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Birds buried alive in avian flu outbreak

When I asked around, CARE and a very reliable English-speaking vet seemed very sure the live burials were still going on. (There are photographs and at least one video that support CARE's statements.) When I called the agriculture ministry for a statement on Tuesday, I got transferred to different departments and agencies.

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Animal rights vs. animal "welfare"

Recently I had a chance to watch some incredibly informative videos about animal rights philosophy and activism. I'm sharing them because I think they're a must for anyone who is serious about the issues. I hope everyone will take time to watch.

Tom Regan’s “Empty Cages” presentation:

Part 1:

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RIP Dilios (neglected bunny)

Update: A few days after I posted this request, this poor bunny got sick and didn't make it. Donations are being returned because he never had the surgery he would have needed. Thank you to Joseph, to the vets at Acris, and to everyone else who did what they could to help Dilios.

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Captain Pedro

Some of you remember Pedro, a Chihuahua who came to the Asan shelter from a pound some time in the spring of 2010. I took Pedro out of the shelter for neutering almost two years ago and he spent five months with my family before moving to a new foster home in Canada. He got adopted some time in 2011 and I just got an update with pictures.

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Pandora the Jindo is missing

Beautiful Pandora lived in shelters for years and was finally adopted in January 2012. One day in May she escaped from her home near Eunhaeng Sageori in northern Seoul. We had some leads, but there was never any luck finding her. I'm sorry for the belated update, but there hasn't been much progress.

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Vegan Bake Sale with Lucky and Lulu

In case anyone hasn't seen the announcement, tomorrow there's "a scrumptious vegan bake sale and raffle, with ALL proceeds going to help Korea's rescue animals." They'll have bread, fudge brownies, Mexican chocolate cupcakes and more.

Directions are on Facebook, but you should be able to see it even if you're not on Facebook:

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Conversation with a Korean animal advocate

I'd like to say thank you to Mishall, a member of ARK as well as several Korean animal protection groups including Voice 4 Animals, for taking time to meet me at a Loving Hut in Seoul and talk to me about the campaigns she's been involved in. I hope to research some of those issues in more depth in the near future--this announcement touches on just two.

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