddles I could dream of. The process of gaining her trust takes time and it takes a patient soul to allow her to gain confidence. Now that our period as foster family is coming to an end, I feel a deep sadness/remorse that I can't be there for her as she slowly but most assuredly busts out of her shell. Whoever gets to go through this process with her is extraordinarily lucky. Adele would be great for a solo individual though I'm confident she would get on well with other dogs and a family- if given time.

Many of us tend to believe that raising a puppy will create The Most Loyal Dog. Surely, we won't argue the truth in that belief (I can attest to it, too!), however it's not the only truth. In my personal experience, adopted adult dogs have proven to be as loyal and loving as those I've raised from pups. Adele already sticks to my knees and when she was taken by the vet she looked at me with what might as well have been a holler of "MAMA! Where are you going?!?!?"

In my studies, my travels, my creative pursuits and my relationships with loved ones, I have never felt so satisfied as when I am able to help out a helpless critter. Like most great things we strive for, rescuing a pet takes work. It takes money and it takes sacrifice.
Then one day, you get home from work and open the door; there's that critter you saved and they're wagging their tail oh-so-sheepishly...
in those moments you know, then you understand why you'd be crazy enough
loving enough
giving enough
to take on this responsibility.

Adele, with all her skittish ways, is a delightful companion. She's the kind of girl that melts for a belly rub and gives a growl if she hears suspicious sounds at 4 am. She makes me feel secure and do I ever want to give her that same feeling, with lovelovelove.

Consider taking in Adele. She needs a quiet space to recover. She needs help. She is worth it.


*4 WEEKS to find Adele a forever or foster home! We loved her puppies- let's love her, too!*

Just a quick howdy-do from us gals! I changed Adele's name here from "Beautiful Adele" to "Adele- The Darling One" which I know and admit [blushingly] is a touch dramatic! But hey! She deserves a title after what she's been through! I don't know what other word encompasses her personality better. She's gentle, timid, considerate (seriously), curious, sugary sweet- and with those caramel eyes!- get outta here with that, girl.

After just three days Adele knows the drill for outside time. She runs to her carrier! When she finally gets to walk, her tail doesn't stop wagging; it's like a furry flag waving and hollering YYYEESSS! FREEDOM!
Watching her trot and look at me with that happy face, it's enough to get me teary eyed and giggly. Yep, she's a darling, no doubt.


4 WEEKS to find Adele a forever or foster home! We loved her puppies- let's love her, too!

Adele and I have spent our first full week together and it was serene. Adele is famously skittish and fearful of people- most likely why she has been denied a home for so long. Over the weekend this nervous gal has proven that she is willing to bust out of her shell given a little time. She is now leaving her quiet zone to get some cuddles from me, something that I didn't even hope for seven days ago. And does she ever wag that pretty tail when she sees me! SWEET GOODNESS!

We went to the vet yesterday and already her heart rate has improved. She is allowed 5-10 minute walks per day. Adele, by the way, is house broken! I mean the girl will NOT poo unless it's outside, bless her.
She also instinctively uses the pee pads I've set-up for her. To be honest and disgusting when I took her in I assumed I had signed up for living in a toilet, (you know a sick, untrained dog, gotta mean a potty nightmare right? but noooooo!) What other surprises does she have in store?!

I've also discovered Adele walks really well on the leash. She responds beautifully to the little clicky noises I make to lead-stop-guide her. She is going to be a loyal friend to some lucky somebody.

Cutest/saddest thing she does so far? I like how she'll vveerryyy stealthily take the bone I've given her as a treat and lie around with it, waiting for a sign that I won't move. That she is safe.
Soon she'll get that she is safe, and it'll stay that way.


Hello! Adele's temporary foster mom here!
I have the pleasure of caring for this sweet lady while she undergoes her heartworm treatment. I'm delighted that I'm able to provide her with a safe place- for now.
Unfortunately I'll be leaving the country on September 25th, meaning we need to find another foster (or a forever home!) sooner than later.
The good thing is by this time she'll have been through the worst. The not-so-good thing will be that she still needs a lot of care and nurturing. That means we need a patient, quiet home. Hey! Normally I'm blasting music and flopping around attempting yoga and who knows what else?! But a few weeks of calm- I think even my landlady/neighbor needs it, too. Small efforts for a big fat reward.

I really do hope we find someone willing to step in and take over her care because this is one cool dog. I'm not sure how I get this weird luck when I foster- but she's amazing.

Why? How can I make such a claim so soon?
Well, the fact that upon entering my room (after a long, stressful train ride then an immediate vet visit) I began to brush her hair. Adele, deep in August, was still wearing her winter coat. She doesn't move, yet she sheds. It's that bad. That girl sat there for over an hour- yes- over an hour and let me brush brush brush brrrrrrrrrrruuusssh her coat. After all that time she finally let out a yawn and I got the point it was time to stop.
Adele is on powdered meds for the next three weeks. No amount of jam can make that taste good! But she lets me stick my finger, full of this disgusting stuff, in her mouth where I then place it on her tongue. Gross! She doesn't make a fuss at all. Very polite, this one.

Beautiful Adele is one of the most terrified animals I've worked with. She's that soooo sad and innocent scared, where she looks away with big eyes or shivers subtly. There's the aggressive scared we all know- barking, biting, overall aggression. Adele has none of the latter. Not one bark. No cries. Just that look of "plllease don't hurt me". Sugarlumps and honey, that's her.

We'll watch now as she learns to trust, gets healthy...finds a family! She's like the last week of winter- you know she's about to burst with life!

Wish us luck and spread the word! Let's find this Springtime Mama a home!



Adele is currently being boarded at the vet because she has tested positive for heartworm. We need to find foster home that can provide her with a calm quiet place to heal. We will start treatment as soon as we find a foster home. She needs a home without any other dogs.
Please help Adele, please share this and help us find a foster home.

"Adele! She has come leaps and bounds, and with the right person to foster/adopt to take her the rest of the way, she will make a wonderful companion!" - Asan shelter volunteer.

"Adele is one of those special souls. ♥ She arrived at the shelter with 8 puppies in tow. She was extremely skittish & it took a lot of patience on the volunteers part to bring her out of her shell. Now, every time I see her she is more and more confident.

Today I joined Tatiana & Adele for some girly pampering. We brushed Adele & realized that she has probably never had a bath in her entire life. Her skin under that beautiful fur is really grimy, so we gave her a half bath only on her back (didn't want to scare her too much) & some more brushing. She was such a good girl the entire time.

Adele is one of those dogs who, once you've gained her trust, will reward you a hundred times over with loyalty & love & watching her reach milestones will bring you both an incredible amount of joy.

I wish someone would take a chance on this girl. She is gentle, sweet-natured & shy. All she needs is some good TLC." - Asan shelter volunteer

We have seen many dogs come through the shelter doors that acted just like Adele, and the vast majority of them came around to understanding that not all people are bad and they learned to trust and love us. We have faith that Adele will get there, too, and we want her to experience the safety and comfort of a home sooner rather than later. It will take some time for Adele to completely trust humans but we know she can do it. She will need patience and a gentle hand, but the day will come when she will run through the yard with the breeze in her hair and a smile on her face, and her family will be there to witness the incredible wonder of healing through the power of love.
Adele is a BEAUTIFUL dog.

Will you give this girl a chance to win your heart? She deserves a good home.

Health status: approx. 3 year old, 10 kg, heartworm positive, the blood test result - normal; Adele has antibodies for all major diseases including Parvovirus, she will need to be re-vaccinated in 2014.

Adoption Fee: ₩70,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: With owners


Sofia's picture

Adele's rescue story.

We don't know exactly how her life was before June 2012, though it's not that difficult to imagine.
Adele has been through some really difficult times. On June, 21st, someone brought her and her puppies to Onyang animal clinic in Asan city from where they all supposed to go to Asan city pound. Luckily Adele and her babies were saved and brought to Asan animal shelter.

Original link:

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I took this of Adele and her babies when I went to fetch Nobu last weekend. She's pretty! I think she has 8 pups.

30 July 2012
marlajoy's picture

I'm so glad this girl got a profile! She is such a good mom! I wish someone would make a profile for the 3 legged dog that was staying in the same area with her!!! I would have adopted that sweet girl in a second had I known about her before!

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Adele is doing a lot better in terms of her anxiety towards could be due to the fact that her pups are growing up and she no longer feels threatened when people are near. We spent some time with Adele and her babies in the rehab area yesterday, and she didn't bark or growl at us at all. At one point she even tentatively sniffed my hand. I think she will continue to come out of her shell, so long as people visit her at Asan. Come see Adele, she'd really like to meet you!~

dbis's picture

Adorable Adele. Still a little shy, but she was brave enough to sniff my hands and legs today. I think with time and as more people spend time with her she will come out of her shell.

Sofia's picture

September, 1st, 2012

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Adele is now wandering aimlessly around the shelter grounds, wondering where is that special person who will take her home and show her how to trust.

Sofia's picture

October, 28, 2012

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Despite being so shy and skittish, Adele also seems to be constantly underfoot and curious about all the volunteers at the shelter. Free to roam the grounds, this pretty girl is sort of a protective mother hen to all the animals there. I think with some time and attention, she could be a very sweet dog.

Please consider coming out, donating your time and energy or, better yet, foster or adopt one of these beautiful animals (like Adele) waiting for a second chance at Asan Shelter as the cold Winter months approach.

Hunt's picture

Adele is FINALLY giving in to the loving. Here she is finally letting a volunteer touch her.


Sofia's picture

January, 19, 2013

"Adele is a beautiful girl who's looking for a special home to learn how to trust and love. One step forward this week and two more steps forward next week I hope." - Asan shelter volunteer.

"She is so beautiful. And knows her name Adele would open up so much more with a person of her own!" - Asan shelter volunteer.

jnr039's picture

I visited with this girl today. She is gorgeous. With time, she let me pet her. You really have to be patient and get her to trust you.

Sofia's picture

January, 26, 2013

"Adele is really making progress. Before opening her cage, she was at the door wagging her tail!" - Asan shelter volunteer.

allisondyoung's picture

Adele is finally coming to know what it feels like to have contact with a kind person. I think she is really starting to like it! :)
It would be amazing for Adele to be fostered. Fostering is a crucial step between the living in the shelter and going to a forever home. If it weren't for foster parents, many dogs would never leave the shelter, and live out the rest of their lives in cold, lonely cages. Please consider fostering a dog who really, really needs it. Adele is one such dog.


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B. Benson's photo: Beautiful, sweet Adele!~~~

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Jan, 30th, 2013
Still in the shelter...

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We were finally able to get a harness on Adele, and after sitting for a little while with Tatiana, she decided to try her paw at walking on a leash! HUGE progress for this sweet lady!

Sofia's picture

March, 2nd.

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Tatiana says: "Adele is absolutely beautiful! Still very shy, but warming up great!!!!
She is looking for a patient and loving home!"

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Regal Adele :)

18 May 201318 May 2013
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June, 8, 2013

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Oh wow!! Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous girl!! :)

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This sweet girl has made so much progress! Her first-ever bath this weekend from Tati and Clare revealed the beautiful dog we always knew was hiding under there...

Susan's picture

Just wondering if you could tell me how you went about giving her a bath...she has gone to the groomer once since I've had her, and I'd like to give them some pointers. I really want to avoid doing it myself, I know that sounds horrible, but I don't want her to associate the experience with me when she is really still learning to trust. Any pointers would be gratefully received!

clare_bell's picture

Hi Susan!

Tatiana and I bathed her one day and it was the only time. She was so good but she didn't like it. We only did her back half as her skin and fur was a bit gross. We were at the shelter so we just stood her outside and tried to go gently with the hose. Sorry I can't be of more help. We were just really slow and gentle with her and I think we bribed her with treats intermittently too. :)

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Adele! She has come leaps and bounds, and with the right person to foster/adopt to take her the rest of the way, she will make a wonderful companion! Adele, like all of the other dogs at Asan recently, has been moved to the hill. She is in her own pen off to the right and has ample space to run around. Just don't forget she's up there, since she's such a shy one!

clare_bell's picture

I have always ADORED your profile write-ups Cris! Thank you SO much for such a wonderful tale about this special princess. She sounds like she is complete heaven with you! I knew you'd be awesome. ;)

ctorotoro's picture

Thank you, Clare! She really is doing impressively well. I don't know how I get to be so lucky!

marlajoy's picture

Love the new name!! :) I don't think it's dramatic at all - but then I regularly refer to my dogs as "the sweetest little angels in the entire world" so not much would sound dramatic compared to that! :)

marlajoy's picture

What a beautiful write-up! It's clear you love her a lot! I'll be thinking about you guys and really hoping that she finds the home she deserves!! :) It'll happen! :)

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Good Morning! Just a few questions I didn't find in the posts (probably missed them). Where is she being treated this weekend and when will she be released back to your care? Is she still in Cheonan? I would like to meet her if possible, but I am in Seoul. I have my own dog, but right now I have space and time if she needs a foster home to recover. I have received info from Sofia about fostering a heartworm+ dog but was wondering if my dog would still have to be on preventatives after all the treatment Adele has been through. Any idea? I've fostered several dogs in the past, and successfully adopted them out to forever families, so I do not think I'd have any issues on that front. Just wondering where the sweet girl is now. Also, I assume that she has not been spayed. If that is the case, has she been in heat yet? Just curious.
The posts you provide are wonderful! Thank you!

ctorotoro's picture

Hello Susan!
Adele is in Okcheon, a town near Daejeon. She will be released on Monday. You're more than welcome to come on by and visit us any time you'd like. Unfortunately I can't have Adele travel much, otherwise I'd be happy to meet you in Seoul.
I'm not sure when her last heat cycle was. Adele does also have a hernia that needs to be removed and it would be my hope that she could be spayed at the same time of the operation.

About your dog having to be on preventatives, I would rather discuss this with my vet before I give you my word!
My email is [email protected]
Message me here for more details!

Thank you so much for your interest and for your warm compliment, it means a lot! I am terribly worried about Adele but knowing there is a group of loving people out there turns this misfortune into something really beautiful.
Talk to you soon!

Susan's picture

Sent you an email...:-)

allisondyoung's picture

Hi Susan! Sorry to butt in on your conversation, but your dog should absolutely be on heartworm prevention. Not because of Adele, but because it is extremely prevalent in Korea and the risk of infection is high for dogs. (It is transmitted by mosquitoes.) If your dog has not been on prevention, such as Heartgard or Advocate, I would have him/her tested ASAP and put on the monthly prevention as soon as possible!

Susan's picture

Hi Allison, No worries. I was asking (but wasn't clear) if my dog needed to be on anything special (in addition to Heartgard) because of Adele's condition. I had chatted with Sofia a while ago and she mentioned it, I just wanted to know if there was an additional safeguard needed. Trust me...I am fully aware of the heartworm problem here (Yoda was ours for a while, and she passed away as a result of heartworms). She was too weak for the final treatment... I am just a bit over cautious and wanted to double, triple check. My Toby has been on Heartgard since I got him 6 years ago...:-) But, thank you for your concern and advice!

Susan's picture

Going to meet Adele tomorrow! Very excited!

marlajoy's picture

That is wonderful news!!!! Look forward to seeing Adele blossom even further!! :)

Susan's picture

Hello Everyone! Adele (or Mama 'Del as I have come to call her in the very short time she has been with me) is settling in better than I ever anticipated. Cris brought her to me on Wednesday evening. She is to a point where she will come to me when I bring the leash (a trick Cris taught me), and she LOVES to go outside. Cris was right, she is great on a leash. She has definitely had some training. Today has been a landmark day...Mama 'Del kissed my fingers...she also sniffed my toes (no she didn't pass out). She is so curious and I believe she wants to trust, but it is going to take lots of patience and time. She is on her second set of meds since finishing the Heartworm treatment, after which I will take her for a vet check to see how she's doing and what the next step is going to be. As much as I'd love for her to have a forever home as soon as possible, I would really like to get her through the next surgeries (hernia and spay) and recovery before that happens. That probably won't happen until November sometime. The picture here was taken today in her new 'digs' with me. What a beautiful girl!

marlajoy's picture

Thanks so much for the update and for everything you are doing! You are awesome! Can't wait to see her blossom even more! :)

clare_bell's picture

I am so in love with that update!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!