Birds buried alive in avian flu outbreak

When I asked around, CARE and a very reliable English-speaking vet seemed very sure the live burials were still going on. (There are photographs and at least one video that support CARE's statements.) When I called the agriculture ministry for a statement on Tuesday, I got transferred to different departments and agencies. Finally I called again Wednesday and a woman told me she couldn't give out information about avian influenza.

I asked if she could specifically address reports that birds were being buried alive. She said the ministry has standard operating procedures for these situations: they are supposed to kill animals first, then bury them. But she also said she hasn't been to the killing sites and couldn't say what is happening--in other words, she would neither confirm nor deny the reports.

Since the news came out in January, avian influenza seems to have spread to a few different areas of the country. I feel it is the government's responsibility to be open about what is happening and to share information with the public--and I really can't understand the media's attitude at all. Three years ago, similar incidents caused an uproar (there's footage on YouTube if you can stomach it) and now everyone seems to have forgotten.

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Gosh, it never ceases to amaze me how people can so thoroughly shut off their compassion when it comes to animals.

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Since I wrote what I did, the Hankyoreh came out with an article that takes the live burials seriously and provides important details about what's going on. I appreciate what the paper is doing to raise awareness of this horrific practice.